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Make sure to check your feelings at the door prior to entering Four (or five or sometimes even six) opinionated friends, no holds barred conversations about politics, race, and sports, and most importantly, no hard feelings

Make sure to check your feelings at the door prior to entering Four (or five or sometimes even six) opinionated friends, no holds barred conversations about politics, race, and sports, and most importantly, no hard feelings
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Make sure to check your feelings at the door prior to entering Four (or five or sometimes even six) opinionated friends, no holds barred conversations about politics, race, and sports, and most importantly, no hard feelings






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Show #54 (2/6/18) - Fly Eagles Fly, SB Memes, Ram Fail, Kevin Hart Acting a Fool, & So Much More

Another "After Dark" experience....the crew finally got together to discuss Super Bowl 52 and congratulate the Eagles and the whole city of Philadelphia on their Super Bowl championship. Then came the memes, as they do with any major event in this day and age. Can't forget about Kevin Hart acting a fool on the field and on the air. And Russell Wilson looking like a certain King. Ram Trucks not doing their due diligence prior to airing their commercial. There's just too much for me to list...


Show #53 Part II (1/30/18) - NHF Uncut - Grammy Roundup, MoNique's Netflix Boycott, & Shoutouts

Sometimes an episode hits the guard rails, goes the right through and keeps on going; this is one of those episodes. Nobody is safe. Starting with Jay-Z's apparent aversion to combs, moving on to Hillary's lame Grammys appearance, and Mo'Nique's ridiculous attempt to get people to boycott Netflix, the crew's got jokes. Twitter: Facebook: Instagram:


Show #51 Part I (1/30/18) - Trump's 'Stormy' Days, Return of the XFL, Rowdy Ronda, & Mossy Oak

In another episode of #NHFAfterDark, things just slightly start to go off the rails when the @NHFCrew gets together in the wee hours of the morning. Topics include Stormy Daniels's time in the spotlight (or whatever sort of lights they use in strip clubs) featuring Def Leppard, a blanket and a bottle of lotion, El Presidente's obsessive fear of sharks(?!), Rowdy Ronda Rousey, and the return of the XFL. No outline, no real prep, just the @NHFCrew at its realest. Just remember that the crew...


Show #50 Part II (12/31/17) - Quick Hitters, Shoutouts, & Ls of the Year

From the better late than never files...Part II of the @NHFCrew Year in Review. Had to let it marinate a bit but here it is at long last. Shout out to all the listeners who hear us sign off and say we'll be right back after a short break, never to return. High potency takes and shoutouts on just some of the most talked about, ridiculous, and amusing stories of the past year from Roy Moore to "Cryrese" and much, much more. What more do you want from me? Twitter, Facebook and Instagram:...


Show #51 Part I (1/14/18) - Much Ado About Shitholes & Oprah Luther King

In this latest episode, the crew discusses the word allegedly uttered by El Presidente that took the world by storm over the past week: s-h-i-t-h-o-l-e. He does know words; the best words in fact. The crew also discusses the rampant off the wall speculation that Oprah should run for president in 2020 based on her speech at the Golden Globes. Feeling like the world has lost its collective mind? You're not the only one. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram: @NHFCrew


Show #50 Part I (12/31/17) - 2017 Year In Review: A Ride on the Dark Side of Social Media

Back from hiatus with Part I of the @NHFCrew's 2017 Year in Review. The crew talks about the many positive and negative happenings of 2017 and the integral role that social media plays in our daily lives for better or for worse. Before we look forward, let's take a collective look back on the year that was... Feel free to hit us up on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @NHFCrew to join the discussion.


Show #48 (12/20/17) - NHF After Dark - Week 16 NFL Power Rankings, Shoutouts and Shots Fired

The crew finally reassembled for a late night broadcast that skews a little edgier than normal - NHF Uncut if you will. In this episode, we go in depth on the Week 16 NFL Power Rankings as the Factory of Sadness continues churning at optimum efficiency and Foxboro looms large once again. We also debut a new finale with a segment called Shoutouts or Shots Fired to quickly highlight some of the headlines and happenings of the last week in rapid succession. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram:...


Show #44 Lost Tape - An Analysis of Denzel Movies & NFL Week 12 Power Rankings

In this never before released recording, two crew members, Abdul Abdelrahman (@doc_brewster) and Mr. Jonathan Hammons, Sr. (@Madtown608) spontaneously discuss the current career trajectory of one Denzel Washington following the release of his latest film, Roman J Israel, Esq., before segueing into the week 12 NFL Power Rankings. Didn't have a chance to edit and release it when we recorded it a few weeks ago but here it is. It's always interesting to see how quickly comments can age in this...


Show #45 Part I (12/4/17) - Guilty Pleas In High Places & Trickle Down Treats

This one is for the politics and policy wonks out there in the podosphere: three guys who are not experts on politics or policy by any stretch of the imagination break down the latest happenings in Washington ranging from General Michael Flynn's guilty plea on one count of lying to the FBI to the return of "trickle down economics" in the latest iteration of the GOP tax bill, all from a layman's perspective. Come take this journey with us as we learn more about how our government works. You...


