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North of Newfoundland 060

Is Thanksgiving dinner really worth the trouble? The boys start this show explaining why they don’t think it lives up to the hype. We look at a moose hunter whose moose came back to life and kicked the crap out of him, a gun scare near a Mt. Pearl school, and Boy Scouts of America...

Duration: 00:53:01

North of Newfoundland 059

GST is out so Joel is on the wine! Minimum wage is up, so we take a look at the past when women got paid less than men. The newly renovated Majestic got burnt, there are consequences to poor driving, and there are no bait cars. A plane’s engine blew up and had to land...

Duration: 01:08:39

North of Newfoundland 058

The boys screwed up the live broadcast of episode 058, so we got some beers and came back to do it properly. After some drunk rambling we finally get into what you’ve been waiting for: the St. John’s municipal election! Voters appeared to be seeking change, with many new faces on council, and Jonathan Galgay,...

Duration: 01:22:54

North of Newfoundland 057

We start the show talking about raking leaves when you don’t have any trees, and why lawns are a conspiracy by the lawnmower industry. Basketball is coming to Mile One, people were fooled by fake news hoaxes, and Earle McCurdy steps down as NDP leader. We discuss bad driving after an absurd number of highway...

Duration: 01:05:17

North of Newfoundland 056

The boys start the show with a wrap up of summer and talking about how school is back. Clarenville’s municipal election is canceled, someone vandalized an election sign in a funny way, and people are comparing Andy Wells to Trump which is complete foolishness. We continue the election chat looking at some St. John’s candidates...

Duration: 01:02:59

North of Newfoundland 055

With the Chase The Ace winner announced, we hope to finally stop talking about it. Speaking of lineups, Nick notices that people around here love to complain about lineups. Fred Hutton is leaving VOCM for CBC Radio, and we wonder if he was allowed to have a beard on NTV. Atlantic Fest got mixed reviews...

Duration: 01:02:54

North of Newfoundland 054

Nick is back! We hear a bit about Nick’s trip, how we survived without him, and a magical Japanese beverage he brought back and got Joel drunk with. Chase The Ace didn’t go, and now it’s finally ending next week somehow. Sunrise Records is opening in St. John’s and we aren’t too confident in it...

Duration: 01:01:35

North of Newfoundland 053

Joel is solo once more in our final week before Nick returns. He starts by telling us how his hair doesn’t grow anymore, following up on Blueberry Festival, and talking about owning farm animals and living in more isolated NL areas. Chase The Ace is ending soon, Dennis O’Keefe is now running for mayor, a...

Duration: 00:52:01

North of Newfoundland 052

Joel is solo this week, starting the show with some chat about why expensive alcohol may be good for Newfoundland. You didn’t go back in time, Andy Wells is running for mayor again, along with a feminist who doesn’t seem too serious about the whole thing. Joel wants to see Andy win! Firefighters wouldn’t help...

Duration: 00:37:13

North of Newfoundland 051

Nick continues his vacation, so Travis & Susan attempt to pick up the slack this episode. We run through the past week’s news including George Street Festival, a busker starting a fire, and the giant cell phone outage. Cathy Bennett resigned, a guy is being charged in Nova Scotia for defending himself after a home...

Duration: 00:40:21

North of NL 050

Nick is on vacation so Travis fills in. Travis tells us how the cops stopped him while walking home drunk, then we talk about George Street Festival, tribute bands, and the concert scene in Newfoundland. Joel explains why he’s done with Chase The Ace, a resident is mad because there’s too much traffic going to...

Duration: 01:10:01

North of Newfoundland 049

Chase The Ace is the talk of the province, so we share our stories after checking it out last week. We talk about the plan for attending this week and then end up talking about low pants, Nick’s credit card being stolen, cars driving into buildings, and IJ Samson school being demolished. Come From Away’s...

Duration: 00:52:16

North of Newfoundland 048

The boys are drinking strong beer and the windows are open so you can enjoy some local Newfoundland neighborhood sounds. We hear about some other Newfoundland or not so Newfoundland things like those purple electric bug zappers and hanging a paper bag over the door. Joel expresses his frustration with flies and how stupid they...

North of Newfoundland 047

It’s our post-Canada Day show. Joel planned to stop drinking for a while, but Travis and him went out for a hike and then it all went downhill from there. Travis and Susan are here and we discuss the Canada Day shenanigans. Joel breaks his most recent no-drinking policy, spills beer on himself, and we...

North of Newfoundland 046

Joel is back from vacation in Ottawa with stories from the mainland about Uber, Fish & Chips, Airbnb and why he thinks Newfoundland is not really part of Canada. We have another strip club story despite Joel saying he wouldn’t go there anymore. Ontario is delivering beer and we wonder if Newfoundland could use that,...

Duration: 00:59:50

North of Newfoundland 045

Joel is half cut so the show starts as a mess but it’s still lots of fun. Jill is our guest, and we start the show with a whole bunch of random crap like Bowring Park walks, dogs, the first time you saw boobs (Titanic,) and Nick is mad about dudes who walk around shirtless....

North of Newfoundland 044

Joel starts by telling about how he was thankful to be recognized by a podcast viewer, we have our weather chit-chat, and then talk about high-school graduations and why we didn’t go to ours. There were some peaceful anti-abortion protestors near a high school and Joel doesn’t understand why everybody cares so much. After talking...

North of Newfoundland 043

Our can’t-miss “weather chit-chat” starts off the show this week. Nick wonders why cashiers aren’t saying hi to him, then Joel tells a story about a long lineup at the bank. This leads to talking about bad customer service from giant companies (like Air Canada) and how they don’t want to talk to anyone. Newfoundland...

North of Newfoundland 042

We start the show with a few quick topics like the new conservative leader, carbon tax, Bruce Tilley not running for council, and a developer knocking down a building without asking. There’s a car auction happening and we wonder how cars just get abandoned. We hear some good news about oil, so the Newfoundland economy...

North of Newfoundland 041

It’s cold as hell outside, but that’s nothing new. Nick tells us what May 24th weekend in the cold was like, and we hope for better weather on Canada Day when there will be some Canadian bands playing on George Street. Some hunters are saying there aren’t enough moose, which is odd since we’re used...
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