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Interviewing Spearfishing Experts, Authorities And Characters From All Over The World

Interviewing Spearfishing Experts, Authorities And Characters From All Over The World
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Brisbane, Australia


Interviewing Spearfishing Experts, Authorities And Characters From All Over The World






NSP:068 Gerasimos Kavvadias the Greek Dynamic Ambush Maestro

Interview with Gerasimos Kavvadias One of Greece's best spearo's joins us for a good chat about last years spearfishing world championships, Greek spearfishing and some of his own ninja spearfishing hunting techniques. In this chat Jerry shares some good insights into what a mentor really is. Perhaps you don't really need to have a close relationship with someone in order for them to be an effective mentor. Jerry's enthusiasm and passion for spearfishing and the Greek spearfishing lifestyle...

Duration: 00:46:50

NSP:067 Pat Swanson Veteran Kiwi Spearo

Interview with Pat Swanson Should I try diving for a job? I love the water and I think could spend all day in it so why not make it my job? This is a thought Ive had and in this chat with veteran spearo and ex-commercial diver Pat Swanson we dig right into whether its a good idea or not. Pat's a three time New Zealand spearfishing champion and a resident of Taranaki, New Zealand. This is where I grew up so I was pretty stoked to catch up with Pat in his New Plymouth home. In this interview...

Duration: 01:05:06

NSP:066 David Hochman Targeting Striped Bass with Spear-it Charters

Interview with David Hochman One of the coolest dudes in spearfishing, David Hochman joins us fresh from a day out spearfishing aboard his Rhode Island based, Spear-It Charters vessel. With 40+ years spent in the water spearfishing and commercial fishing, Davids knowledge of the marine environment is extensive. We do a massive drop down into targeting Striped Bass, their behavior, environment, sustainable fishery and more. He holds the current world spearfishing records for Striped Bass...

Duration: 00:54:16

NSP:065 Travis Hogan Aimrite Spearfishing Australia

Interview with Travis Hogan Manufacturing some of the toughest gear in spearfishing, Travis Hogan from Aimrite Australia gives us a good rundown on DIY speargun modification. He shares a phenomenal personal story about shooting a 250lb marlin from a trailer boat as well as a scary moment 60 miles out to sea. A fellow crew member was bitten (badly) by a reef shark and had to be taken by helicopter into Cairns Hospital. If you like listening and talking about all the facets of spearguns then...

Duration: 01:11:49

NSP:064 Brandon Hendrickson spearfishing deep

Interview with Brandon Hendrickson Recently Brandon Hendrickson competed in the Roatan World Freeediving Championship and he finished very highly placed. In this interview we talk about deep spearfishing and how to choose both dive buddies and travel companions wisely. In the Veterans Vault section we get into some of the inherent risks of deeper spearfishing, how to manage the risks, the different phases of a longer dive + a few hints and tips about slowly acclimatizing your body for...

Duration: 01:17:58

NSP:063 Overcoming Common Spearfishing Issues

Overcoming Common Spearfishing Issues This one was a while in the planning and so its fairly comprehensive! Turbo and I encountered a significant number of obstacles starting out and so doing a podcast on overcoming common spearfishing issues was inevitable! If we don't cover your issue then please let us know in the comments below. Heavily mentioned throughout this episode is our Master-spearfishing-post here that contains links to most of our blog posts, guides, videos, podcast episodes...

Duration: 00:52:05

NSP:062 Jim Russell North California Speartfishing

Interview with Jim Russell That's right Jim Russell from North California joins us and gives us a full orientation to spearfishing in North California. From conditions to species as well as insights into equipment, local clubs and hunting techniques this is a phenomenal chat with a top bloke:) Jim was super humble when I reached out to him through social media and was very forward about telling me he's 'just a weekend warrior'. Well that's sometimes exactly what we like here at the Noob...

Duration: 01:35:20

NSP:061 Erez Beatus Apnea Australia Founder

Interview with Erez Beatus In this interview we learn why freediving courses are essential for spearo's Erez Beatus from Apnea Australia joins us to give us a great overview of what you can learn on a freediving course. An Israeli born Australia based instructor of the highest caliber, Erez speaks about his background, experience and the benefits to doing a freediving course as a spearo. His knowledge of water and human physiology is phenomenal so this is definitely an important interview...

Duration: 01:06:19

NSP:060 Moss Burmester Kiwi Opympian and Spearo

Interview with Moss Burmester New Zealand multi-discipline competitor Moss Burmester joins us to discuss parallel skills and more from competitive swimming to spearfishing. We learn more about his personal spearfishing journey and the things that keep him pushing for more. Former Kiwi Olympian #886 Moss has lots of advice and experience training and competing at top levels and so this is a great interview if you share a similar drive. Enjoy:)

Duration: 01:00:50

NSP:059 101 Spearfishing with sharks

This is a 3 part interview talking about the hazards of spearfishing with sharks. The first section kicks off with Turbo interviewing Mitchell Marriott a Brisbane local spearfisherman who had his first scare with a 3m shark and wanted to learn more about managing sharks while spearfishing. Second interview is with one of my good Twitter buddies Rene Nel @diverene who joins us all the way from South Africa where he recently experienced a severe Great White Shark attack while spearfishing...

