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#132 Stay Numb, Breathe. Boldin Retires for a Greater Cause

Life as a Buffalo Bills fan has gotten a lot more bizzare as Anquan Boldin retired unexpectedly, to further pursue his humanitarian work for human rights. Dave relates best he can to Anquan and his message, while also addressing erroneous LeSean McCoy trade rumors, and what to expect from the team moving forward. NumbBillsFan.com PunchDrunkSports.com GrandStandSportsNetwork.com

Duration: 00:45:03

#131 Last Day of Bills Camp in Rochester Ny with Kevin Massare

Day 14 of Buffalo Bills Camp wraps up another training camp in Rochester New York at St. John Fisher College. Kevin Massare joins as we swap thoughts on the Bills recent trades, along with many thoughts on various players, from all of training camp thus far. NumbBillsFan.com PunchDrunkSports.com GrandStandSportsNetwork.com Cover1.net @KevinMassare

Duration: 00:57:02

#130 Watkins and Darby Traded!? Tom Achille sits Down to Chat

Dave’s mentor Tom Achille joins the podcast last second, not planned, to shoot the skinny on Darby and Watkins being traded… then calls back in, as our emotions settle to really hash it out. Are the Buffalo Bills having a firesale or planning for the future while grabbing better suited pieces to fit their system? NumbBillsFan.com PunchDrunkSports.com GrandStandSportsNetwork.com @TommyDrywall on IG

Duration: 00:32:48

#129 Boldin Arrives- Bills Camp Day 11, with Kevin Massare

Kevin Massare from Cover1.net joins to talk Bills camp Day 11 as Dave had the sideline view for Grand Stand Sports Network. Anquan Boldin arrived at Bills camp today, and fit right in with the first team offense. Also dove into some early roster predictions, along with hints from Coach McDermott’s presser on playing time for starters for the teams first preseason game. NumbBillsFan.com GrandStandSportsNetwork.com PunchDrunkSports.com @KevinMassare Cover1.net

Duration: 00:39:22

#128 Day 7 Bills Camp Notes From the Sidelines

David Palermo was back on the sidelines for Buffalo Bills training camp, and rants through some notes. Also touched on Miami Dolphins Quarterback Ryan Tannehill’s injury situation. NumbBillsFan.com GrandStandSPortsNetwork.com PunchDrunkSports.com

Duration: 00:18:55

#127 Day 6 Bills Camp Special Teams is a Real Thing

David Palermo was back on the sidelines for day six of Buffalo Bills training camp on behalf of GrandStandSportsNetwork.com. Some quick thoughts on what Danny Crossman had to say along with who stood out at camp. NumbBillsFan.com PunchDrunkSports.com

Duration: 00:24:02

#126 Day 5 Bills Camp w/ Erik Turner and Kevin Massare from Cover.Net

David Palermo was down on the sidelines for day 5 of Buffalo Bills training camp. Erik and Kevin from Cover1.Net join to talk about multiple camp observations from all three sides of the ball. NumbBillsFan.com Cover1.net GrandStandSportsNetwork.com PunchDrunkSports.com

Duration: 00:59:10

#125 Day 3 of Buffalo Bills Training Camp, The On Field Perspective

Day 3 Of Bills training camp and David Palermo was on field with an up close and personal vibe of practice. Caught up with Baccari Rambo and Seantrel Henderson from the Buffalo Bills as well. Do not forget to subscribe to the podcast! NumbBillsFan.com PunchDrunkSports.com GranStandSportsNetwork.com

Duration: 00:30:06

#124 Tempo Is For Real at First Day of Bills Camp, joined by Kevin Massare.mp3

First impressions from two points of view as Kevin Massare from Cover1.Net had the on field view of Buffalo Bills training camp, and David Palermo had the view from the stands. Podcast dives into the nitty gritty of the first day of camp, the vibe off the bat, the tempo at practice, and the x’s and o’s that we salivated all offseason for. @KevinMassare NumbBillsFan.com GrandStandSportsNetwork.com PunchDrunkSports.com

Duration: 00:43:33

#123 Riffed on Local Media, Buffalo Bills Camp Battles and More with Tim Avery

With Buffalo Bills Training camp opening this week, our dear friend Tim Avery Joins to talk Bills camp battles, Anquan Boldin visiting the Bills, and riffed on some local media. NumbBillsFan.com @NumbBillsFan PunchDrunkSports.com GrandStandSportsNetwork.com

Duration: 01:20:20

#122 7-22-17 Eating Crow, What’s Up, Let’s Catch Up, The Future of Numb Bills Fan Podcast!

