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This is a show that mainly consists of arguments between writer/journalist/Trump-supporter Isaac Simpson and comedian/office drone/failure Charles Disney. Sometimes we argue with each other and sometimes with guests.






White People Problems

Another all over the place podcast as comedian Dan D’Aprile joins the show and everyone shares the origin of their last name. Charles is descended from slaveowners, and Isaac makes the same dumb joke twice. Then three white dudes talk about slavery and the discussion moves on to the limitations of language and inherent East Coast vs West Coast differences when talking about race. Charles floats the idea of changing the term “SJW” to “Tumblr liberal” and then there’s some Trump talk. A little...

Duration: 00:54:49


Isaac and Charles sit down for a one-on-one about Charles’s disastrous recording mistake, the result of which was the loss of a great episode of people listening to and critiquing Isaac’s appearance on a Nazi podcast. More news on The Lost Episode to come. Both further tell stories of past mistakes made and the gut-sinking feeling that results. Then it’s on to a discussion of their recent appearance on Unpopular Opinion (www.unpops.com), and why both Isaac and Charles are lousy guests on...

Duration: 00:55:36

Two Sides of the Google Memo

The Google Memo is everywhere, including on the podcast! Comedians Amanda Cohen and Dan D’Aprile come on to talk about the most exciting workplace document since Charles got suspended! Isaac is on board with the memo but others are unconvinced of its value. Is the memo dated misogynist nonsense or does it raise points worth considering? Why are women underrepresented in tech? Are diversity goals benefiting women and minorities or just hurting white men? Also discussed: people counting...

Duration: 01:06:46

Mass Shootings Happen for a Reason

Isaac’s most recent Medium article proposes that all mass killings happen for the same reason: a breakdown in morality and of the lack of a common code, a function that religion used to fill. Charles and Isaac discuss the specifics of this and whether “globalists” are espousing their own version of religion. Also serial vs. spree killers: which is cooler? Probably serial killers. Isaac’s SJW fixation makes its regular appearance. This is a good episode if you want to hear an argument...

Duration: 00:41:29

Pastor Gas

Lee Barron is back to reveal a weird fact: he is the creator of the famous “Pastor Gas” viral video that’s lived on the Internet forever. Charles and Isaac talk to Lee about how it feels to have your creative output generate income for others, appear on the MTV Movie Awards, and in general be a minor cultural touchstone without seeing any compensation or credit. Also discussed: the connection between Internet humor and 1980s video montage, what constitutes intellectual property theft, and...

Duration: 00:43:31

Give Me Back My Son!

This episode was recorded on Father’s Day, with none other than Isaac’s father Tom Simpson joining the show! A self-described liberal parent, Tom conveys his disappointment in having an “alt-right troll” for a son. Charles shares his 23andMe test results which begins a long discussion on genealogy and whether your family history is worth knowing. Tom talks about a trip to Venice Beach, which resulted in him clearly being scammed. Isaac and Charles get into it on Russia but find common...

Duration: 01:06:13

NYC Sucks

Has New York City lost its magic? That’s the lead in to today’s episode which finds Isaac returned from a trip to Gotham and very displeased with its current state. Both former residents of New York, Isaac and Charles discuss the ways it has changed, from the alleged SJW-ification of the subway to the loss of storefronts to the tech industry slowly gobbling up Manhattan. Then it’s a study on public transportation and the question of whether poor people claim property via sound, why Where...

Duration: 00:46:51

Let’s Listen to Charles’s Awful College Radio Show

Charles had an embarrassingly bad radio show during his freshman year of college, and this episode features cringey audio clips of it which are picked over by Isaac and comedian Erik Escobar. Listen as 18 year old Charles tries hard to be edgy, gives “shoutouts,” and relentlessly steamrolls over his cohost. In true NAHF fashion, this leads to discussions about Elliot Rodger as well as how people present themselves as characters. Email us with your thoughts at chucknjoe@hotmail.com.

Duration: 00:48:39

What Does Right Wing Mean?

It’s Part 1 of a special two part discussion with Anthony Arroyo on the nature of the modern right wing in America. Anthony doesn’t consider himself a right wing intellectual but is interested in right wing ideas. What does “right wing” mean in 2017, and what it does it not mean? Isaac, Charles, and Anthony get deep into frogtwitter, Urbit, technoskepticism, Marx’s bete noire Max Stirner and more! Everyone thinks the left would be healthier if it spent more time engaging in arguments...

Duration: 00:34:20

Libtard Advertising

Ad executive Chris Callahan joins Isaac and Charles for a discussion on advertising. Chris predicts the era of feel-good branding is almost over, and Isaac wonders why so many advertisers seem hell-bent on promoting a liberal agenda when half of their customers might get turned off by such sentinments. The Pepsi ad is naturally dissected, and Chris provides data about who actually buys Pepsi and why Pepsi might have made the ad in the first place. Charles and Isaac yell at each other. Also...

