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MFTP Episode 13: Behind the Scenes of Eff Perfect

Today is the day when Ashley and I (Jenna ) fully come out of the perfectionism / behind the scenes closet. We want to invite you in to learn a little bit more about us and how + why we came to do what we do.


MFTP Episode 12: Go Before You Know with Shannon Kaiser

What do you do when you realize that you’re in the wrong life? That your job, your relationship, your daily existence are out of alignment with who you truly are? Well, if you’re today’s guest Shannon Kaiser, you quit your corporate job in graphic design and start traveling the world as an international writer, speaker, and life coach.


MFTP Episode 11: Go Love Yourself

Love is in the air, and here at Middle Finger to Perfection, that love is self-love! We could not be more excited to bring you this self-love extravaganza today! Self-love is the prerequisite for truly loving others...and allowing them to love you back. So on this day when everyone is focused on love, let’s take a moment to celebrate the most important love of all, the way we love ourselves.


MFTP Episode 10: Know Your Value(s)

On the show today, we’re diving deep into one of our Favorite Things™ (#oprah): VALUES! Truth time, guys… We haven’t always been values queens, but what we lack in years of experience, we make up for in enthusiasm.


MFTP Episode 9: 2018 → Recovering Perfectionists Take Over The World

It’s 2018, and the Eff Perfect fam is back together! Ashley has returned from her New Zealand adventures, and we are so ready to dive into our intentions and goals for the year ahead. Did we mention that recovering perfectionists are taking over the world?


MFTP Episode 8: Eff Resolutions

Can you feel it, babe? The pull of New Year’s energy riiiiiiiight around the corner?? It feels so...seductive. And exciting. There’s just so much possibility in the air. Well, possibility and pressure. And expectation. It can feel like we need to make every life change -- large and small -- that we’ve ever even considered, all at once.


MFTP Episode 7: Doing Hard Things with Megan Dowd

Today’s badass guest, Megan Dowd of Megan Dowd Pilates, definitely subscribes to the belief that challenges are teachers. In fact, she believes that doing hard things is essential to testing the limits of our potential.


MFTP Episode 6: Be More with Melanie Knights

When does wanting more cross the line into striving for perfection? Is it okay to want more when you already have some of what you want, even things others might be lacking? And if it is okay to want more, how the heck to you go after that “more” -- whatever it might be -- without piling on the stress, overwhelm, self-doubt, and self-sabotage? Enter lifestyle development coach Melanie Knights, the originator of #effperfect.


MFTP Episode 5: Grititude

What do you do when life feels more gritty than grateful? In this episode, we explore what gratitude in real life looks like -- grititude, as we like to call it -- and figure out how to incorporate it even when things feel more gritty than grateful.


MFTP Episode 4: Body Love with Jenny Eden Berk

In today’s episode, we are so excited and honored to welcome our very first guest, brilliant Health Coach, Eating Psychology Coach, and author Jenny Eden Berk. Jenny brings her expertise in body love to the show in the form of a mini masterclass on the intersection of perfectionism and body image. Jenny makes body love gentle, fun, and so much simpler than it seems.


MFTP Episode 3: F*ck It Attitude

What’s the difference between giving the middle finger to perfection and having a f*ck it attitude? Is there a difference at all? And is it ever okay to just say f*ck it? In this episode, we’ll be answering these questions and many more as we explore when to put our middle fingers up + power through and when to throw up our hands + say f*ck it.


MFTP Episode 2: Eff FOMO - Choosing consciousness on social media

Gorgeous ones, welcome to Episode 2 of Middle Finger to Perfection! Today’s episode is all about the inevitable FOMO that chases us online and how to avoid Instagram depression by choosing consciousness consumption over mindless scrolling on social media.


MFTP Episode 1: Middle Fingers Up!

Hi, babes! Today, we are officially passing the torch from Nourishing Real Talk to our new podcast love, Middle Finger to Perfection!


Episode 47: Introducing Middle Finger to Perfection

Hey, beauties! Today marks the beginning of an exhilarating new chapter in the Nourishing Real Talk story as we celebrate what’s been and preview what’s to come. In this episode, we are thrilled to share a sneak peek of our new podcast baby, Middle Finger to Perfection.


Episode 46: Ch-Ch-Changes

Hi, lovelies! We’re so excited to be back in your earbuds, car speakers, and beyond! We know we’ve been MIA for -- ahem -- a few weeks, and we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for bearing with us through our unexpected hiatus.


Episode 45: The Freedom of Entrepreneurship with Laura Renner

Hello, gorgeous ones! If you’re still riding high from the freedom vibes of the 4th of July holiday here in the States, then this week’s episode is perfectly timed to help you translate that freedom into all levels of your business and life. We are so excited to bring you today’s guest, Laura Renner of Freedom Makers, and to shine a light on her inspiring, one of a kind business.


*Episode 44: Finding Your Medicine as a Leader with Anna Caroline Türk

Hey, Boss Babes! Today, we are stepping into our unique identities as leaders, and we are so pleased to welcome Anna Caroline Türk of Truth Circles as our leadership sherpa. Join us as Anna Caroline gently guides us toward finding our own medicine as leaders, the secret sauce that only we can offer the world.


Episode 44: Finding Your Medicine as a Leader with Anna Caroline Türk

Hey, Boss Babes! Today, we are stepping into our unique identities as leaders, and we are so pleased to welcome Anna Caroline Türk of Truth Circles as our leadership sherpa. Join us as Anna Caroline gently guides us toward finding our own medicine as leaders, the secret sauce that only we can offer the world.


Episode 43: Brands in the Wild Lessons Learned - Nourishing Real Talk Turns 1!

Hi, beauties! Welcome to our first birthday celebration! In honor of turning 1, we are taking a stroll down memory lane together and sharing our podcasting lessons learned over the past 12 months and 43 episodes.


Episode 42: Eff Perfect with Ashley Looker + Jenna Teague

It’s about to get all kinds of meta up in here as one of us becomes a guest on our very own podcast. In this episode, Lindsey interviews Jenna and former guest, Ashley Looker, about their new collaboration, Eff Perfect.


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