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NomersBiz is one of the most reputable, dependable accounting and finance services providers. We started in 1995, with the vision of providing people with accurate and professional Accounting, Payroll, Finance, Equity & Tax services. At NomersBiz, we work with small and medium size businesses in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Austin, Boston, Chicago, Houston, and other startup hubs worldwide. We understand that all established businesses and enterprises rely on insightful and accurate financial information. It helps maintain a firm's profitability and empowers them to make the most of new opportunities. We have extensive experience in working with companies at different stages of development. We aim to provide all the services which can help to keep the firm's internal resources focused on the business. Our professional assistance helps them by guiding them to make important decisions to facilitate business growth. At NomersBiz, our objective is to guide startups in the direction of success. We offer our expertise to make business formation easier and better. Let us take care of your Accounting , Finance, Equity, Payroll, and Tax services which can enable your business to compete in the competitive market. To achieve this, we use the professional software and tools like Gusto, QuickBooks, Xero, and many more. Instead of playing with the future of your startup, start working with our professionals at Nomersbiz. Our key services include: • Accounting • Taxes • Finance • Benefits • Insurance • Payroll & HR • Equity(409A-Cap Table Management)







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