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Tired of being inundated with X-Files Podcasts? Amanda and Carolyn present "Not Another X-Files Podcast Podcast: The truth is in here." The search is over.

Tired of being inundated with X-Files Podcasts? Amanda and Carolyn present "Not Another X-Files Podcast Podcast: The truth is in here." The search is over.
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Vancouver, CA


Tired of being inundated with X-Files Podcasts? Amanda and Carolyn present "Not Another X-Files Podcast Podcast: The truth is in here." The search is over.




The Lone Gunmen 9: Diagnosis Jimmy

Vanessa and Carolyn have been diagnosed with the Lone Gunmen bug! If they were hospitalized for it, here's what they would discuss from their beds: Around Vancouver, our ancestries, trading galbladders, Chinese medicine, Call of the Wild, and what Ethan Hawke would pair well with. Join as at Tangentville General Hospital - and find out who said, "Come sweep my chimney!" Listen for a clue about next week's episode!

Duration: 01:01:07

The Lonegunmen 8: Maximum Byers

Get ready for maximum laughs, maximum thrills, and maximum... ummm, prison breaks? This week we are going to the big house and we are dragging along a special guest with us! Our friend Sam joins Carolyn and Vanessa as they fantasize about life behind bars, ship with reckless abandon and gush about our favorite conspiracists! Don't worry, we answer all your questions, even the ones you didn't know that you had. So lock yourself up with us and throw away the key! (But don't throw it too far,...

Duration: 00:54:04

The Lone Gunmen 7: Planet of the Frohikes

This episode is more fun than a barrel of monkeys! Join Vanessa and Carolyn and their unending monkey business as they discuss monkeys in popular culture and filming with monkeys on set. Carolyn finds a rap name (and career?) for herself, and the girls play a game of charades, which none of you can see. This episode will have you laughing so much you'll be saying, "I'll be a monkey's uncle!" P.S. We apologize for the upstairs monster's babies having a tantrum. Closing song by Flickbox...

Duration: 00:54:21

The Lone Gunmen 6: Madam, I'm Adam

This week our episode is the same backwards as forwards (what is the word for that again?), but only if you play it backwards after listening. We've got quite a show for you! Let's take a trip 'around Vancouver' with a brief stop in the German language and plenty of conspiracies and laughs along the way! Vanessa helps us get through some tough topics with the grace and care of an afterschool special, while Carolyn takes us through the only reality that matters--virtual reality! Plus this...

Duration: 00:57:16

Bonus: Xclusive Interview with Dean Haglund

Carolyn and Vanessa would like to introduce you to their new best friend, Dean Haglund! The one and only Richard "Ringo" Langley from our favourite shows, the X-Files and The Lone Gunmen, gives us an amazing peek into the life of a busy actor, comedian, Vancouverite turned Australian, dancer, and gosh, so much else - you'll have to give it a listen to find out! Dean gives us all the juicy deets on going back to the most popular sci-if show from the 90s (you know the one), what it was like...

Duration: 00:36:08

The Lone Gunmen 5: Three Men and a Smoking Diaper

Saddle up, or should I say diaper up? This week Vanessa and Carolyn can hardly wait to dive into hackneyed gender role stereotypes in the media! But don't worry, we've got plenty of other fun too! We get political with some conspiracies courtesy of V and C dives into her political past. With so much more, including an 80s ghost story. So settle right in with a warm bottle and a snuggly blankie, we've got you covered!

Duration: 00:46:45

The Lone Gunmen 4: Like Water for Octane

Jump in! Carolyn and Vanessa drive around in a water powered car with the Lone Gunmen this week! Don't worry, we cracked the window for Jimmy, our golden retriever. C looks for any excuse to honk the horn and flash the lights for shipping and V veers in and out of traffic with her crazy conspiracy theories! As always, we make a pit stop for Vancouver area landmarks and plenty of laughs! Where can you find us all over the web? Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! Check us out!

Duration: 00:39:42

The Lone Gunmen 3: Eine Kleine Frohike

Welcome to The Lone Gunmen episode 3, where the ridiculousness apparently cancels out all the problematic stuff! Carolyn surprises Vanessa with a new QVC segment, the girls get real and examine Germany during WWII, and they lament at the fact that seniors get all the good stuff. Plus, a healthy dose of convoluted family dynamics...

Duration: 00:46:28

Bonus: Xclusive Interview with Anne Simon (X-Files Science Advisor)

It's our second interview with Anne Simon, PhD, a virologist, professor at the University of Maryland, and the Science Advisor for the "X-Files" television series. If you want to hear all about a woman's journey through her career in STEM, plus her work on the X-Files over the years, including season 10 and 11, you've come to the right place! In this interview with Vanessa, Anne gives an overview of her work and laboratory, gives advice for both students and professors in STEM, and speaks...

Duration: 00:50:45

The Lone Gunmen 2: Bond, Jimmy Bond

Hi, we're a Podcast, Not Another X-Files Podcast Podcast! Join Carolyn and Vanessa as they meet the newest Lone Gunman, Jimmy Bond! Vanessa gets real comfortable this week and Carolyn messes up idioms as we delve into football for the blind, siphoning gas, and the perfect way to bust into a embassy. Thanks for listening to our summer break from the X-Files!

