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EP 008 - Losing "Why" and Wanting To Abandon Ship

The thrill and excitement of starting a new health program has slowly faded away and Lana is struggling to hold on to why she started. Lots of uncomfortable feelings are surfacing and Lana is wondering what to do with them! Go see a therapist? Drink a beer? Eat whatever she wants? The struggle is real this episode! "My Friend Fear" by Meera Lee Patel "Big Magic" by Elizabeth Gilbert


EP 007 - Resolutions, Stopping Time, Learning to Stretch and Panic Attacks

Thankfully the holiday season is over and its resolution season! How many of us make resolutions and then quickly drop them a couple days later? Maybe the problem isn't making the resolution, but the type of resolution we are making! Join Lana as she talks about her resolutions, creating a life garden she can sustain, why stretching is more desirable than seeking, and how perfectionism is sabotaging her health efforts. The Art of Stopping Time by Pedram Shojai - Start...


EP 006 - Making Peace: Body Positivity, Oprah & Weight Watchers

Post LapBand removal and Lana is feeling GOOD! While taking a surgical time-out, Lana discovers an article on Body Positivity, Oprah and Weight Watchers that brings peace to some inner turmoil and wanting to be the perfect human. Also, do you feel alone with your struggle to love yourself, appreciate the body you have but know you need to make changes to live a healthier life? You're not alone! Tune in to find out more! Comments or questions? Message Lana at...


EP 005 - Breaking Barriers, How Perfection Kills Progress AND WW Diet or Lifestyle?

Unexpected breakthroughs happened in unexpected places! Join Lana as she discusses how yoga training changed her perspective on health and wellness. Many of us strive for ideal situations, ideal careers, ideal families... and even ideal bodies. Perfectionism isn't our friend. Tune in to hear how perfectionism may be hampering your health and obtaining your goals. Also, do you think Weight Watchers is a diet or a lifestyle? Is there a difference? Does it matter if its a diet? Why is this...


EP 004 - Learning Which Foods You Truly Enjoy & Real Benefits of Exercise

Do you really know which foods you enjoy? Do you really enjoy candy OR do you enjoy candy because you think you're supposed to? Join Lana as she discusses when she realized she didn't like candy and how that changed her perception of special occasions and holidays. Lana was disappointed at this weeks WW meeting, find out why. Also, do you feel like you're the only one who doesn't exercise? Does exercise help you lose weight? Find out the answer to these questions and more on this weeks...


EP 003 - What Aspects of Your Health Improve with Exercise and Nutrition?

Lana is two months in on her journey to live a nourished life. In this episode she talks about how exercise and nutrition have affected her sleep. The importance of sleep. Also, do you view your body as a gift or a curse? Tune in to hear how a simple quote can change how you view your body and your own journey to a healthier life! Music by BENSOUND Connect with Lana


EP 002 - Nourishing Herbal Infusion, Accountability & More

Do you have a hard time remembering to take your vitamins? Looking for something to help you build a strong nutrient foundation for your body? Try nourishing herbal infusions! Tune in as Lana describes what infusions are, how to make them, and the amazing benefits. Also, how do you make changes in your life? Do you instantly know what you need to do to make changes? Lana describes a simple system that helps her make positive changes in her life. Music by BENSOUND...


EP 001 - What is Nourishing Fitness?

Join Lana as she discusses her own journey and why she is on the Nourishing Fitness path. What is the big question that changed everything for Lana? Tune in and connect with Lana at