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Ep. 31 - Norway: Count Grishnackh & The Isdal Woman

Hei, hei! Kate kicks us off with the story of Varg Vikernes, aka ‘Count Grishnackh’, while Georgie looks into the mysterious case of the ‘Isdal Woman’. Join us this week for band rivalries, baffled investigators and a whole lotta fire. Recommended listening this week is the badass ladies over at Oddballs Podcast- go show them some lurrrrve! Ha det bra!


Ep. 30 - Pakistan: Nazir Ahmed & The Murder of Qandeel Baloch

This week we go down the rabbit hole of ‘honour killings’. Kate kicks us off with case of Nazir Ahmed, followed by Georgies account of Fouzia Azeem, better known by the name ‘Qandeel Baloch.’ Join us this week for harrowing family slaughters, media-storms and terribly enforced laws. Recommended listening this week is The Feminine Mistake Podcast!


Ep. 29 - Wales: The Little Riding Hood Murder & The Saturday Night Strangler

Helô, this week we’re off to WALES! Georgie kicks us off in Swansea with the murder of Muriel Drinkwater, aka ‘The Little Red Riding Hood Murder’. Kate stays in the area this week looking at Joseph Kappan, aka ‘The Saturday Night Strangler’. Join us this week for unsolved frustrations, startling similarities and some excellent police…detecting…work. Recommended listening this week is Affirmative Murder! Hwyl!


Ep. 28 - Argentina: The Black Angel & The Murder of Micaela Garcia

¡Hola! This week we’re off to ARGENTINA! Georgie kicks us off with Carlos Eduardo Robledo Puch aka ‘The Black Angel’. Kate then delves into the world of femicides with the murder of Micaela Garcia. Join us this week for some shit men, amazing women followed by us yelling for kindness and compassion! Recommended listening this week is Brodette Nation! ¡Chau!


Ep. 27 - Switzerland: The Murder of Edouard Stern & The Beast of Rupperswil

Grüezi Mitenand! This week we’re off to SWITZERLAND! Kate delves into the realm of the rich and powerful to unfold the murder of Edouard Stern and then Georgie takes us in to every parents worst nightmare with the ‘The Beast of Rupperswil’. Join us this week for S&M, slaying and hiding in plain sight… Recommended listening this week is Nature vs Narcissism! Uf Widerluege!


Ep. 26 - CHRISTMAS: 'The Real Life Dexter' & The Covina Massacre

Ho ho ho! This week we look into Christmassy crimes for the festive period! Georgie kicks us off with the incredibly sad story of the Covina Massacre, California. Then Kate whisks us off to Alaska to tell us about potential(?) serial killer Miranda Barbour; ‘real-life Dexter’. Join us this week for scary Santas, messed up childhoods and killers with a code. Happy Holidays!


Ep. 25 - Egypt: The Murder of Giulio Regeni & The Case of Raya and Sakina

!اهلا و سهلا بيكم! This week we’re off to EGYPT! Kate kicks us off with the terrifying disappearance and murder of Giulio Regeni. Georgie then tells us the infamous and troubling tale of Raya and Sakina. Join us this week for missing persons, major corruption and partners in crime. متشكر اوي!


Ep. 24 - Thailand: The Bikini Killer & See Uey Sae Ung

This week we’re off to THAILAND! Georgie kicks us off with the terrifying tale of Charles Sobhraj ‘The Bikini Killer’. Kate heads over to Prachuap to horrify us with the ‘Legend of the Killer Cannibal’ See-Uey. Join us this week for extensive travelling, cannibalised comrades and preserved predators. Recommended listening this week takes the form of The Cleaning of John Doe & Best Forevers podcast! This episode was sponsored by Sudio Sweden- a lifestyle brand that makes premium headphones...


Ep.22 - Mexico: The High Priestess of Blood & Las Poquianchis

Buenos días! This week we’re off on a big ol’ flight to MEXICO! Georgie sets off to Yerba Buena, home to Magdalena Solis aka the ‘High Priestess of Blood’ (clearly only good things to come guys). Kate then hops over to San Francisco del Rincón, taking a look at the horror houses of the Gonzáles Sisters, aka ‘Las Poquianchis’. Join us this week for blood-sipping sex cults, brothels-come-slaughter-houses and basically the worst people ever. Our recommended pods this week are It's About Damn...