Show #43 Part III: The Leftovers - Week 12 NFL News, Notes, and Power Rankings

Some choice leftovers from the holiday week chock full of NFL goodness: Mr. Rose has an epiphany 3 months in the making about his Cleveland Browns and makes a bold yet painful prediction as to when they will win their first game, Mr. Abdelrahman takes his medicine about his ill placed faith in the G-Men, and Mr. Ward celebrates his fortunate offseason choices of secondary team fandom. That and much, much more.


Show #43 Part II - No Respect for Bucky, the Problem with Lonzo, and Random Shoutouts

In Part II of this week's episode, the crew shifts gears to sports discussing a topic near and dear to our hearts: the College Football Playoff Committee's lack of respect for the Wisconsin Badgers, the problem with the Lonzo hype train, and random shoutouts starring Joel Embiid, Derek Jeter, and the Jaguars defense. Like and subscribe on iTunes, GooglePlay, Stitcher and TuneIn. Engage with crew on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @NHFCrew.


Show #43 Part I - The Worst (& Biggest) Loser Ever, Big Baller Beef, & the Odds of Impeachment

The crew returns at full strength to discuss El Presidente's never-ending obsession with "Crooked" Hillary, "the worst (and biggest loser) ever," his burgeoning Big Baller Beef with none other than Lavar Ball (the most 2017 thing ever,) then shifting gears to discuss the odds of this his term ending in impeachment. Please like and subscribe to the cast on iTunes, GooglePlay, Stitcher, and TuneIn. You can also interact with the crew on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @NHFCrew.


Show #42 (11/12/17)- Double the Trump Twitter Fun, Roy Moore as Jesus? & Richard Spencer Nonsense

The crew comes back missing a few members but coming hard nonetheless. Twitter goes to 280 characters which gives us double the fun with the Twitterer-in-Chief, the shameless debasement of those defending Alabama Senate hopeful Roy Moore, the shifting political sands based on this year's elections and the foolish ridiculousness of Richard Spencer. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook @NHFCrew


Show #40 Part II - Week 9 #NFL Power Rankings, Hot Takes from Papa John, & the #LonzoEffect

Show #40 Part II - Week 9 #NFL Power Rankings, Hot Takes from Papa John, & the #LonzoEffect by @NHFCrew


Show #40 Part I - The Theater Critic-In-Chief vs #SloppyMichaelMoore & Bob McNair Keeps It Too Real

In Part I of this week's episode, the crew discusses El Presidente's random Twitter beef with "Sloppy" Michael Moore, the dangers of praising so-called Trump critics Jeff Flake and Bob Corker when they are complicit in furthering the president's agenda no matter their bluster, and Bob McNair's statement about inmates running the prison with regards to the NFL's ongoing anthem protest saga. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram: NHFCrew Like & subscribe - iTunes:


Show #39 Part II - His Name Was La David

In Part II of this week's episode, the crew discusses yet another unnecessary and counterproductive conflict ginned up by El Presidente with regards to his phone call to the widow of Army Sgt. La David Johnson, who was recently killed in the line of duty in Niger. A simple misunderstanding that could have easily been rectified with an apology spiraled into a cyclone that enveloped a a grieving widow, a Florida congresswoman, and the retired four star Marine general now serving as Trump's...


Show #39 Part I - El Presidente and "Liddle" Bob Corker Go At It On Twitter

Apologies for the late release but better late than never, right? In this excerpt of this week's episode, the crew delves deep into the history of the simmering beef between Presidente Trump and Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee that exploded all over Twitter earlier this week. #AlertTheDayCareStaff Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram: NHFCrew


Show #38 Part II - Week 7 NFL Power Rankings, Trash Talking QBs, & the NBA Season Begins

In Part II of this week's episode, the crew discusses the Week 7 NFL Power Rankings starting once again at the Factory of Sadness by the shores of Lake Erie and ending at Arrowhead, how the Browns QB situation as compared to other QB dumpster fires of the past decade, the interesting responses of a player survey regarding NFL QBs, and the beginning of the NBA season. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram: @NHFCrew


Show #38 Part I - News Roundup: Vegas Investigation, Larry Flynt vs The Donald, Kaepernick & More

In the first part of this week's discussion, the crew kept it short and sweet about a number of topics in the news cycle: the rapidly shifting narrative in Las Vegas, the executive sabotage of Obamacare, a cameo appearance from Larry Flynt, the identity of the "President of the Virgin Islands," and Kaepernick's collusion case. This action packed half hour was rounded out with quick hitters on Gilbert Arenas & Mia Khalifa, Lonzo Ball's rap career, and angry Joe Budden. Twitter, Facebook,...


Show #37 Part II: Shady's Back, Hot Water for Jemele, Cocaine Platters, & Sports Odds and Ends

In part II of this week's episode, the crew delves into the myriad controversies of the past week starting with Eminem's incendiary return with a Trump-bashing freestyle during the BET Awards, Jemele Hill's Twitter habit leading to her unwarranted but to be expected suspension from ESPN television, the ridiculous story out of Miami starring a Dolphins' offensive line coach, an exotic entertainer, and a white powdery substance, and so more. Like and subscribe for more content and feel free...


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