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N2P 023: Awkward Moments, Suicidal Dogs, and Thanksgiving Thoughts

Number Two Cuz tells why the podcast recording was pushed back a bit. Tello teases Lourdes about her son getting head trauma from playing football. Lourdes tells the story of how she and her family were inspired from our last […]

Duration: 01:21:03

N2P 022: Work Drama, Thor Ragnarok, and Being A Toys r Us Kid

Number Two Cuz tells us about some workplace drama she recently witnessed. Lourdes and Tello talk about minor racist encounters, and more workplace drama. Lourdes asks Tello if he has friends at work. Lourdes tries to find a replacement for, […]

Duration: 01:14:59

N2P 021: Halloween Memories, Password Game, and Stranger Things 2

Number Two Cuz gives us a quick update on her “Very Close Veins” and other leg ailments. We have a brief discussion on the origin of Halloween, but as usual, we get distracted and drift off topic. Lourdes and Tello […]

Duration: 01:10:13

N2P 020: Hibachi Dinner, Dealing With Family Loss, and Kids Growing Up Fast

Number Two Cuz has a scheduled “lady checkup,” and she discovers something about her legs that she doesn’t like. Shirtless Luis makes a surprise cameo. We get an update on Fave Cuz’s foot after she hurt herself playing football with […]

Duration: 00:59:29

N2P 019: Lunch Budgets, Kids, and GEDs

Tello has gone over budget on his lunch spending this week, and one place in particular upset him with what they offered. Number Two Cuz reluctantly gets her nails done, but one of her daughters offers to pay. Lourdes decides […]

Duration: 01:28:29

N2P 018: Listener Updates, Mexican Birthday Parties, and Stupid Internet Questions

We start off with Tello criticising Lourdes’ curtains, but we soon segue into some fan updates. We finally get some positive feedback from Number Two’s children. Number Two prepares for her first non-Mexican birthday party, and we talk about some […]

Duration: 01:08:24

N2P 017: Family Rivalries and Anniversary Celebration

Number Two Cuz tells us about a review of the show that she got in person, and Tello takes some offense to it. Then Lourdes tells the adventures she had trying to find her History class on the first day […]

Duration: 01:23:40

N2P 016: Family Gathering

Lourdes and Tello do a rare podcast together in front of a live audience (their relatives). Unfortunately the visit was to mourn the passing of their Aunt Marcela. Tello was also in town to check on his mother and the […]

Duration: 01:01:07

N2P 015: Hurricane Harvey and Tragic Family Loss

Number Two Cuz and Tello start off by recounting a disturbing text message conversation they had before the show started. After the poop talk, Lourdes tells us about the devastation that was Hurricane Harvey. Currently Beaumont is still without dependable, […]

Duration: 01:31:47

N2P 014: Mother-in-Law Issues and Family Phone Calls

Number Two Cuz and Tello begin with a tangent about psychotherapy and the potential benefits. Number Two Cuz talks about some issues she’s having with her mother-in-law. It might not be the typical issues, but she has to find a […]

Duration: 01:19:42

N2P 013: Ghost Poops, Tithing Troubles, and Grown Kids

Tello recalls a supernatural encounter he had with an odor that was distinct to his late grandfather. And Number Two reminisces about scratching their grandfather’s bald head. We get another health updated from Number Two Cuz, and hopefully it’s good […]

Duration: 01:04:10

N2P 012: Show Feedback, More Health Concerns, and Scary Stories

We start off the show with some feedback that we got from our family members who listen to the show. Tello talks about living his first week on a budget and the problems he faced staying on target. Along with […]

Duration: 01:28:23

N2P 011: Friday Night Adventures, Getting out of Debt, and Parental Problems

Number Two Cuz tells the story of her misadventures Friday night, or was that Saturday morning? Tello tells his hopes and plans of redemption from staggering student debt through the teachings of Dave Ramsey. Number Two Cuz and Tello talk […]

Duration: 01:26:18

N2P 010: Worst Jobs, Handsome Jesus, and Parenting Problems

Lourdes and Tello talk about some of the worst jobs they’ve had. Lourdes talks about the time she almost got cosmetic surgery. Tello confronts Lourdes about a comment she made about his man boobs on the last episode, and Lourdes […]

Duration: 01:25:10

N2P 009: What Do You Like About Your Family (w/ Special Guest Aunt Mary)?

We start off with a small tribute to the late George Romero. Romero is best known for directing Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and Day of the Dead, but his impact on popular culture and the […]

Duration: 01:03:03

N2P 008: Motivation, Habits, and Discipline

Number Two Cuz gives us an update on her fissure situation. We talk about motivation, and why we sometimes wait for something bad to happen before we’re motivated to take care of ourselves.

Duration: 01:14:15

N2P 007: What Are Our Future Hopes?

Number Two Cuz tells us about her 4th of July getaway, and then she gives us some sad news about her ugly dog, Sandy. We talk about our hopes for our future and our family’s future, and also the struggles […]

Duration: 01:06:37

N2P 006: What Did You Want To Be?

Number Two Cousin gives us an update on her troublesome bottom. I made it back to my hometown for my brother’s anniversary, and I got to spend a little – very little – time with Number Two Cousin and the rest of the family. Then we talk about what we wanted to be when we … Continue reading "N2P 006: What Did You Want To Be?"

Duration: 00:59:41

N2P 005: Sad Family News

We discuss the sad news of our aunt’s recent diagnosis. We reflect on the passing of our grandparents and what a turbulent time that was for certain family members. This episode isn’t the fun we usually have, but we try and squeeze some levity into the conversation when we can. Ultimately we keep our aunt, … Continue reading "N2P 005: Sad Family News"

Duration: 00:50:22

N2P 004: Rhoid Rage, Superstitions, and Puberty Problems

Number Two Cuz thinks she might have to have surgery on a very sensitive area because she is suffering from “Rhoid Rage.” We talk about some of the superstitions we grew up with, and what we believe today. There’s a bad kid in the neighborhood who is terrorizing Number Two’s dog, and she’s not quite … Continue reading "N2P 004: Rhoid Rage, Superstitions, and Puberty Problems"

Duration: 00:54:17

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