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No Pressure To Be Funny is a topical comedy podcast featuring former Perrier nominee Nick Revell, Comedy Store 'Cutting Edge' regular Alistair Barrie, and presented by inestimable LBC radio host James O'Brien.

No Pressure To Be Funny is a topical comedy podcast featuring former Perrier nominee Nick Revell, Comedy Store 'Cutting Edge' regular Alistair Barrie, and presented by inestimable LBC radio host James O'Brien.
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London, United Kingdom


No Pressure To Be Funny is a topical comedy podcast featuring former Perrier nominee Nick Revell, Comedy Store 'Cutting Edge' regular Alistair Barrie, and presented by inestimable LBC radio host James O'Brien.




Series 9, Episode 6 (28th June 2015)

This month, Omid Djalili, Sajeela Kershi, Chris Neill and Jake Yapp discuss, amongst other things, rock festivals, royalty, torture, peaceful protest, women's football and The Comedy Godfather, Barry Cryer. Masterful musical sets from Ronnie Golden, and hosted by Nick Revell.

Duration: 01:37:39

Series 9, Episode 5 (31st May 2015)

Nick Revell hosts May's NP2BF. The guests are musical comedian James Sherwood; political stand-up Kate Smurthwaite; The Daily Telegraph's political sketch writer Michael Deacon; and Amir Amirani, the director of We Are Many, a film about the anti-war marches. With a monologue from Paul Willers.

Duration: 01:03:06

Series 9, Episode 4 (26th April 2015)

Alistair Barrie presides over April's show as panellists Angela Barnes, Jo Brand, Joe Wells and Andy Zaltzman discuss topics including the forthcoming election. Meanwhile Nick Revell looks at Islamic State's accounts, and Christian Reilly provides a song on the topic of 'choices'.

Duration: 00:53:52

Series 9, Episode 3 (29th March 2015)

Kevin Day is joined by Nick Revell, Susan Murray, Carey Marx and Martin Rowson to discuss topics including Jeremy Clarkson, Prince Charles, swearwords and what exactly satire is. Also featuring an attempted radicalisation of the nation's youth by Alistair Barrie and music from Pippa Evans.

Duration: 01:10:49

Series 9, Episode 2 (22nd February 2015)

In this month's show we discuss Greece and everything European, TV shows on Mars, racism on Earth, the relative merits of living in east London and Islamic State. All cheerful stuff. Hosted by Kevin Day, with music from Steve Gribbin and contributions from Nick Revell, and a fine panel comprising Grainne Maguire, Alex Andreou, Robin Ince and Nick Doody.

Duration: 01:13:44

Series 9, Episode 1 (25th January 2015)

In this edition we cover the elections in Greece and the UK, comedians who get involved in politics, the limits of causing offence, social injustice in the Middle East, Davos, the Greens, the far-Right, sex and media-presentation, including a long and profound symposium on the aesthetics of the testicles. James O'Brien hosts, with Tiffany Stevenson, Rich Peppiatt, Helen Lewis, Bob Mills and music from Ben Norris.

Duration: 01:32:24

No Pressure To Be Festive 2014

No Pressure to be Festive: Alistair Barrie and Nick Revell host the final show of the year, with a lively panel of Jo Jo Smith, Michael Deacon, Hal Cruttenden and first-timer James O'Brien. Music from Paul Thorne. By the way - in keeping with the slightly unconventional nature of this month's show we have included Alistair's regular and largely visual feature, Subterranean Homesick News, in which he supplies the punchlines on large pieces of card. All you need to know is that all the...

Duration: 01:17:33

Series 8, Episode 2 (26th October 2014)

Given that two of the biggest topics this week are the global threat of a fatal disease with no cure and a string of stories of sexual violence, it's surprising this is not the most gag-dense edition we've ever done. A compelling and informative discussion of Ebola, courtesy of Medecin sans Frontieres Ivan Gayton; Sameena Zehra offers some interesting activist strategies for a pacifist...; Barry Castagnola offers a profound philosophical rumination on situations where contracting Ebola...

