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Episode Numero Uno is here! Vee & Bri are kicking it at 1oak studio DONT CALL IT A COMEBACK!! Brain Pumper is attempting to get back in the limelight by picking up young ladies for his new films, but how young is too young? Chris Brown Vs Soulja fight predictions. Guests joined us to give their take on Love & Hip Hop , Side Chick etiquette Check it out!!






Are We Back Or Nah

The Band is Back together! Labor Day weekend Episode... it was 11:30AM great conversation while drinking Hennessy.. Krii had to clear up a misunderstanding with "2.5", Vee & Skinny Played Uno With jumbo sized cards at a party in Brooklyn and Bri says she has friends All shapes and sizes ....

Duration: 00:53:49

Slow Down

Yes Tommy I am your Father....Vee & Skinny discuss the latest episode of Starz hit show power ,Bobby V skipping out on the bill, how do you respond to a "Whats Your intentions with me text?" from a female & A few other topics ..

Duration: 00:50:31


Allegedly Usher is "letting it Burn", Drake got a Lil Wayne Tattoo we also spoke about season two of Insecure & the latest episode of Power is the Old dude Tommy father? or Holly father? The Sarahah app & other topics tune in and tell a friend!

Duration: 00:59:17

N****R Brown

We're back! discussing R.kelly sex cult ,Walmart had a wig cap on their website with an interesting color description , Waka Flocka called Mike Vick a Lame. and we spoke about some other things I just don't feel like typing(Just Being lazy) Tune in and also pass it on to a friend

Duration: 00:51:15

Homie Hopping

The couch was jammed pack with guests! This episode we discussed females that "Homie Hop" (Kri made that word up)Skinny & Ryan debate about the Amber rose photo & Chris tells a story on how he got pepsi poured in his gas tank.

Duration: 00:58:18

Freshman Class

Join by the Hosts of Talk to me radio the team talks about Hot 97 Summer Jam, The XXL freshman cover, Amber Rose & Who gets more sex Dude man with Central Air or Ol' boy with the Fan in the window? And some other things I can't remember right now but listen and tell a friend!

Duration: 00:56:44

The Kick Off

Cousin!! The whole crew is back to Kick off Season 2! Vee tells a Story about when he freeloaded at a random person cookout, Krii's Father threatened to put Skinny in the trunk of his car, Bri & Krii share different opinions on The Who come first Girlfriend or Baby Mother Debate

Duration: 01:01:22


Skinny Finally Moved up from not being introduced to checking the mic. Al-B Told a story about being a gut Grabber, Bri Not giving out hall passes, Belvi came to a Man as a Man , Al tells a story about sleeping with a married woman & Kri just here and Vee isn't.

Duration: 01:00:05

Really Belvi?

Bri is back from Miami, Belvi Gathered us around for a meaningless story, we discussed the 10k or Dinner with Jay-Z meme & Skinny explained the 10 Splash commandments.

Duration: 00:53:54

12 Reasons Why Ft. Eighty5

We're back live & in stereo TWO RULES FOR THIS EPISODE! Rule 1 "You must listen to this episode to its entirety .. Rule 2 "pass it along to a friend!" Today's episode the crew joined by Eighty5 discuss the 2017 Summer Jam Line up, how "Hurt Bae" was a Scam! The Netflix series "13 Reasons Why" & a few more things.

Duration: 00:52:33

The Great Debate Ft. Steve Lovell

Joined by Steve Lovell the Team discussed the woman who made it on stripper Rushmore, the United passenger situation & the team ranked Arsonal Da Rebel, ShotGun Suge, Tsu Surf & Albee Al on their Hot 97 Funk Flex Freestyles.

Duration: 00:58:48

Zuted ft. HoneyImGold

Gather around Vee has a story to tell about being trapped in the closet. Krii Friends won't save her life, and Brii "claims" to have a healthy relationship you have to have a side piece. Meanwhile, Skinny says he will know if a woman is cheating on him. This episode will definitely having you laughing. Joined by @ZutedSkateShop & @_HoneyImGold Tell a friend to tell a friend!

Duration: 01:04:48

The Female Takeover

On episode 9 of Not Just A Regular Podcast, we truly switched it up. It was a FEMALE TAKEOVER - we invited ladies from the media industry to sit down and share their views on EVERYTHING. What's proper threesome etiquette? What's the weirdest porn you've ever watched? You have to check it out to see these ladies' responses. Subscribe, comment and tell a friend!

Duration: 00:58:20

Eight Ft. Doobiebadasz

Episode 8 was definitely one for the culture. We had female rapper Doobie Badasz on the couch keeping it as raw as ever, as we discussed "break babies", condom etiquette, and the appropriate time frame to text a check after bagging. Not to forget the two new albums that dropped this week, you definitely don't want to miss out. Subscribe, give feedback and share it with a friend!

Duration: 01:03:16

Red Means Stop

Joined by DJ Tarzan & Ray Joe, The Team covers topics from The Nicki Minaj Response back to Remy Ma , "running red lights", and also if having unprotected sex is a relationship starter. The conversation takes a few twists and turns as the team will have you laughing with their usual thoughts, opinions and ignorance. Don't forget to let us know who you think the MVP of this episode is!

Duration: 01:01:59

Its Wasn't me

On episode 6 (yes episode 6, we're almost on our 10th EP!) we discussed body counts..*sigh* how much is too much? We also discussed if women truly cheat off of emotion or do they really just need some box relief. The gang touched briefly on the newest love and hip hop episode, and even had a "noodle head" user call in after being curved. Comment, subscribe and tell a friend!

Duration: 00:55:03

Podcast & Chill

Episode 5 of Not Just A Regular Podcast, we HAD to discuss the Shether Massacre. Should Nicki even respond by now? Should Remy drop another diss? We also spoke to Bobby Shmurda live on the podcast courtesy of his PR @therealkayy - she is also the creator of the networking mixer Network and Chill which will be going down this weekend. Our couch guests @lee.waters & @maccmccray will be in attendance also! Another lit episode of Not Just A Regular Podcast, drop comments and feedback!

Duration: 01:02:40

Guess Who

And we're Back! the Gang joined by Ce sits down to discuss hurt bae, Girls that play hangman, The friend zone and more!

Duration: 00:49:57

Fruit Punch Juice

Happy Valentines Day! Happy Side Chick Day(for you side chicks)in this episode the Crew sits down to talk about twin size mattresses, How everyone turns into a mathematician when the check comes, Uber rides for oodles & Noodles plus more.....

Duration: 00:48:55

45th & Broadway

Camron Vs. Jim Jones... Jim Jones Broke the Internet with his Interview with Funk Flex Camron Fired Back on IG Live .... Listen in as we Gave our opinion on the whole situation

Duration: 00:37:53

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