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Is the death penalty humane? Living life slower, and a history lesson on Israel and Palestine!

In this episode we discuss taking life one step at a time, and the true meaning of life (kinda). Also trace gives his 2 cents on the Jeff Sessions drama, and whether the death penalty should still be a punishment option in this day and age.

Duration: 00:38:33

Free Speech threatened at Berkeley, healthcare issues, and Women's March Tweet Controversy

In this episode we talk about the recent attempt to shutdown yet another conservative speaker at UC Berkeley. Also, Healthcare is still a raging topic for those on the Hill. And Women's March tweeting their support to a criminal on the FBI's Most Wanted list.

Duration: 00:45:31

Where do we get our news from? Donald Trump Jr. Controversy. The state of the Media

In this episode we discuss Donald Trump Juniors Russian Involvement, Where we get OUR news from, and where the media stands today in this crazy digital wold.

Duration: 00:33:46

North Korea At It Again, A Look at Planned Parenthood & Charlie Gard's Situation

In this episode we return to Planned Parenthood to have more of an in depth talk about the impact of the organization, we also talk about the recent Missile Launch Test in North Korea, as well as Little Charlie Gard's healthcare issues in the U.K.

Duration: 00:45:15

Episode 6 - U.S. vs Syria, Philando Castile Shooting & More London Terrorism?

In this episode we will cover some of the recent controversy revolving around Syria, Russia, and the United States. Also Trace goes on a passionate spat on the education system, along with much more!

Duration: 00:45:59

Episode 5 - The GOP Shooting, Controversial Video Games, and Alex Jones

In this episode we talk about the shooting at the baseball field that left GOP members/staff injured. The interview between Megyn Kelly and Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones, as well as the E3 Events and the newest games announced!

Duration: 00:38:14

Episode 4 - The London Bridge Attack, A Transgender Track Star, and Dumb Criminals

In this episode we talk about the recent attacks in London and Iran, how a transgender teen won the state track championship, gun ownership rights, and more!

Duration: 00:49:05

Episode 3 - Headless Trump, Covfefe, Disgraced Tiger, Graduating WW2 Vet

Kathy Griffin beheads President Trump, Tiger Woods gets a DUI, and a WW2 Veteran graduates High School, all on This week's episode. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:29:29

Episode 2 - Attack at Grande Concert, Rude Millennials and More!

Welcome to Episode 2 of "Not Your Common Millennials." In this episode we talk about the recent terror attacks in England, how DJT is doing overseas, Zack Snyder leaving the Justice League movie, and Notre Dame students being... Millennials. Let us know what you'd like us to talk about next by emailing ""

Duration: 00:36:46

Episode 1 - Worldwide Malware Attack, Cruel Colbert, Trump & Russia, and Hacking of Disney

Welcome to Episode 1 of "Not Your Common Millennials." In this episode we talk about the recent malware attack, President Trump and Russia, Late Night Talk Shows, and much more! Let us know what you'd like us to talk about next by emailing ""

Duration: 00:59:36