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Eric, his brothers, and his friends dig deep into movies, TV, music, and pop culture but not in a creepy way.




NIACW 213 Kubo and the Two Strings

Kubo and the Two Strings is a masterpiece. Jason has some issues with it. Drew thinks the brothers didn’t do the film justice in their discussion. Eric spends way too much time talking about While My Guitar Gently Weeps. Fun! The medley of weeping guitar is as follows: Regina Specktor The White Album George Harrison acoustic George Harrison and Eric Clapton Live in Japan Regina Specktor The Jeff Healey Band The White Album George Harrison and Eric Clapton Live in Japan The Jeff...

Duration: 01:05:52

NIACW 212 The World Is Not Enough

TWINE is just fine. Not great, especially Denise Richards, but it does the job. The bros also discuss M.A.S.K., Eli Roth’s Death Wish, Cruel Intensions, Les Liaisons dangereuses, Dangerous Liaisons, Valmont, Excess Baggage, A Life Less Ordinary, T2 Trainspotting, the tow truck business, Uber, Nell, Luke Bryan, the Flatliners sequel, and the Rotten Tomatoes factor References: M.A.S.K. Commercial The World Is Not Enough - Garbage with Shirley Manson Shuttlepro V2 File length...

Duration: 01:09:22

NIACW 211 Rope and Dial M for Murder

Perfect crimes gone awry directed by Hitchcock, what’s not to love? (spoiler: Rope is better). Along the way the brothers discuss Psycho, The Music Man, becoming old men, Seth Macfarlane, Richard Belzer’s Ronald Reagan, the racist puppetry of Jeff Dunham, Evening at the Improv, aphantasia, scarecrow rules, Husky jeans, Grace Kelly’s death, Gizmo Anderson’s death, Better Call Saul, virtual marathons, ultra marathons, Tarahumara runners of Raramuri, Dunkirk, Valarian and the City of a...

Duration: 01:16:13

NIACW 210 Tomorrow Never Dies

Tomorrow Never Dies is a Bond all the brothers loved! They discuss Sheryl Crow vs k.d. Lang, the miscasting of Ricky Jay, Ghost, Quick Change, Evil Dead 2, The Last Temptation of Christ, Deliverance, Amy Smart, Rat Race, the Fat Jewish, Eddie Murphy, cheating at Baccarat, Deathgasm, Sawbones (the podcast), Embarrassing Bodies (the TV show), and Maui Vera after-sun moisturizer References: DNCE - Cake By The Ocean (Official Video) Tomorrow Never Dies Opening Credit Maui...

Duration: 01:19:37

NIACW 209 Outbreak and Contagion

Glove up folks, tonight’s double feature is Outbreak and Contagion. Eric loved Outbreak, Jason liked it, but Drew HATED it. Contagion, however, proved to be a hit with all the brothers. Drew tells an Agent Orange Story from 31:00 to 39:00 Contagion talk begins at 43:00 Jason has a car story at 1:30:00 The brothers reference Richard Preston’s “The Hot Zone,” and “Demon in the Freezer,” World War Z, The Real Wives of Orange County, Spaulding Grey, and the Weekly Infusion...

Duration: 01:42:29

NIACW 208 The Aviator

The Aviator is beautiful and well-acted but overlong. The brothers each liked different parts of it but none was overwhelmed by the totality of the film. Along the way they discuss WKRP in Cincinnati, Walk Hard – The Dewey Cox Story, Million Dollar Baby, Logan, The Night Flyer, and the new Twin Peaks Tangetory tales of social interaction from 00:18:00 – 00:40:42 Housekeeping begins at 01:12:15 References: John C. Reilly - Royal Jelly File length 1:26:28 File Size 79.2...

Duration: 01:26:17

NIACW 207 Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountain is a beautiful, well-acted movie that Drew really liked but Jason wasn’t impressed by the plot and Eric was bored to tears. The bros also mention Sling Blade, The Bridges of Madison County, Baraka, Crash, the Mist television series, the Honorable Woman, and Stranger Things. File length 1:02:30 File Size 57.6 MB Subscribe to us on iTunes Listen to us on Stitcher Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Send your comments to show@notinacreepyway.com Visit the...

Duration: 01:02:42

NIACW 206 2 Days in the Valley

To celebrate the life of actor Glenne Headly we watched 2 Days in the Valley, a fun film. During that discussion we mention Short Cuts, Pulp Fiction, Drop Dead Fred, Superman II, Stan Bush, Spiderman and the Manwolf on Power Records, Men at Work, Spawn, the Golden Raspberry awards, Too Much, Joe Satriani, and Dougie. Jason’s story of surviving Kawasaki Syndrome is from 25:30-36:40 References: One Ton Tomato - Crabmeat Thompson Big Bad Moon - Joe Satriani File length...

Duration: 01:01:54

NIACW 205 Blue Ruin

For Father’s Day the brothers discuss Father Anderson’s recommendation Blue Ruin. This is a well made, well acted but disturbing movie. They also discuss Kung Fu, the Bard’s Tale, The Founder, and Good Will Hunting. Housekeeping begins at 1:08:00 Eric tells a bear story at 1:14:00 File length 1:20:22 File Size 73.9 MB Subscribe to us on iTunes Listen to us on Stitcher Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Send your comments to show@notinacreepyway.com Visit the show...

Duration: 01:20:22

NIACW 204 GoldenEye

GoldenEye was the Bond film we’ve been waiting for. It’s a little goofy but is great fun. We also discuss the November Man, The Matador, Seraphim Falls, Game of Thrones branded Ale, and Captain Underpants. Housekeeping starts at 00:48:45 Alaskan animal encounter talk (bear, marmot, porcupine, goat, fox, wolf, and caribou but no Sasquatch) from 00:56:10-1:01:00 People (men) are no damn good talk starts at 1:01:00 References: Top 10 Sean Bean Deaths Bob Nelson - Babushka...

