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Episode 8: You're better than you think you are

In episode eight, we're in Liverpool at the SAE Institute for a very honest discussion about Equal Pay, nepotism and why acting "like one of the boys" can be a disaster for women in business. The big interview comes from Cherie Blair who talks candidly about being the only female barrister in her chambers and how she juggled her own career with her supporting role in Downling Street. And in Ask The Hive, Sue asks: Do I tell my current boss that I'm looking for a new job? Plus all the...


Episode 7: The times, they are a-changin'

In episode seven, we head to Leeds for a truly through-provoking discussion on diversity, inclusion and how business now NEEDS to change in order to thrive. The big interview comes from Helen Baker, Quality Assurance Director at Sage, who shares her experiences on team-building and her inspiring attitude to staff returning to work after parental leave. And in Ask The Hive, Collay asks: I deserve a pay rise. What are the best strategies for getting one? Plus all the Northern Power Women...


Episode 6: You make WHAT in your spare time?

In episode six, we're in Newcastle discussing women-only work spaces. Asking: Are you a feminist? And finding out what on earth is a Side Hustle. Vodafone's Rob Mukherjee talks to us about how football inspired him to mentor women and why he wants you to take more time off work. And in Ask The Hive, Sharon asks: Can both partners in a relationship ever hope to have equally successful careers if they also have children? Plus all the Northern Power Women news you need.


Episode 5: What does an entrepreneur look like?

In episode five, we talk to individuals who set up their own business about where and when they got inspired and ask: What does an entrepreneur look like? We also discuss whether it's time to stop calling women "girls" in the workplace and tackle the subject of sexual harrassment in business. Vanda Murray OBE, one of the NPW Power List talks honestly about her rise and rise and what she really does for a living. And in Ask The Hive, can a single gender represent an entire...


Episode 4: Don't make me make apple crumble!

In episode four, find out from Karen Mattison of Timewise what men want just as much as women in business but are often too afraid to ask. Discover whether our panellists in Liverpool think one Silicon Valley CEO was right or wrong to dye her blonde hair brown to be, in her words "taken more seriously". And in Ask The Hive, it's all a question of business confidence: Do men really have more of it? Plus all the Northern Power Women news you need.


Episode 3: Pinch me on the cheek at your peril!

In episode three, find out what our panelists in Salford think of the suggestion that women need to take responsibility for the gender pay gap. Julia Fawcett, the Chief Executive of The Lowry discusses some of the toughest choices she had to make in her career and why she *knew* the day she was going to be sacked. And in Ask The Hive, Kirsty asks why tech has a class problem. Plus all the Northern Power Women news you need.


Episode 2. Don't say the S-Word!

In episode two, hear which word one of our panel members in Leeds hates with a passion. Head of News at BBC Radio 5 Live Rozina Breen reveals events in her career that she couldn't believe were actually happening - for all the wrong reasons. And in Ask The Hive, Kate asks if two businesses mean double the profit, or half the success. Plus all the Northern Power Women news you need.


The Launch Episode!

In the very first episode hear what happened when we went live with our dicussion panel, much to the surprise of our accidental audience. Manchester MP Lucy Powell reveals the highs and crushing lows of her career and why she can't shout at her children in the supermarket, And in Ask The Hive, one young woman's question leaves another "shocked and upset" in her reply... Plus all the Northern Power Women news you need.


Northern Power Women Podcast Teaser

Welcome to the Northern Power Women Podcast Each month, we’ll bring you no holds barred discussion on the biggest issues that affect our careers and lives. You'll hear from an individual at the top of their game on the challenges they faced and the mistakes they made along the way. And in Ask The Hive, if you're facing an obstacle or a problem in your career, you'll have a chance to get some superb advice from people who've been there and come out the other side. The first episode...