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Episode 050 - The Sin in Wisconsin

We’re bringing it from the land of Hamms and Cheese this week. We sat down in our beach of a hotel room with some Foggy Geezer and brought the latest episode. Puck is drunk and rambles on with Norm about thier distilling class, what it’s like in Wisconsin, and catch up with some WWE Rumors. Sit back with at least a 6 pack in your system to match our mindset in this one.

Duration: 00:53:37

Episode 049 - Well Hung

We’re back and excited to bring you another episode. We talk about Norms upcoming Mexico trip, ultimate beastmaster, give you some bad dad jokes, talk about being hung, a quick alpha vs. omega, and our trip to Wisconsin this week.

Duration: 01:13:21

Episode 048 - Don’t Forget To Cup The Balls

Here it is we jammed a post Christmas and Post New Years episode together to give you the Bro talk that you so desperately need. This time we recap the holidays and give you a little bit of wrestling, crossfit, talk about Norms Mayoral candidacy, Puck gets cupped and Norm reviews Jean Claude Van Johnson.

Duration: 01:18:15

Episode 047 - Tell Me When You Got A Boner

Happy Holidays and Belated Christmas everybody! We are back with another symphony of nonsense just in time to keep you company during the end of you holiday travels. This week we’ll keep you on the road and in the air with some talk about WWE, XFL, some Rugby Roundup, Norm tells some Mean Girl stories, The Hotness Scale, and what we’re going to bring you in the New Year. Buckle up for the most offensive thing you’ll hear this Christmas. Big Shout out to our Friends at Mile 6!

Duration: 01:17:04

Episode 046 - Dick Webber, Porn Superhero

Here at the Brocast we are known for two things, being awesome, and technical difficulties. In this episode we are both. We try some new technology and get some less than spectacular audio results, but this is the way life works. If we were smart we wouldn’t be here every week entertaining you. But, we are back and talking this week about Dick Webber, WWE, XFL, crossfit, Blind Guy vs. Deaf Guy, and Puck’s last will and testament.

Duration: 01:09:22

Episode 045 - Shaq’s D will startle you…allegedly

Hey Everybody, it’s Monday and we’re bringing you another reason to live, one hour at a time. This week we’re drinking some Molson XXX while Norm calls customer service, deliver a rugby-ish roundup, talk about recent celebrity fuck ups, WWE of course, and have some workout talk to finish up.

Duration: 01:06:13

Episode 044 - Golden Showers

We are back at boys and girls. This week we delve into topics that we are obviously most comfortable with golden showers, WWE, a game of dead or alive, a preworkout supplement review, kickball, and a Rugby Round up. Get ready to start your week on setting awesome.

Duration: 01:10:51

Episode 043 - Thanksgiving Roundup

We’re bringing you a post Thanksgiving Podcast. We’re drinking some Neopolitan Dynamite from Stone and mixing up Mad Dreams from Troegs Brewing. We get into Thanksgiving Football, WWE, update our survivor series bet where Norm snorted some pre-workout, talk about Norm’s toilet problems, and have a Rugby Roundup for you. If this doesn’t take the edge off of the post holiday work week I don’t know what will.

Duration: 01:02:10

Episode 042 - Orgasm Wars

Welcome back. This week we sat down with some high alcohol beers to make it through WWE Survivor Series. We give you our predictions take a break, then come back with the recap and some other interesting topics like snorting pre workout, the gameshow orgasm wars, Wheeler Walker Jr, and some 30 for 30. Have a Sweet Holiday and don’t forget to stop by this Friday for a special 25% off your order with the code NOSLEEVES.

Duration: 01:02:47

Episode 041 - Collar and Elbow

This week we sit around, talk about, some WWE and Survivor Series, share some ghost talk, and we bring back The Rugby Roundup and we talk about Puck’s terrible mix cd.

Duration: 01:21:41

Episode 040 - The Cruise Quiz

Another glorious episode ready to inform, entertain, and enlighten. Today we talk about UFC 217, WWE, workout supplements, Pete Weber, Norms anticipation of his new iphone, and I have a quiz for Norm about our brocast idols.

Duration: 00:59:44

Episode 039 - Milky Whites

We’re back to recap some wwe and many other topics. Such as…… game of thrones, spin vs soccer, a rugby roundup, and Norm dissects the college football rankings.

Duration: 01:11:08

Episode 038 - TLC

This week we recap the results of WWE Tables Ladders and Chairs right after Norm polishes off a bottle of White Wine. We then venture down a road that leads to discussions about Norm’s New York trip, John Cena’s new movie Blockers, and who in fact is the Mayor of Titty City. Strap in because this one is a little bumpy right out of the chute and it stays that way.

Duration: 01:13:41

Episode 037 - Two Fingers of Foam

This week we recap WWE ppv Hell In A Cell. We also find time to talk about our upcoming beer mile challenge and run a practice lap, fit in a Rugby Roundup and some other random bro stuff that is awesome and funny at the same time. Set your earholes to entertainment.

Duration: 01:15:01

Episode 036 - Space Mountain

This week, Norm requests that drunk Puck shows up….and he does. We then proceed to talk about WWE Hell In A Cell,, Joey Ryan, Puck updates his supplement experiment, and at the end of the show Norm makes it wierd and we end it on that note…

Duration: 01:07:38

Episode 035 - Trash Vortex

Drunk Norm joins Puck in his backyard as we watch No Mercy on the big screen and chat about important life discoveries like lifting supplements, the trash vortex, and wrestling. We have a few laughs, learn some things, and cap it off with a Rugby Roundup. Follow us on our social media platforms over the next few weeks and you could win an official brocast shirt.

Duration: 01:12:19

Episode 034 - Throney

Here it is folks, we whip it out on a Monday afternoon for some good times had by all. We have a stein hoist contest on the air, Norm talks about his new fanny pack, wwe, a beer mile contest, and Norm spoils some Game of Thrones. and Norm again can’t stop talking about Apple tech. Drink it in man. Over the next few weeks, start following us on all the social medias and you might win a Brocast shirt.

Duration: 00:55:16

Episod 033 - Grand Slam Review

Wooo! Back with a full episode to bust your balls with no technical problems? Say it ain’t so. We sit around and talk about our foray into the burg that is Old Forge and our trip to see Matt Turner live at Grand Slam Wrestling. We also manage to talk about our new Brocast shirts, Norm’s Birthday texts, some Paranormal Shit(I apologize now Mark Sheetz), and squeeze in a Rugby Roundup.

Duration: 01:28:51

Episode 32.5 - Technical Difficulties

This episode was half lost to the Gods of Podcasting. We lost our first half when we changed batteries in the recorder and didn’t realize it until Monday. So here is the last half as we ran out of steam from drinking Some Voodoo Ranger our buddy Steve Wrangler gave us and some Weihenstephan Fest beers. We did manage to cover the topics of magic watches, Cell phone companies, and some listener smack talk. We’ll be back at it this Wednesday. Bro Don’t Know technology.

Duration: 00:35:31

Episode 032 - Pumpkin Invasion

We’re back in your earholes people. We get down with the first pumpkin beer of the year, while Norm gives the recap of his football game, puck recaps his unbro weekend, and we end with a rugby roundup. So sit back and enjoy our brilliance. Bada Boom!

Duration: 01:22:15

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