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Nikki Glaser, host of Comedy Central's Not Safe w/ Nikki Glaser is joined by co-host Dan St. Germain to discuss sex news and personal stories about dating and relationships.

Nikki Glaser, host of Comedy Central's Not Safe w/ Nikki Glaser is joined by co-host Dan St. Germain to discuss sex news and personal stories about dating and relationships.
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Nikki Glaser, host of Comedy Central's Not Safe w/ Nikki Glaser is joined by co-host Dan St. Germain to discuss sex news and personal stories about dating and relationships.






Episode 40: Chasing the Kids Around

The future of the podcast is up in the air so make sure to follow Nikki on Twitter for more information. No politician writes their own joke. Everyone talks about the new iPhone update and all the fun ways to use the confetti function. It's time for everyone's favorite game show "Judge Dan's Text!" and Dan talks about his new job. Brian went to a wedding, still didn't dance, but he did realize the terrifying truth about having children. The gang tells you how easy it is to murder a...


Episode 39: Devil's Bargain

The fashion police are back! Brian went to Disneyland with Nikki's boyfriend and Andy Lee. They talk about how normies treat famous people. Dan went on his silent retreat with a bunch of wacky characters and he didn't get laid, but he did learn some things. How much money do you need in order to be happy? Listen and find out! Also Nikki took an expensive course, but she'll tell you how to do transcendental meditation for free. Later, It's car crash story time. Brian got free apples and...


Episode 38: Texting Like Chips and Salsa

Dan and Nikki open up about how Edward Snowden talks funny, but probably deserves to be pardoned or whatever. Do you forgive artists just because they make great art? Nikki went to the Beyonce concert and tells us all about it and they talk about fame and whether it's worth it. Nikki doesn't feel like talking about sex, but they do anyway. Dan texts when he's horny and pays the price. He also says he's ready to settle down, but Nikki disagrees. They also talk about quitting comedy, but not...


Episode 37: Dad Jokes & Ghost Deers

Nikki talks about the roast and why Anne Coulter sucked and how Rob Lowe is hot. Have you seen Sully? Now you have! Listen to find out what that means. Everyone reviews Brian's Bumble pictures and then they review Dan's photos. Dan talks about his experience with a ghost deer. Nikki tried to save a spider and failed and Brian almost got killed by a bear. Everyone has bear stories. What's the most disturbing thing you've seen on the internet? Dan's probably seen it. Who killed JonBenet?...


Episode 36: There is Eating on This Podcast

The gangs all here! Nikki, Dan, and Brian discuss Dan's latest sexual escapade which unfortunately involved a Q-tip. Everyone watched the Tony Robbins documentary and they discuss whether it's possible to change yourself in a week. Why do watermelon's have weddings? Listen and find out! Nikki accidentally gives her dog an orgasm which derails the entire podcast. Which Saved By the Bell character would you date? Everyone agrees it's not Screech. Also, it's Sweet Tango time! Brian brought in...


Episode 35: Really Good at Friendships

It's a special Brian and Nikki Episode! Brian and Nikki talks about Brian's failed apple mission. Brian talks about his 15 minutes of YouTube fame and tells the story of the infamous 'Facebook Thread Killer.' How do you become a Vine star? Brian uses his dentist to help answer that question. Nikki reveals her biggest Twitter pet peeve. Are we overloaded with content? Listen to this podcast to find out! Also, Nikki feels guilt over her secret death powers and discusses food addiction. Nikki...


Episode 34: Miserable Tiger

Nikki and Dan talk about doing stand up in NY vs LA. How do you review a review? They attempt to do just that. Nikki is doing the Roast of Rob Lowe and explains why Ann Coulter is such a good target. Also, they discuss rejection in the business and why it's important to hear 'No.' Dan talks about going to a wrestling after party as well as his dynamic love life and why it sucks to be 'in the blue.' Can sex be funny? This comedic duo has the answers. Also, Everyone's favorite game, 'Orange...


Episode 27: Saying Goodbye

Brian has a big announcement, Dan and Nikki reminisce about a terrible comedy festival they both performed in. Dan tells his famous Sinbad story.


Episode 25: In Your Dreams

The gang talks about lucid dreams, Nikki sings Dan's praises, and Brian explains why he screams in the shower.


Episode 24: Take Care Of Yourself

The gang discusses cam girls, cuckold porn and sexy movie scenes. PLUS Nikki talks about her giant canker sore, Brian talks about buying a plant, and Dan sees a super model at the Farmer's Market.


Episode 17: Depressing

Dan discusses his parent's separation, Nikki tests her Australian accent and at they end everyone talks about aliens.


Episode 16: Blowing Up

Nikki opens up about her eating disorder only to have Dan interrupt to talk about swimming and Comedy Central Executive Gary Mann pops in to talk about seeing Nikki for the first time.


Episode 15: Death Roll w. Special Guest Andy Lee

Special guest, the super famous Australian Andy Lee, joins the show to talk about getting stung by bullet ants, dressing up like a sloth and making a Lavasagna. Plus Dan manages to hurt his back in the most pathetic way possible.


Episode 12: Rule of Threesomes

Nikki talks about being propositioned for threesomes, Dan talks about his unwieldy butt hole and we all have a nice laugh about one of the writer's clothing choices.


Episode 09: Kato Kaelin

Kato Kaelin, famed witness of the OJ Simpson Trial, stops by to discuss sweatpants, celebrity run-ins and his take on The People v. OJ Simpson. Also, Dan is there.


Episode 08: Moves Like Jagger

Nikki delves into her gross medical infatuations, Dan discusses a run-in with a character from the OJ Trial and we play clips from Dan's break-out role in a 2014 Super Bowl commercial.


Episode 07: Getting Deeper

Nikki and Dan talk about Dan's battle with addiction, they figure out Dan's ideal type and Orange Soup gets a new angle.

Episode 06: Learning to Masturbate

Dan talks about masturbating for the very first time, Nikki reveals the secret to trolling creeps in AOL chat rooms and at the end everyone tries to say something nice.

Episode 05: Use Protection

This week, Dan's dad gets hit by a car, Nikki talks about how flying to Thailand is not the best time to meet your boyfriend and how you should just ignore what anyone says on the Internet.

Episode 04: Anal Around The World

Nikki figures out who in the studio has done anal, Dan gets beef for spilling soup on his crotch and we figure the only way involving your dad in sex can be hot.
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