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171: Dogs Love Jack Brothers

'eyyy Merry Christmas! Stuff THIS up your stocking!

Duration: 02:08:17

170: GMR4LIF

Download this, you SOB! Everybody's lacking sleep on this episode, but there's a whole host of #Japan this time around; the adventures of Sluttyman; more amazing Alex memory tricks; superb Nintendo; Fat Beach Boys; Donkey Kongery; new beds; redoing Blade Runner; sad Muniz news, and plenty of screaming. This podcast is good for what ails ya.

Duration: 01:49:54

169: Stop Negi-ing Me

It’s DQ season again! We open with Alex’s take on the new version of a game called etc. plus miscellaneous game talk; Ray’s luxurious new table; The Great Pizza Debate; TV talk; Boku no Drug Cartel; Alex reads more Italian tweets, and we take your questions from Twitter! We are the axis of evil.

Duration: 01:51:35

S11: Adam Pasion

This week, Alex sits down at the bar after hours with Nagoya -based comic artist/writer/distributor Adam Pasion! Ray will be back next week! (This week’s interstitial music includes two tracks by Adam’s college-era band Chillin’ Dogs: “I, Flobot,” and “WTPDD The Response”).

Duration: 01:56:07

167: Shellfish Ryssdal

What a hiatus that was! This week, Al’n’Ray froth over that darned Dragon Quest series; the various Kickstarters; the return of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and the nature of riffing; dissecting The Guy With The Iron-Clad Fist and other Marvel talk; an oral history of Almost Live, and Persona 5 is alive! This podcast is fake news!

Duration: 01:39:17

166: Tru Dat Trudeau

We sniff the breath of the wild and chat about Enix soliciting noms for Dragon Quest poet laureate; the latest(?!) Switch; Alex gets hitched on paper; Doctorb Strange; my CU; WE answer YOUR questions; Obama plays Contra, and Al peppers the podcast with patrons. This podcast is Australian for "beer."

Duration: 01:54:52

Episode 165: Moshi Moshi

Welcome to Barnoli’s America! This week, snack food copy right out of the gate!; Ray almost gets washed away in torrential flooding; mild E3 disparagement; Alex Pokemon GOES to the parks; App Talk!!; mail mishaps and pizza talk; the emotional drainage of modern games; some tearjerkin’ Fan Fun, and eleventh-hour movie talk! Go fund us on Payola!

Duration: 01:50:35

164: Furniture Dome

It's a nice sleepy round of fun this week as we discuss island weddings, plucked parcels, having that Yakooza, autograph apathy, pastime cereals, an evil residence, KAZUTECH, and of course, a whole lotta bitching about pronunciation! This podcast is a generous tipper.

Duration: 02:21:39

163: Garth Vader

Welcome to the apocalypse! This week, Alex winds down from AGDQ; dealing with idiots in the bar; the boys’ thoughts on Rogue One and the problems with being “dark”; Last Guardian is mostly fun; the semantics of Japanese loan words; that Nintendo Switch sure looks neato!; this week in Bar Talk, mostly negative but some positive; Ray explores the magic of the ZIP disk; a single Overnerd, and the struggles of nerd-bonding! We validate!

Duration: 01:44:30

162: Toobin' to Work

…And a PODCAST in a pear tree?! This week is like the tense holiday dinner you always wanted, with topics like Final Fantasy XV, ancient China, Dragon Quest XI, how to use Twitch, xenophobic deliverymen, and your burning drop questions answered! This podcast had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

Duration: 01:43:24

161: Listed in Parentheses

Bacardi 161?! This week, Alex fails to find the Diminutive Famicom; a mini-mini installment of “The Human Body is Bullshit”; monetary misfortunes and the introduction of Tax Talk!; Pictlogica Final Fantasy is dumb; Alex isolates those darned aliens and ganks ganados; more miscellaneous game talk; Ray dives back into the muzukashii world of nihongo no benkyou, and we take your questions from Twitter! Don’t blame us, we voted for Kodos.

Duration: 01:54:56

160: Slurpmenistan

So monthly, it's technically a magazine! This time we open with DRAGON QUEST!!!; wine country minus wine; A trip to the DRAGON QUEST!!! Museum; virtual INSANITY!; Mother Nature crashes the show; the dope-ass Nintendo Switch, boi; Al's root canal and other dental tales, and an Overnerd urine pyro. All that and more explained! This podcast is takes around 100 hours to complete.

Duration: 01:32:22

159: All Inus Go To Tengoku

Never forget… to listen to this episode! This week, Ray gives Alex some new drops; Alex recounts an experience at the Apple Store; Super Mario Run, don’t walk!; PlaySnooze 4 Pro; Nioh is neato!; the boys butt heads over trivial grammatical matters; bar stories as per usual; Alex preps for his annual Tokyo trip; psyching up for the English release of Dragon Quest VII 3DS!; Fan Fun, and another heaping helping of Cinema Sukiyaki! Listen to this podcast and discuss it with your children.

Duration: 01:51:24

158: Solidaritino

An episode so late, it's back to school! Join us for a Moranistastic discussion of Final Fantasy concerts; Final Fantasy cousins; Pokemon Go; ridiculous gamers, and a brief but rousing return to Overnerds. This podcast is more valuable if you bag and board it.

Duration: 02:21:41

157: Master Password

It’s Christmas in July! This week, Ray finally optimizes his automotive setup; Alex is monitored by the stone sentry; Ray celebrates his 33rd sol; belated E3 and video game talk; requisite Critical Hit update; Yahoo Auctions is bullshit; we answer your sparse questions from Twitter!; Alex finally finishes Persona 4, and we pile on the Fan Fun! This podcast implores you to taste the rainbow.

Duration: 01:54:01

156: Bonk Division

We're alive and kicking this week. On the docket: Ray's move; Al's legal status; the wedding of the century; aborted interviews; Alex is Never Not hung up on; the long-awaited return of Plane Movies, and Fan Fun is lonnng! This podcast is the latest in steaming technology.

Duration: 02:15:37

155: Renoodling

Look I have to catch a plane tomorrow so just enjoy this shit okay

Duration: 01:44:21

154: Shindanksen

Pull up a chair and have a hot link! This week: talk of cars; pastries; questionable behavior at Critical Hit (I mean really… carpet?); Saturday night's all right for fighting -- and social engineering; the world's worst curry slogans; laughs abound in the retro gaming scene; and Fan Fun finally drives Alex insane! This podcast is brought to you by the banjo.

Duration: 01:52:45

153: A Toast to Reploids

Four more years! This week, Alex explores NEW more whoppers; Ray emerges mostly victorious from the battlefield of illness; the further adventures of Blocko; Ray dreams of Xbox One imports; the intersection of fantasy and football; aspirations of streaming; why, Atsugiri Jason?; cool Japan vs. hypocritical Japan; the fall of Becky; don’t question Abe or Johnny, and a sampling of Fan Fun! We’ve got it going on!

Duration: 01:45:12

152: Gone Corin'

The greatest modern musical! This week on the show: the uh, merits of Bayonetta cosplay; preserving X in 10; Firewatchin'; Dragon Quest Blocko is boffo!; seeing what Alex can gank from "AFK;" and searching behind the couch cushions for drops! This podcast has the power to nominate a Supreme Court justice.

Duration: 01:57:14

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