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MFTP Episode 1: Middle Fingers Up!

Hi, babes! Today, we are officially passing the torch from Nourishing Real Talk to our new podcast love, Middle Finger to Perfection!

Duration: 00:45:34

Episode 47: Introducing Middle Finger to Perfection

Hey, beauties! Today marks the beginning of an exhilarating new chapter in the Nourishing Real Talk story as we celebrate what’s been and preview what’s to come. In this episode, we are thrilled to share a sneak peek of our new podcast baby, Middle Finger to Perfection.

Duration: 00:46:12

Episode 46: Ch-Ch-Changes

Hi, lovelies! We’re so excited to be back in your earbuds, car speakers, and beyond! We know we’ve been MIA for -- ahem -- a few weeks, and we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for bearing with us through our unexpected hiatus.

Duration: 00:33:18

Episode 45: The Freedom of Entrepreneurship with Laura Renner

Hello, gorgeous ones! If you’re still riding high from the freedom vibes of the 4th of July holiday here in the States, then this week’s episode is perfectly timed to help you translate that freedom into all levels of your business and life. We are so excited to bring you today’s guest, Laura Renner of Freedom Makers, and to shine a light on her inspiring, one of a kind business.

Duration: 01:19:04

*Episode 44: Finding Your Medicine as a Leader with Anna Caroline Türk

Hey, Boss Babes! Today, we are stepping into our unique identities as leaders, and we are so pleased to welcome Anna Caroline Türk of Truth Circles as our leadership sherpa. Join us as Anna Caroline gently guides us toward finding our own medicine as leaders, the secret sauce that only we can offer the world.

Duration: 01:14:01

Episode 44: Finding Your Medicine as a Leader with Anna Caroline Türk

Hey, Boss Babes! Today, we are stepping into our unique identities as leaders, and we are so pleased to welcome Anna Caroline Türk of Truth Circles as our leadership sherpa. Join us as Anna Caroline gently guides us toward finding our own medicine as leaders, the secret sauce that only we can offer the world.

Duration: 01:14:52

Episode 43: Brands in the Wild Lessons Learned - Nourishing Real Talk Turns 1!

Hi, beauties! Welcome to our first birthday celebration! In honor of turning 1, we are taking a stroll down memory lane together and sharing our podcasting lessons learned over the past 12 months and 43 episodes.

Duration: 00:59:14

Episode 42: Eff Perfect with Ashley Looker + Jenna Teague

It’s about to get all kinds of meta up in here as one of us becomes a guest on our very own podcast. In this episode, Lindsey interviews Jenna and former guest, Ashley Looker, about their new collaboration, Eff Perfect.

Duration: 01:18:01

Episode 41: Maximizing Your Relationship with Money, From the Inside Out with Michelle Atlas

Hello, gorgeous ones! Finally, the day has come for us to have “the talk.” You know the one: the money talk. While the topic of money can often be a heavy and loaded one, our guest, Michelle Atlas of Trust Change, is so skilled at breaking down complex topics and educating us on maximizing our money mindsets that you will leave this week’s episode feeling as light as a feather and so energized to mend your own money mindset.

Duration: 01:21:42

Episode 40: Intuitive Entrepreneurship with Lauren Aletta

Hey, Boss Babes! It’s time to reconnect with what’s within and work outward from there guided by our guest, Lauren Aletta, intuitive, teacher, and writer of Inner Hue.

Duration: 01:38:21

Episode 39: Brands in the Wild - Open House Edition

Hi, beauties! Today, we’re hosting a Brands in the Wild Open House to let you in on all of our behind the scenes branding secrets. We’re pulling back the curtain, inviting you to a sneak peek of badass new project, and spilling the tea on how to take your brand’s “curb appeal” to the next level.

Duration: 01:03:03

Episode 38: Done Is Better Than Perfect with Vana Feliciano

Hello, lovelies! Get ready to let go of unrealistic expectations and learn why presence always trumps perfection with our fellow podcaster and conscious entrepreneur, Vana Feliciano of The Quiet Brave and Quiet Brave radio.

Duration: 01:32:42

Episode 37: Content Creation + The Transformational Power of Storytelling with Kelly Elizabeth Scott

Hey there, gorgeous ones! We are so excited to continue our storytelling theme this week by bringing you an interview that is equal parts entertaining and educational thanks to our guest, Content Coach and Transformational Coach, Kelly Elizabeth Scott.

Duration: 01:37:51

Episode 36: Authentic Storytelling with Janna Marlies Maron

Hi, Boss Babes! Today’s episode is all about telling authentic stories, from our guest’s to our businesses’ and our own. Speaking of, our guest this week is the bright, multitalented Janna Marlies Maron, author, editor, and publisher.

Duration: 01:16:11

Episode 35: Outside the Box Entrepreneurship with Penelope Aelfin

Hey, beauties! We have been counting down the days until we could bring this episode to you. For your listening pleasure, we have a deeply insightful, mega-inspiring, and wide-ranging conversation with the incomparable Penelope Aelfin. Penelope is a long-time student of intuition and the human condition who generously shares her wealth of knowledge + expertise in the human potential and alternative health fields.

Duration: 01:13:06

Brands in the Wild: International Flava

Hi, lovelies! We are so excited to return from our spring break hiatus with a bang -- and another feel-good episode of Brands in the Wild. In this episode, we dip our toes back into the beauty space and then raise a glass to some smartly branded wine.

Duration: 01:05:58

Episode 33: Brands In the Wild

Hello, gorgeous ones! Spring has arrived and so has another freshly picked episode of Brands in the Wild. In this month’s branding digest, we’re taking key branding + marketing concepts into the real world through the lenses of MailChimp’s (way) outside the box new marketing campaign and a selection of intriguing players in the very saturated meal delivery space.

Duration: 01:06:16

Episode 32: From Corporate Exec to Entrepreneur to MLM Diva with Elaine Bacio

Hey there, Boss Babes! We have got a mega-boss (and mega babe!) for you this week, our very own friend and former Fortune 100 corporate exec, Elaine Bacio. Elaine’s warm, down-to-earth approach combined with many years of experience + expertise across her diverse career path makes her uniquely qualified to share hard-won wisdom about how to guide our own careers.

Duration: 01:09:01

Business Strategy + Momtrepreneurship with Chandra Scott

Hi, beauties! It’s time to reclaim your spot on the intentionality train as we sit down with Chandra Scott, business strategist, to chat about designing a life and business around your passions, preferences, and strengths. Chandra also shares her refreshingly uncomplicated approach to balancing entrepreneurship with motherhood, partnerships, relationships, and all of the other important aspects of our lives.

Duration: 01:18:57

Episode 30: Conscious Business + Personal Development with Carol Benson

Hey, lovelies! In today’s episode, we’re taking consciousness and intentionality to the next level by learning how to effectively incorporate them into our businesses. Using her expertise in mindset perspectives and unlocking the communication code for social-emotional intelligence strategies, our guest, Carol Benson of It Doesn’t Feel Like Work, breaks down the ways in which our investments personal development pay direct dividends in our businesses.

Duration: 01:15:30

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