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NCMO 22: Welp! You've done it now!

It continues to be a new year & speaking of things that are new, this weeks episode debuts our new segments: Shame of Nevada, Welp! Let's not go there, & Is this Valid? Today we discuss: living with ghosts, granola eating alligators, and allude to mollie's complicated relationship with the story about Travis the monkey. We're seeking musicians who would like to have a segment of one of their songs during an air break of the podcast. Please message us on twitter @NC_makeout if you are...


NCMO 21:

Happy new year from your loving gay cult! Today we talk about our plans to improve ourselves in the new year, have locals discourse, & introduce a new segment called Queer Talk. This episode also marks the first anniversary of NCMO & brings season 1 of NCMO to a close. Here's to 2018 and to season 2 of NCMO! Love yaaa xoxo Keep up with us on twitter @NC_Makeout + @babydogpicnic + @cuteflesh & our editor at @tetrisattack Also check out our youtube channel here!


NCMO 20: The 8 Wives of Hanukkah

Your favorite team of gays is finally back after 6 months of hiatus. We catch up with everything we've missed in our half-year sabbatical. Topics of today's episode include: Elon Musk and tesla, alien alloys, Democrats winning the election, bitcoin$ and toss around ideas for new holiday Hallmark movies. Hopefully this means we're back on a semi-normal schedule!!! Hi guys. Keep up with us on Twitter @NC_Makeout + @babydogpicnic + @cuteflesh & welcome our new editor: @tetrisattack We...


NCMO 19: Nonbinary Feels and a game of Truth or Tweet!

America's favorite gay best friends talk about their recent hiking trip and the hiking drama that ensued. We also talk about our queer feelings (which happens surprisingly infrequently on our gay podcast) and ask each other intrusive questions in a game of Truth or Tweet. Yay! Keep up with us on Twitter @NC_Makeout + @babydogpicnic + @cuteflesh We have content sometimes on our YouTube channel! Check it out >>here Support us at


NCMO 18: A Toxic Slime Lake and the Portal to Hell in Sunset Park

Mollie and Ethan debut a new segment called "COMMIT OR NONCOMMIT" and also give you every single segment ever! Armed with caffeine, a powerful will, and a late night recording session, Mollie and Ethan talk to you about the Berkeley Slime Pit, the portal to hell we discovered in Sunset Park, witchcraft (as usual), and make jokes about their pussies. Keep up with us on Twitter @NC_Makeout + @babydogpicnic + @cuteflesh We have content sometimes on our YouTube channel! Check it out...


NCMO 17: Yorkies and Dads suck ft. Bee

Alluring, enigmatic, hag-tastic friend-of-the-podcast Bee joins NCMO this week for a riveting and fun convo!! We talk with Bee about how they're the reason why NCMO exists and other stuff about oral podcast history. Other Topics include: huge trees, mental illnesses, election depression, the Horny awakening, the cursed breed of dogs known as "Yorkies", and a whole slew of other fun stuff. Follow NCMO on Twitter @NC_Makeout + @babydogpicnic + @cuteflesh Find Bee on Twitter by burying the...


NCMO 16: Cocaine Machine Gun Dog Leg ft. Mary Sabo

Mary joins Mollie this week in lieu of Ethan and the two of them get into some crazy shenanigans! This time there is also a very special video version of the podcast shot with cool disco lights! Check it out on your YouTube channel, just search for Noncommittal Makeout! Follow NCMO on Twitter @NC_Makeout + @babydogpicnic + @glaxo_bb We have content sometimes on our YouTube channel! Check it out >>here Support us at Read more at...


NCMO 15: Are we all secretly aliens? ft. Oliver Amyakar

Graphic designer Oliver Amyakar joins NCMO to talk about growing up queer with the internet and being weird in general. Oliver talks about how he grew up thinking he was an alien and why queer people identify with aliens so much. We also dip into our heritage and talk about the similarities between Jewish and Filipino people, and tlak about being introverted AF. Oliver Amyakar is a well-versed, multi-disciplinary graphic designer currently based out of Washington. Oliver's work focuses...


NCMO 14: Mormons & Land Art ft. Mary Sabo

Renaissance vampire Mary Sabo joins us at Sunset Park during the yearly dog/music festival to talk about her recent trip to Utah and the mormons and land art she saw. At some point we also start talking about the best and worst gay movies on Netflix. Mary is a ceramist, sculpture artist, and painter who taps into dark energy and suburbia to make some really captivating art. She also shares NCMO's obsession with mormon culture and the desert. Keep up with Mary on her instagram...