Ep.21 - Mexico: Tiago Henrique Gomes da Rocha & The Vampire of Niterói

Olá! This week, we're off to BRAZIL! Kate takes us to Goiás to unpack the unbridled fury of Thiago Henrique Gomes da Rocha. Georgie then takes us to Rio de Janeiro to tell us the horrors of the The Vampire of Niterói. Join us this week as we travel down to the darkest depths of depravity and rage. Tchau!


Ep.20 - The "Better Late Than Never" Halloween Collaboration Episode!!!

Life...sometimes you're a bit of a bitch. SO due to technical failure, we lost a two hour recording of our original Halloween special. It sucked. BUT the bat signal was raised and our amazing podcast fam came out in force to help us put together this awesome collaboration episode for your ear holes. So many in fact, we couldn't feature them all this time around! A massive thank you to everyone who sent something in, we'll hopefully feature the ones we weren't able to in this ep, in a...


Ep.19 - Ireland: The Master and Slave Case & The Last Witch Burned in Ireland

Dia dhuit! This week we’re off to IRELAND! Kate sets off to beautiful Dublin to unfold the murder of Elaine O’Hara, aka the ‘Master and Slave’ case. George then takes us back in time to County Tipperary to tell us the story of Bridget Cleary or ‘The Last Witch Burnt in Ireland’. Gulp. Join us this week for coercive a**holes, missing persons and some fairy folklore!



Hey bbz. Got sumtin 2 tell u. Listen up. K bai. x


Ep.18 - South Africa: The Screwdriver Rapist & The ABC Murders

Howzit! This week we’re off to SOUTH AFRICA! Kate kicks us off in Johannesburg with the tale of William Friedrich Van der Merwe, aka ‘The Screwdriver Rapist.’ George then takes us to Atteridgeville to tell us the story of Moses Sithole, aka ‘The ABC Murders.’ Join us this week for mutilations, taunting and some BADASS survivors turning the tables…


Ep.17 - Canada: Vincent Li & 'The Boozing Barber'

Oh hey! This week we’re off to CANADA! Kate sets off to Vancouver to tell the story of Gilbert Paul Jordan, aka ‘The Boozing Barber’. Georgie then whisks us off to Manitoba for the horrific case of Vincent Li and the killing of Tim McLean. Join us this week for (and this is coming from us) way too much alcohol, traumatised travellers and a bus full of horror. Ok bye then!


Ep.16 - Turkey: Atalay Filiz & the Murder of Özgecan Aslan

This week we’re off on a jaunt to TURKEY! George kicks us off on the run with the story of Atalay Filiz. Kate then whisks us off to Tarsus to look into the Murder of Özgecan Aslan, as well the action that ensues… Join us this week for killers on the run, terrifying statistics and some galvanised badasses!


Ep.15 - China: Huang Yong & the murder of Wu Shuoyan

你好! This week we strap in for a long ass flight to CHINA! Kate kicks us off in Henan Province with the delusional Huang Yong. Georgie then takes us to Shandong to delve into the The Church of Almighty God and the murder of Wu Shuoyan. Join us this week for home-made murder devices, assassin wannabes and cults galore! 再见!


Ep.14 - Scotland: Peter Tobin & Michael Ross

Hello! This week we take a wee trip to the highlands! Kate kicks us off in Glasgow with the travelling horror show that is Peter Tobin. Georgie then takes us to Orkney Island to unfold the mystery that is Michael Ross aka ‘The Black Watch Murderer.’ Join us for tales of a travelling psychopath, burial grounds and break-out attempts aplenty. Cheers then!


Ep.13 - New Zealand: David Bain & The Parker-Hulme Case

Kia Ora! This week we take a long old trip to stunning New Zealand! Kate kicks us off in Dunedin with the insane story of David Bain. Georgie then whisks us away to Christchurch to tell us about the equally-as-mad 'Parker-Hulme Case.' Join us this week for some crazy trials, an intense (massive understatement) friendship and some excellent life-after-prison stories. Hei konā rā!


Ep.12 - Germany: Jürgen Bartsch & Fritz Honka

Hallo! This week we're off to wonderful Germany! Georgie kicks us off in Hamburg, telling us the utterly gross story of Fritz Honka, before Kate whisks us off to Bonn to tell us all about Jürgen Bartsch, aka 'The Carnival Killer'. Join us this week for some terrible stories (looking at you Jürgen), honking attics and some hardcore douche-baggery! Tschüss!


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