Duration: 01:14:13

NIACW 203 State of Play

State of Play is a journalism thriller starring Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck. Eric liked it a lot more before discussing it with his brothers but there is still plenty to recommend it. And NO SPOILERS in this episode. They also discuss the opening credit sequence of Kolchak: The Night Stalker, Eye in the Sky, and The Americans. Then Drew recounts a fowl memory. References: Kolchak: The Night Stalker File length 40:07 File Size 37.0 MB Subscribe to us on iTunes Listen to us on...

Duration: 00:40:06

NIACW 202 ffolkes

In honor of Roger Moore, RIP, we discuss one of his little known films. ffolkes is a fun piece of nostalgia for Eric, Drew thought it was harmless homoerotic fun, but Brother J was not a fan. The brothers also discuss the 2017 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees. References: Russian Grenade Fishing (misleading, it's actually from a movie) File length 49:59 File Size 46.1 MB Subscribe to us on iTunes Listen to us on Stitcher Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Send your...

Duration: 00:49:59

NIACW 201 The Kings Speech

The Kings Speech the perfect Oscar movie: great cast, great performances, and a feel-good story. Apologies to UK listeners for any mistakes we make with the history involved. Along the way they discuss The Crown, Exploding Head Syndrome, Brain on Fire, Homicide: Life on the Street, Islands in the Stream, DOA by Bloodrock, and Okja Housekeeping starts at 1:08:00 Toenail Talk starts at 1:22:00 References: The Crown trailer Oaktown 357 - Juicy Gotcha Krazy Exploding Head...

Duration: 01:34:48

NIACW 200 introspection and prognostication

Episode 200 is Los Bros Andersons and Dr Wonders discussing the last 100 episodes and plans for the future. At the end we have outtakes from the last hundred episodes and the entire Wolfgang supercut (sorry Connie and Mother Anderson). Go to the website for Drew’s amazing number crunching. 00:00:01 Intro blabbity blab 00:11:00 how we make the sausage 00:27:00 how we each watch the movies 00:46:00 list of movie genres we have covered 00:59:00 most downloaded episodes 01:07:00 Travis...

Duration: 02:05:55

NIACW 199 License To Kill

License to Kill is the worst Bond so far. There are plenty of little good things but overall it’s a mess. In a surprise twist, Drew is its biggest defender. Along the way the brothers discuss Michael Keaton’s Batman, Robert Davi, and Benicio Del Toro. References: Robert Davi sings "My Way" Sinatra Brisk Commercial Housekeeping begins at 39:40 Drew’s Hamilton story begins at 47:45 Beauty and the Beast talk begins at 1:00:00 File length 1:09:00 File Size 63.5 MB Subscribe to us on ...

Duration: 01:09:00

NIACW 198 Apocalypse Now

Apocalypse Now is Eric’s favorite movie. Brothers J and Drew are somewhat less impressed but agree it’s a classic. Along the way they discuss The Doors, Drew’s less than admirable but quite successful academic career, Dr Gene Scott, and The Lost City of Z, The Handmaiden, Stranger Things, The Accountant, Lost Souls, and Lost In La Mancha. They also discuss true crime podcasts such as: My Favorite Murder; Sword and Scale; All Killa No Filla; Astonishing Legends; Generation Why; and...

Duration: 01:43:17

NIACW 197 Jaws

Jaws is an absolute classic. The scares are still scary, the jokes are still funny, and everyone cheers at the end. Note: unexpected horror tangent: Bug Talk goes from about 25:00 to 37:00 References: U2 - Lemon (Live Sydney) Bryan Singer Sex Abuse Allegations Sublime - Badfish Jaws the Revenge ending LRAD Fairbanks police use LRAD on bank robbers File length 1:09:21 File Size 63.7 MB Subscribe to us on iTunes Listen to us on Stitcher Like us on Facebook Follow us on...

Duration: 01:09:21

NIACW 196 Driving Miss Daisy

Driving Miss Daisy is a charming movie with very little action and not a lot of dialogue but plenty of tension and fantastic acting. Morgan Freeman, Jessica Tandy, and Dan Ackroyd all do stellar work. Brother J expresses his love for composer Hans Zimmer. They also discuss Good Times; Passengers; Winter’s Bone; Rango; Better Call Saul, the Americans, and Rosie Perez’s masterworks: White Men Can’t Jump, Untamed Heart, Fearless, and Dancing With the Devil. In housekeeping they discuss...

Duration: 01:09:05

NIACW 195 The Man From UNCLE

Guy Ritchie’s The Man from UNCLE stars Superman, the Lone Ranger, and the next Lora Croft. What’s not to love? It’s the Bond movie Eric has been waiting for: full of action, snappy patter, and good acting. References: Bizarre (TV Series) hosted by John Byner The Man From U.N.C.L.E. (TV series) The Wild Wild West (TV series) Mission: Impossible (TV series) David McCallum Black Sheep Squadron (TV series) The Boss Baby Werner Von Braun - Tom Lehrer Derrick (TV Series) MacArthur...

Duration: 01:01:47

NIACW 194 The Living Daylights

The Living Daylights – Timothy Dalton’s first Bond. Dalton does fine but the plot is nothing new. It lets all the bros down. Fake Script. Sad. References: Falco - Der Kommissar File length 1:00:07 File Size 55.3 MB Subscribe to us on iTunes Listen to us on Stitcher Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Send your comments to show@notinacreepyway.com Visit the show website at www.notinacreepyway.com

Duration: 01:00:07

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