Duration: 00:49:15

NSP:058 Kevin Daly spearfishing comp veteran

Interview with Kevin Daly 6 x UK spearfishing champion Kevin Daly joins us for a cracker chat about everything from competition strategy to maintaining ear health over prolonged days diving. We discuss spearfishing world competitions in multiple locations including last years competition in Greece. Kevin is also the former world record (current South African record holder) for Spanish (King) Mackerel. Its a great story as he shot the fish and then carried on diving for crayfish, hanging...

Duration: 01:27:06

NSP:057 Ant Judge Freedive Training for Spearfishing

Interview with Ant Judge Freedive training for spearfishing. In a pool, in the ocean, in a lake, Ant is adamant that training improves your techniques so that you can improve your spearfishing. In this interview Ant lays out some gold nuggets about not only the advantages of pool training but also some specific techniques that you can try. As an experienced and highly regarded freediving instructor this interview has tonnes of insights and also provides a compelling reason why everyone...

Duration: 01:16:40

NSP:056 Sean Hascup Costa Rica Spearfishing Guide

Interview with Sean Hascup Costa Rica Spearfishing Guide at Hascup Hunts Sean joins us to share a bit about his spearfishing journey. The adjustment from Florida to Costa Rica spearfishing conditions was quite interesting to learn about. He started spearfishing in Stuart, Florida chasing Lobster and other species while pole fishing but when the fish weren’t biting Sean decided to jump in and try spearfishing. He saved up money slowly to buy his first spearfishing gun, an AB Biller. Seans...

Duration: 01:10:33

NSP:055 101 Coastal Bar Crossing with Bill Corten

Boating 101 Episode Bar Crossing with Bill Corten Bills is a renown Australian boating, fishing and bar crossing teacher with many years of experience in the marine industry. A little known fact about Bill is that he also used to spearfish and play underwater hockey. These days Bills regularly runs coastal bar crossing courses and the occasional fishing charter. Bills passion is helping guys to get the most out of their boats by teaching them all of the fundamental skills that every...

Duration: 00:49:36

NSP:054 Jeromy Gamble Spearing Mag’s burly bomber

Interview with Jeromy Gamble **Retro – Episode**Throwback Soundbites Jeromy Gamble is one of the drivers behind Spearing Magazine. A resident born and raised Floridian. 12-13 years ago Jeromy got serious about spearfishing and read everything available in forums and online. His attitude and approach to spearfishing these days is very relaxed and he speaks a lot about how his mindset has changed over the years. We get several wicked spearfishing hunting techniques in this chat and we dig...

Duration: 01:14:48

NSP:053 Nat Davey Spearfishing 50kg Yellowtail Kingfish

Interview with Nat Davey In this chat with multiple world record holder Nat Davey we learn about hunting the elusive New Zealand Snapper, DIY Kingfish Sashimi, claiming world records and how rewarding it is to be with someone else who shoots a fish of a lifetime. Nat started diving at 9-10 y/o however he didn’t start spearfishing until he was 35! This meant he had to learn the techniques of freediving later and he shares how he overcame some of these challenges. Listening to Nats insights...

Duration: 00:50:09

NSP:052 Niall Cameron the Mussel Cracker

Interview with Niall Cameron the Mussel Cracker (Unfortunately we lost a bit of sound quality with this interview so our apologies!) Bloody cracker interview with Niall Cameron, a small charter boat operator in South Africa. Niall is a tonne of fun and he’s exactly the type of bloke I love to go spearfishing with. Fresh from an Ascension Island trip chasing and landing Yellowfin Tuna with a bunch of experienced Kiwi and Aussie spearo’s, Niall shares some of the valuable tips and wisdom...

Duration: 01:28:40

NSP:051 101 6 Tips To Improve Your Bottom Time

6 Tips To Improve Your Bottom Time This episode is Turbo and I discussing multiple ways to increase and improve your bottom time. Several meta themes are identified including relaxation, streamlining, economy of movement, as well as several options to explore if you would like to go even further. If you would like to extend your bottom time spearfishing then this episode will definitely have something in it for you! Mentioned was the Fresh Water World Spearfishing Championships find out...

Duration: 00:27:03

NSP:050 Peter Saunders President of the Underwater Skindiver’s and Fisherman’s Association

Episode 50! Interview with Peter Saunders In this chat with Peter Saunders we talk about issues relevant to every spearo such as; The broad threats to spearfishing and how spearo’s can make a difference What representative bodies such as the USFA and AUF in Australia do for spearfishing Easy actions everyone can take to improve our situation as recreational fisherman Peter shares stories and examples illustrating some of the political moves that have been made in the past to remove,...

Duration: 00:53:35

NSP:049 Sebastian Kramer German/Kiwi Freediving Instructor and guide

Interview with Sebastian Kramer Sebastian Kramer is a German born spearo living predominantly in Wellington, New Zealand. An adopted kiwi by choice, Sebastian now trains people about how to freedive and he also takes guided spearfishing trips to various locations in the Pacific including Tonga which is famous for sail fish and dogtooth tuna. In this interview we discuss some practicalities for traveling and spearfishing in remote locations. With personal stories from spearfishing all...

Duration: 01:03:47

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