Duration: 01:00:22

Series 7, Episode 6 (29th June 2014)

As we're taking two months off through the summer, here's a slightly longer podcast than usual; a satirical and seditious seaside special edition, if you will, (not to mention sibilant) and the perfect way to while away a rainy holiday afternoon when you're trapped in the Tuscan villa, pinned down under fire from Maoist guerrillas whilst trekking in Nepal, or just too hungover to make it to the beach. Please note: at about 17 minutes, the lights in the room go out... which left us lit just...

Series 5, Episode 5 (9th June 2013)

In this month's show, Mitch Benn rocks the room with two pieces of satirical musical brilliance which contain more coherent and persuasive political arguments than we've heard from Her Majesty's Opposition since about 1945; Jessica Fostekew deflates Bilderberg conspiracy theories with the most elegant of rapier thrusts, Dan Smith gives profound and gripping summaries of the situation in Syria and Turkey; Hal Cruttenden offers a powerfully unconventional critique of 1984 and Liam Mullone...

Series 5, Episode 2 (3rd March 2013)

This month, firebrand of the left Owen Jones denies a love tryst with Tory donor and disgraced former party chairman Lord Ashcroft; Helen Lewis sets James O'Brien straight about the New Statesman's relationship with the Labour Party, Keith Farnan suggests a poetic yet viciously vengeful fate for Tony Blair, and Chris Neill is extremely rude about Pippa Middleton. Plus music from Jonny and the Baptists, and monologues from Nick Revell.

Series 5, Episode 1 (3rd February 2013)

With guests Phill Jupitus, Andrew Maxwell, Miranda Sawyer and Wayne Deakin. Plus music from Loretta Maine. This month's podcast covers, amongst other things, the European Union, Antisemitism, Trans-Confessional Cannibalism, Toxic Vaginas, Ireland, Afghanistan, Royal Families and Abdication, and how Andrew Maxwell was enchanted by a red Squirrel. Mr Jupitus performs an uncanny impersonation of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands and there is some really foul and seditious language all round....

Series 4, Episode 3 (9th December 2012)

With guests Robin Ince, Matthew Norman, Sara Pascoe, Pete Johansson and James Sherwood. In this episode, the panel discuss prank phone calls, pregnancies, arguments in favour of terrorism, economic crises, education, why happiness (as the Four Tops always said) is just an illusion and whether the Viking invasion was conducted by over-zealous English teachers. A contribution from the night's takings will be donated to James O'Brien's favoured charity, The Chris Donovan Trust...

Series 3, Episode 3 (13th May 2012)

James O'Brien is joined by Nick Doody, Kevin Day and Lee Camp to talk about topics including democracy and underpants bombers. With some great topical songs from Steve Gribbin, and contributions from creators Nick Revell and Alistair Barrie too.

No Pressure To Be Festive 2011

A special edition of the topical panel show. Guests Ken Livingstone, Miranda Sawyer, Miles Jupp, George Monbiot and Rich Hall join host James O'Brien to review the year, with contribution from writer-producers Alistair Barrie and Nick Revell, and music from Mitch Benn and the Distractions.

Series 2, Episode 6 (16th November)

James O'Brien, Alistair Barrie and Nick Revell are joined by Tiffany Stevenson, Henning Wehn, Paul Thorne and New Statesman journalist Mehdi Hasan.

Series 2, Episode 5 (9th November)

James O'Brien, Alistair Barrie and Nick Revell are joined by Mark Steel, Rob Deering, Holly Walsh and journalist Matthew Norman to talk about topics including issues at the Home Office.

Series 2, Episode 4 (2nd November)

James O'Brien is joined by Mark Thomas, Tiffany Stevenson, Elis James and Alistair Barrie to discuss who or what Kim Kardashian is... plus other weightier topics. With contributions from Nick Revell and Dave Cohen too.

Series 2, Episode 2 (19th October)

James O'Brien is joined by Australian comic Sarah Kendall, Cutting Edge regular Steve Gribbin, Just A Minute regular Chris Neill, and New Statesman journalist Helen Lewis-Hasteley.