Duration: 00:35:51

The Lone Gunmen 1: Pilot

We're taking a break from the X-Files to cover another classic in its universe - The Lone Gunmen! In this episode, Vanessa and Carolyn talk 2000s moments, Byers' relationship with his dad, and all things conspiracy theories. Vanessa recalls her 17th birthday, while Carolyn worries what the NSA/CSIS might think about her internet searches. We're also super happy that we don't have to say goodbye to Vancouver just yet! Join us in a little break from the X-Files to talk about our favourite...

Duration: 00:56:21

Fight the Future

We made it! Georgia joins Carolyn, Vanessa and Amanda on a movie journey. We answer all the tough questions! Where were our girls when the first X-Files Feature Film was released and who did Vanessa bring to the movies? Which Shadowy Syndicate members are perfect for each other? How does the Well Manicured Man sound so very posh and pissed? Can Georgia get Carolyn to renounce her shipper ways? Do we want or even really deserve a Mulder and Scully movie kiss? All this and plenty of your...

Duration: 01:39:53

Bonus: Xclusive Interview with Lisa Gemino (X-Files Crew Member)

It's a surprise (sort of) bonus! Vanessa and Carolyn sit down with Lisa Gemino, long-time crew member on the X-Files during its original filming in Vancouver. You'll find out what Chris Carter is really like (spoiler alert: he may be nicer than we pretend he is...), catch some behind-the-scenes tidbits, and hear about an on-set incident that may go down in X-Files crew history! Reminder: We are taking a 2-week release break from our regular episodes. Stay tuned for "Fight the Future" on...

Duration: 00:27:04

520. The End & Season 5 Wrap-Up (Plus Bonus Interviews!)

It's the end of season 5, and we give Vancouver a proper send-off! But first, we have so much praise for Gibson Praise, do some Well-Manicured Man impressions (you don't want to miss those), compare Scully's jealousy of Diana Fowley with her jealousy towards Phoebe Green (remember her?), and in doing so, try to figure out what a true love triangle is. We're not sure we actually come to a conclusion on that one. Plus, what do the Lone Gunmen do before bed? You'll hear that answer in this...

Duration: 01:41:30

519. Folie à Deux

Join in our madness this week as we get bugged by, well, a giant bug. Vanessa takes us behind the scenes of her job as a telemarketer and relays some workplace angst. The girls discover some extremely long vocabulary and then try to recreate some possible workplace romance over pasta. All this and plenty of fun facts as well as a Shipping that had Carolyn's finger on the rewind button! Thanks to our listener Paul for our outro!

Duration: 00:51:02

518. Pine Bluff Variant (With Vin Forte)

Vin Forte is back! He joins Vanessa and Carolyn to talk about Mulder stretches, bioweaponry fun facts, and Mulder's sketchy dealings. Carolyn surprises Vanessa with a "Pepsi Challenge," and we get a bit of a sugar high as we talk about our favourite sugary drinks. Also listen for a new word, coined right here on the podcast! Note: In her sugar high frenzy, Vanessa managed to throw her microphone and somehow turn it off without realizing, so her audio is very low for the last 15 minutes or...

Duration: 01:03:02

517. All Souls Minisode

We're going on a mini journey once again! Join Carolyn and Vanessa to talk about upside down crosses and Scully cutting her losses. (Rhyme time!) Enjoy our mini adventure!

Duration: 00:28:28

515/516. Travelers/Mind's Eye

It's time for another NAXFPP toofer-extraordinaire! This week we handle the big pile of "Nope!" that is Travelers and wonder why skeptical Mulder is skeptical in Mind's Eye. Carolyn is captivated by the smoky and dreamy '50s, while Vanessa takes a Vancouver journey through her own Mind's Eye. We also crush on some hipster-looking coroners and become "travelers" through our own past tweets! Tune in for all your favorite segments and plenty of Fun Facts! Thank you to our listener, Paul, for...

Duration: 01:04:26

514. The Red and the Black

Carolyn and Vanessa are at it again with a conversation about shipping that devolves into talking about actual ships (funny how that happens), Scully's scandalous hypnosis, and a horrifying alternate reality where everyone is the Cigarette Smoking Man's child...The girls ponder what Krycek and Marita's celebrity dating name would be, and muse about a hard choice that Skinner has to make... Thanks to our listener Paul for our awesome outro! Check us out on Patreon to receive awesome perks...

Duration: 00:57:38

513. Patient X

Who's over there making out in the hallway? Why, it's Alex and Marita, of course! And Vanessa and Carolyn are not ok with it. Plus, Vanessa takes a trip through 90s internet pages, and Carolyn wonders if the alien goo can get into nose holes (because let's face it, we're never, ever going to truly understand how it works). The girls also explore the X-Files alien family tree, question Mulder's skepticism, and talk a lot about Russia. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and...

Duration: 00:53:14

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