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Episode 28: #ByeVegas

On this episode of Noodlin' with Josh,...oh man is it an emotional one. We say goodbye to my adoptive home for the last 7 years, Las Vegas, NV. Apologies for the long, sullen, contemplative silences found in this episode. This was hard to record and I'll take a second whack at it one day.

Duration: 00:39:51

Episode 27: Luis the Comic Book Guy Strikes Back!

On this episode of Noodlin' with Josh, Luis the Comic Book Guy joins me in the studio to talk Thor: Ragnarok and all upcoming comic book movies. Strap in and nerd out with Luis and I!

Duration: 01:38:31

Episode 26: A sit down with an Esquire, Chris Connell!

Oh man, where to start with this one. On this episode of Noodlin' with Josh, my guest is THE Chris Connell. Mr. Chris Connell Esq. joins me for a Halloween episode where we talk about everything from getting cursed out by Scarlett Johansson to playing in a band! ALSO, tune in for a surprise, courtesy of the incomparable Tommy Sklut!

Duration: 01:32:34

Episode 25: Spiro Sav...something or other.

On this episode of Noodlin' with Josh, we get to ask a comedian a lot of very personal questions! Haven't you ever wondered what drives the funny? Here, we get to unpack where a comedian gets his/her start and it was incredible. Here's to hoping we can make this a series! Follow Spiro and his comedy wherever social media can be found: (at)SpiroInThatShow!

Duration: 00:58:55

Episode 23 - Jay Rushlow's Slow But Personal Delivery Service

On this episode of Noodlin' with Josh, I sit down with former roommate and very best friend's husband Jay to talk about how we met, why he needs to recruit an army, and baby poop. This episode has it all folks!

Duration: 00:52:19

Episode 22- Massage Etiquette & More With Faye

On this episode of Noodlin' with Josh, Faye Fabio (seriously, how damn cool is that name)and I talk massage etiquette and more. Listen in and learn how NOT to be creepy at your next appointment! ;)

Duration: 00:59:28

Episode 21 - Sarahah And Me

On this episode of Noodlin' with Josh, I answer anonymous questions submitted via Sarahah (dot)com. I talk Dorito fingers, martial arts, relationships and why I left Zappos. Should I do another one of these? I'll let you decide.

Duration: 00:53:09

Episode 20 - Josh And Jesse Do Tarot!

On this episode of Noodlin', Josh and Jesse are joined by tarot card reader and ghost seer Tiffany Chung! Having inherited the power of a third eye from her grandmother, Tiffany has been reading fortunes for 15 years via runes, tarot cards and even via communication with the dead. With that on her resume who wouldn't get their fortune told!

Duration: 00:54:51

Episode 19 - Pastor Jeremy Martin

On this episode of Noodlin' with Josh, I'm joined by Pastor Jeremy Martin of the Downtown Faith church in Las Vegas, NV! However, we don't just talk religion, we cover what it takes to start a church in Vegas, why you should surround yourself with DO'ers, and our passion for comedy!

Duration: 01:17:09

Episode 18 - Take A Trip With Me And DP!

On this episode of Noodlin' with Josh, I'm joined by the truly one-of-a-kind David Perry! We cover what it's like to have a parental pastor, our first boobs, adding curse words into religious music and pretty much everything else you could conjure!

Duration: 01:35:46

Episode17- Rollin' The Rs With Adela

On this episode of Noodlin' with Josh, I'm joined by local legend and minor-league superhero Adela to talk about feminism, boob reductions, bisexuality and sooo much more.

Duration: 01:11:43

Episode16 - A (brief)History Of AndieVeronica

On this episode of Noodlin' with Josh, we chat with a model, a Miss Nevada contestant, a moto-cross racer, a Harley rider, and an EMT in training....who just all happen to be the same person! Welcome to "A (brief) History of AndieVeronica"!

Duration: 00:58:21

Episode 15- NerdPalooza Part. 1

In a world of way too many movies and way too little time, two nerds get drunk and just go at it. On this episode, Parker J stops by the studio for a quick chat about movies that diverts and unravels into a 2 hour recap of comic book movies/schtuff presented at the 2017 San Diego Comic Con. Strap in nerds and take a trip with us down the rabbit hole.

Duration: 01:52:54

Episode14 - A Roundabout PSA

On this episode of Noodlin' with Josh, Patricia Pilgrim joins us in the studio to.....well we thought talk about marijuana but we chatted about everything but...hence, a roundabout PSA for weed(?). To top the sundae with a weirder cherry, Patricia and I have never spoken in person before, only via the internet, and this episode is proof you can translate an online friendship into the real world!

Duration: 01:07:48

Episode13- CBurtFox

On this episode of Noodlin' with Josh, I'm joined by Caitlin Burt, one of my very best friends and one of the most talented actresses I've ever worked with. We talk Pokemon Go, making friends, and a plethora of random things but be warned....we recorded this at 1am so we're a little...sleepy.

Duration: 00:48:47

Episode12 - Boats And Weiners

On this episode of Noodlin' with Josh, I sit down with my brother Zach and sister Hannah to talk about their lives, boating, our favorite hot dogs and a lot more!

Duration: 00:30:50

Episode11 - Drivin' To Chicago/Ramblin'

On this episode of Noodlin' with Josh, we try to record on the not so open road while driving from Detroit to Chicago! Our guests on this episode are @JoshtheWeaver's mom and brother, Kathy and Zach and the conversation jumps all over the place from socks to Captain & Tennille. Tune in and noodle on!

Duration: 01:05:14

Episode10 - PetePlanes & The Power Outage

On this episode of Noodlin', Erisse Peterson, aka (at)PetePlanes on twitter, joins us to talk about her music career, what it's like to go all in on producing, breaking through barriers (mental and otherwise), and her inspiration for her music. Check out all 7 of her tracks from the ep Something Missing on soundcloud at:

Duration: 01:00:46

Episode9 - Mela - Bonin'

On this episode, Parker joins Josh to talk about everything from bonin' on mentatonin to wrestling...actually...they just talk about that.

Duration: 00:52:18

Episode8 - Pool Party And Weird Noses

Noodlin' with Josh is now on iTunes! Jesse joins Josh again as they discuss weird noises, flashbacks, 4th of July traditions, drinking, and reminisce yesterday...literally.

Duration: 00:33:12

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