Big things are happening for Numb Bills Podcast as Punch Drunk Sports Podcast Network is dropping their website soon, we are also joining up with GrandStandSportsNetwork.com which is a cutting edge way to get cool sports content! Dave also reset eating crow on the Rex Ryan debacle, also how can we support the Buffalo Bills players and coaches; simple encouragement goes a long way. Anquoin Boldin visited the Buffalo Bills, and Dave Gettleman Fired from the Carolina Panthers....

Duration: 00:35:07

#121 Maclin and the Billsfanatics Debacle, What’s up at Bills OTA’s with Kevin Massare from Cover1.net

Kevin Massare from Cover1.net joins to talk Jeremy Maclin siging with the Ravens and the Billsfanatics debacle. Intreresting roster developments after the Buffalo Bills OTA’s wrap up with only a minicamp left before training camp. We comb through every position group to possibly foreshadow the training camp depth chart, but not so fast; its only shorts- no pads. NumbBillsFan.com @NumbBillsfan Cover1.Net @KevinMassare PunchDrunkSports.com

Duration: 01:11:58

#120 Erik Turner from Cover1.Net joins talking Buffalo Bills Front Office

Most of the dust has settled on the front office staff hirings at One Bills Drive. Erik Turner from Cover1.net joins to help get us a feel for how the front office hirings have shaped up. Cover1.net @Cover1Bills NumbBillsFan.Com @NumbBillsFan

Duration: 00:34:16

#119 The No Fun League is Trying to be Fun, Rule Changes for 2017

The No Fun League aka NFL loosened up its penalties for touchdown celebrations, also overtime is now shortened to ten minutes. Also a few more rule changes for the 2017 NFL season get discussed! NumbBillsFan.com @NumbBillsFan PunchDrunkSports.com

Duration: 00:41:14

#118 Kevin Elliot from Bar Room Heroes Podcast Talks LA Rams, Leaving and Returning.

Kevin has a super interesting perspective as a sports fan that relates to Buffalo Bills fans. What is it like having your favorite sports team leave it’s hometown and come back? Make sure to subscribe to Kevin’s podcast Bar Room Heroes on Itunes, which is part of the Punch Drunk Sports Podcast Network. PunchDrunkSports.com NumbBillsFan.com @PunchDrunk @KEcomedy @NumbBillsFan

Duration: 00:36:11

Numb Bills Fan Live 5-10-17, Brandon Beane Lands Bills General Manager Job

Audio from Facebook Live session when Brandon Beane was named The Buffalo Bills brand new General manager. This was before Brandon Beane has a presser, next podcast will be a follow up with his new staff members that he has recruited to join him with the Bills. NumbBillsFan.com Bills4Life.com @NumbBillsFan

Duration: 00:26:03

Numb Bils Fan LIVE - 5-3-17

Dave and Adam from Numb Bills Fan were Live on Facebook for our weekly video edition - discussing the Bills draft, the firing of GM Doug Whaley and the scouting staff and the team’s decision to pass on Sammy Watkins’ 5th year option. Join us LIVE every Wednesday for some interactive Bills talk, Like our page to join the conversation Facebook.com/NumbBillsFan For more content check out our channel and our website: NumbBillsFan.com Follow @NumbBillsFan on Twitter and Instagram! Subscribe...

Duration: 01:01:12

#117 Doug Whaley & Crew Out, Review of Coach McDermott’s Draft

The Nfl Draft happened and the Buffalo Bills moved around to acquire equity, along with seemingly “common sense” players. We dissect Doug Whaley and his entire scouting staff being relieved of their duties. What’s next for the Pegulas and the General Manager search? NumbBillsFan.com @NumbBillsFan @NumbBillsAdamD PunchDrunkSports.com Bills4Life.com

Duration: 01:11:54

Numb Bills Fan LIVE! More draft talk and new front office rumors emerge!

Audio from Dave and Adam’s Weekly FACEBOOK LIVE webcast proudly presented by the fine folks at Bills4Life.com! It’s the night before the draft, we weigh the options and discuss wether we should draft to fill needs or take the best guy available. News broke today that the Bills scouting office might get kicked to the curb following the draft, are the Pegulas ready to clean house like they did with sabres? More importantly, is now the right time to do so? NumbBillsFan.com @NumbBillsFan...

Duration: 00:40:40

#116 Buffalo Bills Draft With Kevin Massare, Sell Us On A Pass Catcher.

Kevin Massare from Cover1.net graciously joined Adam and Dave for another podcast. Following Bills updates, Kevin lays down the hammer to draft a great pass catcher, whether thats receiver or tight end. How would you react if the Bills draft a running back round one? Names to not be shocked if they are selected at the ten spot. NumbBillsFan.com @NumbBillsFan @NumbBillsAdamD @KevinMassare Cover1.Net PunchDrunkSports.com Come hang with us for the draft April 27th and 28th at Thurman’s 34...

Duration: 01:41:15

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