Duration: 01:03:10

Fap-Free Relationships

Should people in relationships avoid self-love? Isaac’s neighbor Jerrod Brewster comes on the show to talk about this very taboo topic! Everyone shares stories about their first time, from Isaac’s Jewish summer camp experiences to Charles’s self-love via a Stephen King book. All of these revelations plus a discussion on whether porn is bad for all relationships and if cheating is always wrong! Keep your hands to yourselves! Music: www.bensound.com

Duration: 00:55:06

Dances With Films

Leslee Scallon is the cofounder of Dances With Films (www.danceswithfilms.com), an independent film festival in Hollywood and the guest for this week’s episode. Leslee gives Isaac and Charles a review of their La La Land episode and provides her own thoughts on this strangely controversial movie. Leslee talks about the origin of Dances With Films and gives some advice for anyone thinking about a making a movie. Charles and Isaac wonder if film festivals have a future and whether too many...

Duration: 00:54:00

Subscribers Only!

A subscribers-only meta-episode! Isaac and Charles talk about podcast items exclusively, including Isaac’s ongoing online battles, our Facebook group Not Huge Fans, and more! The episode concludes with an argument about what the new theme song should sound like as Isaac and Charles critique each other’s music choices: Isaac wants something hard and gritty while Charles wants something silly and whimsical. The conflict is not yet resolved, but they do find one thing they can agree on. Theme...

Duration: 00:43:06

More Nazi Punching

Another round of discussion on the appropriateness of punching Nazis! In the pro-punch corner is returning guest Seth Goldsmith, who situates violence against Nazis as the only way Nazism has been defeated in the past. Isaac provides a definition of fascism that Charles and Seth disagree with. Charles posits the Westboro Baptist Church question again. Isaac makes an odd comparison, and things end with a religious freedom discussion. Music: www.bensound.com

Duration: 00:51:08

To Punch a Nazi

Is it OK to punch Nazis? That’s the subject of today’s episode. TV writer Cameron Johnson (twitter.com/CameronJAwesome) joins the show once again. This time Charles and Isaac are on the same side: you can’t punch anyone just because they’re espousing beliefs with which you disagree. Cameron is on the opposite side: yes, you can! Is punching a Nazi actually a form of self defense, and does the fighting words doctrine apply here? Is this a form of political violence, and how does a liberal...

Duration: 00:35:18

White Fragility

Things start off peacefully as the discussion commences regarding certain creepy Hollywood men and their love of teenage boys. Isaac tells Charles and this week’s guest Cameron Johnson (twitter.com/CameronJAwesome) about his theory on how straight behavior is a choice. However, things slowly go awry as Isaac cannot resist his racial bugaboos and things descend down the usual path of all these arguments: What was the purpose of the Civil War? In what ways are movies like Hidden Figures...

Duration: 00:39:02

delicious tacos

Today’s special guest is cult sex author delicious tacos (www.delicioustacos.com). Tacos talks about his awful job history, which has taken him from McDOnald’s to interning as a 28 year old to horrible Hollywood jobs, and his writing on this topic particularly delights Charles. Tacos also discusses his process and his affiliation with the manosphere, and whether his writing is too vulnerable to be attacked by SJWs. Isaac encourages tacos to merge his two identities (writer and person) into...

Duration: 00:51:07

Cucks Love La La Land

Quite possibly the biggest trainwreck of an episode in NAHF history, this is an hourlong shout and anger fest over our most controversial topic yet: a heartwarming musical about a couple falling in love. Special guests this episode are comedians Heather Marulli and Tony Bartolone. Heather and Isaac hated La La Land, Tony and Charles both enjoyed it. Things get so heated Isaac’s girlfriend Gracie Dixon joins the fracas. This episode also features a twist ending, as Heather realizes with...

Duration: 00:54:42

Impeach Trump, End America

Isaac has a popular article out called “If Trump is Impeached, It Might Be the End of America” (https://medium.com/@IsaacSimpson/if-trump-is-impeached-it-might-be-the-end-of-america-b7a2243399b7), and that serves as the core question of the podcast: would Trump’s impeachment and removal from office cause his supporters to “check out?” Today’s guest is writer Seth Goldsmith, and he and Charles probe Isaac’s thesis. Also discussed: the perennial question of whether Trump has any plan for...

Duration: 00:51:12

Free El Chapo!

This week’s guest is Josh Denny, a comedian and the host of the Food Network show Ginormous Food. He describes his experiences working on the show during its first season and compares his attitude towards success in his thirties versus his attitude in his twenties. Then Isaac and Josh square off on the merits of socialism and libertarianism, respectively, and find an unusual amount of common ground. We discuss methods of taxation, which is more interesting than it sounds, and Josh...

Duration: 00:52:15

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