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Episode 14 Cross My Art: Bridging to Community Through Art — ’Startup Story'” (Part 1 of 2)

Mike and Tabea share the incredible story of the vision and genesis for launching “Cross My Art.” Dust Kunkel visits with Mike and Tabea of “Cross My Art” of Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Spokane, a growing mission to the community using artistic mediums to introduce and enrich faith in Christ. Anyone interested in starting something new, or launching a ministry that builds relationships in their community will love this podcast! This is an interview (in two parts) with leaders in the...

Duration: 00:21:36

Episode 13 (2 of 2): The Listening Leader: A Sign of Maturity

Episode 13 (2 of 2): “The Listening Leader: A Sign of Maturity" The difference between “what” and “how.” We know the “what:” the story has a good ending. The challenge is the “how:” what happens between now and then. We spend a lot of time telling people how things ought to be, instead, we should follow Him in the moment with each person. Sometimes, we use Easter as a way to dismiss people and how they feel in their suffering. Instead, let go of coercing, or manipulating people to the...

Duration: 00:17:27

Episode 12 (1 of 2): A Leader Faces The ’S’ Word (Suffering)

Dust and Paul have a conversation about suffering, on Wednesday of “Holy Week” (the week before Easter that includes Maunday Thursday, Good Friday, and Holy Saturday). Our leader knows the destination, but we don’t always see it clearly. The challenge is walking with Him and letting Him direct our walk. Paul shares a story from his youth about trying to avoid suffering. “If you could go back to that 15 year-old Paul, what would you say to him?” I would be there, listen, look for...

Duration: 00:16:43

The Xrossway Story - Building Bridges in Community Through Dance and Fitness

Dust Kunkel sits down with Clint, Chris and Kaeshawn, some of the staff at Xrossway Fitness and Life Center, and learns how ball-room dancing is strengthening community in Twin Falls, Idaho. Also, according to the Xrossway staff, it is fun! This is the first interview (with more to come) with “real-live” leaders in the field in the Northwest (NOW) District. The purpose of these interviews is to lift up good-news stories, and focus on ways we can strengthen our communities. If you laugh a...

Duration: 00:27:11

All-Workers Conference, Oct 17-20, 2017 — “Why These Guys?"

Dr. Bob Newton and Author/Researcher Gabe Lyons are introduced as the plenary speakers for the 2017 All-Workers Conference for the NOW District. Paul and Dust have a brief conversation on the question: “Why these guys?"

Duration: 00:10:03

EPISODE 11 “And Now For Something Completely Different: Joy in Ministry”

Paul and Dust take a side-journey into Joy, and its more than fun! Joy is transcendent. We were made for Joy. A conversation about having joy like a child. The opposite of Joy is fear. Joy is independent of circumstance. Happiness and Joy are not synonyms. We don’t have to be happy about something to be joyful about it. Experiencing Joy is being a “participant-observer” instead of being the “actor.” Time-lapse photography and Joy. Connecting the dots in the painting to find a heart-shaped...

Duration: 00:14:33

Episode 10 “Leading With Love—Wisely Applied Truth in Relationships"

In This Episode: Truth can be used as a weapon to break people, but it is given for healing people. Paul shares a moving family story—restoring someone with a simple question. Healing truth is not passive, it “calls the question” We have a responsibility to pursue the truth, but it requires a humble spirit. Jesus is never surprised, this is your greatest strength because He is in the room with you. Why this family story is so emotional for Paul. Trust God to be the One to draw near and be...

Duration: 00:13:06

Episode 7 “A Leader Says ’Thank You’” (2nd in 3-Part Series)

In this Episode: Who would have thought that “thank you” was so powerful?! Saying “thank you:” how often do I do it? The experience of hearing “thank you” from someone. What “thank you” does to you and me, what it does to the relationship. Dust and Paul take a dive into the deep waters of “thank you” and its transformative power. Practical influences, relational changes, and connection to the Spirit. Even Jesus has feelings about being thanked. Question: “Who are the people you need to say...

Duration: 00:12:32

Episode 5 Dealing with Conflict --What 8th Graders Taught Me!

In this Episode: Who starts their day wanting to be in conflict?! Fight or flight? There is a third way. The leadership of being present, being engaged, and communicating. Practicing confession and forgiveness in an 8th grade classroom. “How have I contributed to this situation?” — go around the circle. A leader answers the question first! A leader models vulnerability. “Empty piety” does not heal relationships, facing sin together and inviting Jesus into the relationship heals it. The...

Duration: 00:14:53

Episode 4 "Let It Go..." (Part 2 of 2)

In this Episode: Arguing with God — Why authoritarian behavior as a leader is counterproductive. Dealing with expectations—the “internal noise” in myself and from others. Leading with an “empty hand” Ministry is not my identity or my role, it's a gift, and it's for a season. Healthy leadership starts with identity and my need for a Savior: Jesus calls me by my name. Jesus sees me, rather than my titles, tags, and expectations. “School’s out for the summer!”: a childlike appreciation for...

Duration: 00:10:17

Episode 2 - “Launching a New Podcast—Helping Leaders Do Their Best Work Together” (Part 2 of 2)

In this Episode: —Continuing the conversation on “helping leaders do their best work together" —Being a “transitional generation” in leadership —What’s a “leader” anyway? —The challenges of geography and living in a secular era. —Leaders are creative in bringing the the good news of Jesus in the Northwest. --Some topics to expect in the future. —Being a blessing instead of seeking a blessing. Question: “What are needs in my community not being filled right now in which my congregation can...

Duration: 00:13:04

Episode 1 “Launching a New Podcast--Helping Leaders Do Their Best Work Together” (Part 1 of 2)

In this episode: —Why are we starting a podcast? —The Gospel is a game-changer for relationships and leadership. —The Northwest District’s focus: helping leaders do their best work together. —What the moon has to say about being a leader who follows Jesus (!) —LCMS congregation structure is “grassroots”.

Duration: 00:13:58