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NAFNC Ep 10 - 2017 the year of Fake News

Here is the last instalment of the first year of Not Another Fake NewsCast. with so much more to come in 2018 Paul and Gerry look back at the last year and episodes In this episode we discuss things we got right and wrong, developments from our stories and we generally have a laugh. this is a much more relaxed episode than usual, this is Paul and Gerry just shooting the breeze, having a laugh, a times we get serious, at one Point Paul full on belly laughs more so than he has in a long...

Duration: 08:54:43

NAFNC Ep 0 - Bonus Pilot episode

Almost exactly a year ago Paul and Gerry finally decided they were going to record their new podcast idea. The Pilot was recorded on the 7th of February 2017, we had no idea what we were doing, we had one mic between us, we put together the premise of the podcast and recorded around an hour of chat. As we step into the new year, Paul was working on cleaning up the sound of the episode and decided its as clean as he can get it so we decided we should let you all hear it as a thank you...

Duration: 01:07:07

NAFNC Ep 9 - Kim Vs Trump - North Korea

We are back! after some time off through illness and work NAFNC are back and this time we are looking at North Korea, Kim Vs Trump the twitter battle of the century. how did we get here? what caused North Korea to get to where they are, is there more going on, is the chance for nuclear war high? As ever all our sources are on our website you can contact us at our email here - we have our Facebook...

Duration: 01:25:39

NAFNC Ep 8 - Gun Control - US and the Rest of the world

In This Episode Paul and Gerry look at Gun Control in the US and compare it to the rest of the world, the episode was recorded on the second of November so there is no reference to the Texas shooting over the weekend that followed. If you disagree or want to chat about this topic or any other you can contact us at we have as ever provided all our sources on our website at we are always about to chat on twitter and...

Duration: 01:39:13

Fake Disaster Guys

Here is the Camping Special where we talk about our camping and survival weekend with Those Conspiracy Guys and The Disaster Artists in Dublin. this was the precursor to our live show where we talk about the weekend away amongst other stuff. we'll be putting out the videos over the next week or so on our Youtube and Channels as well as the other two shows channels. watch our live video here...

Duration: 01:06:32

NAFNC Ep7 - HSBC, UK Government, Saudi and ARAMCO

In this episode of Not Another Fake NewsCast Paul and Gerry look at the Shady world of HSBC, looking at their involvement with various Drug cartels and the incriminating evidence the US senate had compiled on them before the UK Government swooped in to protect them.. we look at the sharing of staff between some of the well known UK businesses and how that may create conflict of interests we then look at a huge story which suggests the UK changing certain business practices to...

Duration: 01:29:23

NAFNC Ep6 - Fake News On Drugs

Hi all this episode is looking Drugs, the war on drugs, we Discuss China, Contras, Afghanistan, we look at Mexico and the Dodgy legal trade of drugs in the US. If there is anything you are willing to donate to our awesome trip with TCG and DA - that is the link to our Wishlist. Website - Facebook - Twitter - Merch Store...

Duration: 01:47:42

NAFNC - Episode 5 - Terror!! Extremism and the Middle East

In this episode Paul and Gerry look at the root of extremist views in the middle east, we look at some new that is not really being reported properly to the west and we try to get an understanding on Radical Islam.

Duration: 01:32:48

NAFNC - Ep4 Cambridge Analytica, SCL Group

In This Episode Paul and Gerry Look at the SCL Group, Cambridge Analytica and who really controls your social media, DO you know where your adverts are coming from, are you being targeted? it sounds far fetched but they are not scared about openly telling you they are doing it... if you are willing to listen.

Duration: 01:02:18

NAFNC - EP3.5.1 General Election Special

This is a remix of the special Election episode as we have no idea what happened with the theme tune, sorted now though. This episode looks at the good and bad points of the Labour and Conservative Manifestos to give you something to compare when voting in the 2017 general election

Duration: 00:57:35

NAFNC - Episode 3

Episode 3 of our NEW and Exciting podcast on Fake News, Politics and News from around the world, this time we are looking at the Local elections in the UK, Brexit, who owns the British media and a few other enjoyable pieces from UK Politics this month.

Duration: 01:37:37

NAFNC - Syria, Trump, Russia, Easter

Episode two of our pod Cast is finally here, we had big plans to follow an episode plan but in just over a week, the world went crazy so we had to rework and bring you a very relevant episode.

Duration: 01:24:25

Episode 1 - Immigration

HI All this is our first Real episode of Not Another Fake NewsCast from PGMcast, we are still getting a few things together including the recording of our theme song but wanted to get this out for you all to hear. you can get links at and you can find us on @PGMcast and PGMcast on facebook

Duration: 02:19:18