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#140 #DenVsBuf Game Review with Jeff Knight

The Buffalo Bills defense held up holding the Denver Broncos to 16 points, in a Bills 26-10 victory at New Era field. David Palermo’s dear friend, regular season ticket holder, in all the van rides, the myth, the legend, Jeff Knight joins the podcast for some quick hitting thoughts of Bills game day.

Duration: 00:33:38

#139 Nick Pop from Red Pinto Tailgate Joins Calling Out Bad Takes while Previewing Broncos at Bills

The Denver Broncos come to Buffalo to square off against the Buffalo Bills for week three. As always, there’s panic in the streets for a quarterback change, an offensive coordinator change or whatever hot take fits whatever narrative for the week of hot takes. Rallier of Bills fans, The Red Pinto Tailgates own, gem of a human being, Nick Papagelis; calls in to sift through the bullshit. This podcast is why there are podcasts, a rolling unfiltered passionate conversation as Nick is let...

Duration: 01:39:02

#138 “James from Indy” Calls Tim Avery and Dave, Talking Bills First Loss

Tim Avery sits down with David Palermo reviewing the Buffalo Bills first loss versus the Carolina Panthers. “James from Indy” called in with his perspective from Carolina. The call went surprisingly long as James really investigated the pulse of the Panther fans with Carolina North in Buffalo, along with many notes of his own, great call. @JamesBorum

Duration: 01:03:25

#137 Your Favorite Caller “Greg From Rochester,” Joins to Preview Bills at Panthers

Greg from Rochester Ny has called into many Buffalo and Rochester radio shows, sharing some of the brightest takes on Buffalo Bills football. Ironically, Greg is an old wrestling teammate and friend of Daves in high school, who reconnected 15 years later through the Numb Bills Fan Facebook Live shows.

Duration: 00:44:27

#136 Bills Week One Win, McDermott Delivered and Addressing Fan Complaints, with Kevin Massare

Kevin Massare from joined to review the Buffalo Bills Victory over the New York Jets, Coach McDermott trusted the process to a victory in his first debut as a head coach. Bills fans seem to be more keen as armchair talent evaluators, Kevin and Dave address the complaints of Tyrod not throwing deep, and what to do with Marcell if he does not perform; support him. @KevinMassare

Duration: 00:59:25

#135 Season Kickoff! 5 Calls- Drunk Dean, Nick from Red Pinto Tailgate, Kevin Massare Cover One, Kyle from Sirens & Sailors, Paul from The Weight We Carry

Numb Bills Fan Season Kickoff is here! David Palermo called five different Buffalo Bills fans to get a pulse for the upcoming Buffalo Bills Season. Fans of all different junctions of life from super football junkies like Nick Pop, Kevin Massare to the likes of musicians in Dean, Kyle and Paul. -Kevin Massare, Brady and the New England Patriots look mortal, Buffalo Bills vs New York Jets home opener preview, secret parking advice. -Nick Pop from the Red Pinto tailgate gives us a brief...

Duration: 01:48:08

#134 Dissecting the Buffalo Bills Roster Moves with Kevin Massare from

Finally what we have all waited for, week one of the NFL season is finally here. Kevin Massare from & Locked On Bills podcast, joined David Palermo to breakdown the flurry of recent Buffalo Bills roster moves. How will the Bills look Game 1 vs. the New York Jets?

Duration: 00:46:06

#133 The Bills Preseason, Thus Far

Every year watching the Buffalo Bills is another year of, “Can you believe this.” No one could write the story lines from One Bills Drive, but don’t lose your faith, it’s still preseason.

Duration: 00:24:48

#132 Stay Numb, Breathe. Boldin Retires for a Greater Cause

Life as a Buffalo Bills fan has gotten a lot more bizzare as Anquan Boldin retired unexpectedly, to further pursue his humanitarian work for human rights. Dave relates best he can to Anquan and his message, while also addressing erroneous LeSean McCoy trade rumors, and what to expect from the team moving forward.