NCMO 13: The Chili's Cataclysm

This week we talk about Gumdrop the frog and whether or not she should eat meal worms. Seriously, we talk about meal worms for like a long ass time. We also test the power of postmates, ponder if plants are vegan, take a trip to Chili's, and fidget a bunch. Featuring "i wouldn't marry you (a ditty)" and "lemoncake" from Gabriella Moore's new EP "songs i should have sung", used with her permission. Listen to "songs I should have sung" at and pay your local indie...


NCMO 11: Sozza no wozza ft. Chanel (the Pastels)

Filipino-Australian youtuber & director Chanel joins us to talk about gay clubs, straight clubs, toads, frogs, feminine energy, vegan cooking, and Australian slang. Listen in on this fun conversation between 3 friends and "content creators" lol. Show Notes & Links: Read Chanel's interview in They/Us mag: See Chanel's short film and beauty content at The Pastels' youtube channel: Follow NCMO on Twitter &...


NCMO 11: Science is Magic, Fire is fake

We talk about the cool snake we saw this week and tell you what we learned at the BORDER COLLIE MUSEUM and ponder the lifestyles we would live if we weren't gay comedians. Topics include: valley of fire, cooking, magic, science, david blaine, ancient border collie names, peepee breaks, and the genres of the internet We have weekly content on our YouTube channel! Check it out >>here Support us at and follow us on Twitter @NC_Makeout + @babydogpicnic +...


NCMO 10: New Jersey Cryptids ft. Abe

Friend of the podcast, New Jersey native, and all around spooktacular flesh person Abe joins NCMO to talk to us about cryptids, growing up on the East Coast and her favorite dog! Join us on NCMO's first guest episode (hopefully the first of many!) We are also relaunching our youtube channel! Check it out >>here Support us at and follow us on Twitter @NC_Makeout + @babydogpicnic + @cuteflesh You can also follow Abe on twitter @zettaitokken Music:...


NCMO 9: I'm Kelly and That's All

NCMO'S BACK BITCHES!!! In this episode we talk about how mollie and ethan have never met another human being, how neither of us can speak english, play the accent game again, and other stuff! We are also relaunching our youtube channel! Check it out here Support us at and follow us on Twitter @NC_Makeout + @babydogpicnic + @surferboy42O + @cuteflesh Music:


NCMO 8: Ariana Grande's Dog

Ethan plays with some robust sound engineering choices, we talk about our favorite herbs, play the accent game, list a bunch of sexless objects and tell you One Surprising Thing Ariana Grande Has in Common with Mollie #EverythingIsTech Support us at and follow us on Twitter @NC_Makeout + @babydogpicnic + @surferboy42O + @cuteflesh Music:


NCMO 7: Go Furry or Go Home!

In NCMO 7 we talk poetry, state parks, and revisit "Whats up with my butt?" with a new update from Ethan's butt. We also start a new segment "which characters from Bojack Horseman We Think are Hot and Which Ones We Think Are Not" and a Story Time segment where we tell you our WORST JOB EXPERIENCES EVER. Support us at and follow us on Twitter @NC_Makeout + @babydogpicnic + @surferboy42O + @cuteflesh Music:


NCMO 6: Jesus is a Cuckold

In this ep unfortunately steph is out but we talk about nonsense anyway! Look out for: toads, frogs, mules, house parties, zap mats, stims, cucks & more! Here's the gif of Ariana Grande walking around bald Support us on Patreon and Follow us on Twitter @NC_Makeout + @babydogpicnic + @surferboy42O + @cuteflesh


NCMO 5: A Hot Dog's Worth of Ants

This episode's got everything!! Snapback lesbians? got it! Vegan ghosts? That too! Peepee breaks? 30 Minute cold opening? Delusions of grandeur? When DON'T we have those! Come join us! Support us on Patreon and Follow us on Twitter @NC_Makeout + @babydogpicnic + @surferboy42O + @cuteflesh


NCMO 4: Rickety Cricket & The Thousand Pens

Heyo! We're late but we are still here and we're queer and we're woke and we're safe. In this episode we write a New Country Song and introduce a whole new segment called Celebrity Kick & Makeout! Check it ouuuut Support us on Patreon @ for exclusive content Follow us on Twitter @NC_Makeout , @babydogpicnic , @surferboy42O, and @cuteflesh!


NCMO 3: Top 10 Sexiest Dogs

Find the good bad and average of this week with us while Steph tells us her unbelievable toilet debacle. Also, Mollie brings you her list of top 10 hottest celebrity dogs dead or alive! And we ask: Are Transformers Horny? Tune in to find out! Find our sexiest dog list at and follow us at! !!!!!! music:


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