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A podcast to provide some respite from the reality of the headlines during your commute. Music, stories, interviews, and musings.

A podcast to provide some respite from the reality of the headlines during your commute. Music, stories, interviews, and musings.
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A podcast to provide some respite from the reality of the headlines during your commute. Music, stories, interviews, and musings.






Movies- Toggles And Suits

The next three episodes all take a peek behind the curtain of filmmaking, not only to speak to people who are involved in different aspects of the craft; but also as a great excuse for some movie music. This episode, we chat with special effects artist Juan-Luis Sanchez about what inspired his career in the film industry, as well as finding out about his work on films like Gravity and Paddington. He talks about the challenges and demands of the work and and also shares some of his favourite...

Duration: 01:02:36

Help the Ageing

When times are challenging, we often take refuge and comfort from our past, from brighter memories. How does this affect our 'now' and how we see the future? How we think about ageing may change as we get older and might be completely different to how we thought about the future when we were younger. Sometimes this makes us protective of our past, even if what we're protecting is a shared moment of pop culture. More info and links at Title music: I Dunno (Grapes of Wrath...

Duration: 00:45:44

Donkeys And Gossip

The internet has taught us many things, from the enduring popularity of cats; to the word saving eloquence of a well used GIF. Something else the internet has shown to be true is that people are suckers for a well-meaning saying. If it can be photoshopped onto a nice landscape picture then all the better. This episode considers 5 proverbs from around the world that be full of wisdom or could equally have been the late night ramblings of the last guests at your party. More info and links at...

Duration: 00:36:27

Why can't we do what we want?

It can be surprising sometimes when we find our voice, especially when we didn't know we're looking for it. Musician Mark Elliott joins us to talk about identifying his own voice and style and how for him, there was no such thing as natural talent - just obsessive practice. He also reveals the cost of pursuing a dream. Two short stories also show some different approaches to finding your voice. There is also a handy strategy to save time finding what to watch on Netflix courtesy of the...

Duration: 00:56:11

Career Diner

How do you accidentally write a novel? It sounds easier than you'd imagine actually. Writer Helen Cox talks about career changes, finding your voice, and...Scottish pantomime? Also in this episode, deja vu, cautionary tales about advice, and earworms. More info and links at Title music: I Dunno (Grapes of Wrath mix) by Spinning Merkaba Creative Commons license: Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

Duration: 00:59:42

Space Holiday

When people say "a change is as a good as a rest", what scale of change do you think they mean? For some of us, the slightest change can be quite stressful, just as any type of trip can bring its own anxieties for others. This episode uses the phenomenally mediocre film Passengers as a starting point to talk about everything from the benefit of holidays, being alone for 100 years, fish finger sandwiches, and Fleetwood Mac. More info and links at Title music: I Dunno...

Duration: 00:38:08

Winter Ink

The changing of the seasons can have a significant impact on us. How are you affected by the approach of winter? These moments of change seem like a good time for reflection and to consider the stories we tell with ink - both on the page and on our bodies. Because winter is perfect for storytelling, right? Our special guest today is novelist and nature writer Melissa Harrison who talks to us about the narrative of her tattoos. We also have two readings from the book Winter Anthology that was...

Duration: 00:50:04


How do you pass the time on your commute? Go on, admit it, you have a little daydream, right? It's ok, you're amongst friends here. Let's talk about why daydreaming is actually good for you and how it can help us in all sorts of ways - science says so. In this first episode, we're joined by writer Josie George to talk about the positivity of daydreaming and also to learn about the envelope of wonder and curiosity that Josie posts out each month. Alongside some ponderings on memory, we also...

Duration: 00:51:05

OK Commuter

The world is increasingly noisy with breaking headline alerts, social media, 24hour news channels, and just the general thrum of everyday activity. OK Commuter is a podcast to provide a little comfort blanket of conversation, music, and ponderings to ease your commute. That said, you can still enjoy the show from the comfort of your home with a brew and some biscuits. This short introduction episode previews some of the guests and interviews to give you a flavour of season 1, which will be...

Duration: 00:11:41