Duration: 00:45:03

#131 Last Day of Bills Camp in Rochester Ny with Kevin Massare

Day 14 of Buffalo Bills Camp wraps up another training camp in Rochester New York at St. John Fisher College. Kevin Massare joins as we swap thoughts on the Bills recent trades, along with many thoughts on various players, from all of training camp thus far. @KevinMassare

Duration: 00:57:02

#130 Watkins and Darby Traded!? Tom Achille sits Down to Chat

Dave’s mentor Tom Achille joins the podcast last second, not planned, to shoot the skinny on Darby and Watkins being traded… then calls back in, as our emotions settle to really hash it out. Are the Buffalo Bills having a firesale or planning for the future while grabbing better suited pieces to fit their system? @TommyDrywall on IG

Duration: 00:32:48

#129 Boldin Arrives- Bills Camp Day 11, with Kevin Massare

Kevin Massare from joins to talk Bills camp Day 11 as Dave had the sideline view for Grand Stand Sports Network. Anquan Boldin arrived at Bills camp today, and fit right in with the first team offense. Also dove into some early roster predictions, along with hints from Coach McDermott’s presser on playing time for starters for the teams first preseason game. @KevinMassare

Duration: 00:39:22

#128 Day 7 Bills Camp Notes From the Sidelines

David Palermo was back on the sidelines for Buffalo Bills training camp, and rants through some notes. Also touched on Miami Dolphins Quarterback Ryan Tannehill’s injury situation.

Duration: 00:18:55

#127 Day 6 Bills Camp Special Teams is a Real Thing

David Palermo was back on the sidelines for day six of Buffalo Bills training camp on behalf of Some quick thoughts on what Danny Crossman had to say along with who stood out at camp.

Duration: 00:24:02

#126 Day 5 Bills Camp w/ Erik Turner and Kevin Massare from Cover.Net

David Palermo was down on the sidelines for day 5 of Buffalo Bills training camp. Erik and Kevin from Cover1.Net join to talk about multiple camp observations from all three sides of the ball.

Duration: 00:59:10

#125 Day 3 of Buffalo Bills Training Camp, The On Field Perspective

Day 3 Of Bills training camp and David Palermo was on field with an up close and personal vibe of practice. Caught up with Baccari Rambo and Seantrel Henderson from the Buffalo Bills as well. Do not forget to subscribe to the podcast!

Duration: 00:30:06

#124 Tempo Is For Real at First Day of Bills Camp, joined by Kevin Massare.mp3

First impressions from two points of view as Kevin Massare from Cover1.Net had the on field view of Buffalo Bills training camp, and David Palermo had the view from the stands. Podcast dives into the nitty gritty of the first day of camp, the vibe off the bat, the tempo at practice, and the x’s and o’s that we salivated all offseason for. @KevinMassare

Duration: 00:43:33

#123 Riffed on Local Media, Buffalo Bills Camp Battles and More with Tim Avery

With Buffalo Bills Training camp opening this week, our dear friend Tim Avery Joins to talk Bills camp battles, Anquan Boldin visiting the Bills, and riffed on some local media. @NumbBillsFan

Duration: 01:20:20

#122 7-22-17 Eating Crow, What’s Up, Let’s Catch Up, The Future of Numb Bills Fan Podcast!

Big things are happening for Numb Bills Podcast as Punch Drunk Sports Podcast Network is dropping their website soon, we are also joining up with which is a cutting edge way to get cool sports content! Dave also reset eating crow on the Rex Ryan debacle, also how can we support the Buffalo Bills players and coaches; simple encouragement goes a long way. Anquoin Boldin visited the Buffalo Bills, and Dave Gettleman Fired from the Carolina Panthers....

Duration: 00:35:07

#121 Maclin and the Billsfanatics Debacle, What’s up at Bills OTA’s with Kevin Massare from

Kevin Massare from joins to talk Jeremy Maclin siging with the Ravens and the Billsfanatics debacle. Intreresting roster developments after the Buffalo Bills OTA’s wrap up with only a minicamp left before training camp. We comb through every position group to possibly foreshadow the training camp depth chart, but not so fast; its only shorts- no pads. @NumbBillsfan Cover1.Net @KevinMassare

Duration: 01:11:58

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