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Meet the fans of the MORE Broadcasting network. If you love The Mike O’Meara Show, Tech411, and Robb Radio, listen to host Marcus Certa and his guests as they talk about these shows with clips, personal stories, and much more.

Meet the fans of the MORE Broadcasting network. If you love The Mike O’Meara Show, Tech411, and Robb Radio, listen to host Marcus Certa and his guests as they talk about these shows with clips, personal stories, and much more.
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South Burlington, VT


Meet the fans of the MORE Broadcasting network. If you love The Mike O’Meara Show, Tech411, and Robb Radio, listen to host Marcus Certa and his guests as they talk about these shows with clips, personal stories, and much more.






#206 - Missy Booker

Booker? I barely know her. Missy Booker guests this week and she is into everything. So we have fun discussing The Mike O'Meara show, Political Persuasions, Rob and Joe Show, The Tony Perkins Show with Gary Stein, and MORE Broadcasting. She gets Oscar and explains some of his behavior. Larry King, Gramps, a waitress, and Bill O'Reilly get talked about on this episode. Thanks for listening.

Duration: 01:09:32

#205 - Dan O'Brien

The Mike O'Meara Show intern, Dan O'Brien, joins OMC this week to discuss the work, Adrian, NOLA, and the other shows of MORE Broadcasting. We hit the new show to MORE Broadcasting, Political Persuasions with co-hosts, Mike O'Meara and Chris Frates. Dan and Marcus discuss mistakes, assertion, and pot. Get more insight into what Dan is doing, wants to do, and lots of teasing. We also play clips from The Rob and Joe Show and TMOS.

Duration: 01:22:45

#204 - Jim's Thanksgiving Special

Jim Amato is back at the helm of the Good Ship O'MearaCast while Marcus Certa is enjoying the holidays in The Windy City. This week, a Jim cooks up a Thanksgiving episode with his special guest Tony Lam as they share memories of past holidays, shingles, and finances. Along with loads of fun from TMOS, Cake & Cookies, Rob & Joe, and The Bonus Show. It the perfect show to listen to as you hit the road to Grandma's!

Duration: 01:18:18

#203 - Robb Spewak and No-No

This week, Marcus and Robb talk about The Mike O'Meara Show Live in New Orleans. find out No-No's back story. Robb talks about his feelings and some other behind the scene's details of his upcoming cruise. We obviously can't help but discuss food and drink. Robb talks about his Dad, HBS. We talk about his future and past. It is a lot of ground with a good dose of Robb humor.

Duration: 01:11:17

#202n - Left Behind

While most of TMOS Nation is celebrating in The Big Easy, Jim Amato is back in the Steel City Studios cookin’ up this week’s O’MearaCast. His special guest is Jay Clyde, who moderates the TPGS Fan Club and the TMOS Elite Whiskey Society on Facebook. This week Jim and Jay share their love of Bourbon, TMOS, and Pirates (the baseball kind). Plus, listen for surprises from NOLA and some neat facts about Jim!

Duration: 00:22:43

#201 - NOLA and Gary Stein

SDM comes on the show to discuss some of the special NOLA events happening around the TMOS Live Show. Also, he shares a new project, TMOS Gives. But, for the main attraction... Gary Stein. The beloved co-host of The Tony Perkins Show featuring Gary Stein. Gary and Marcus get into who Gary is. Man, Husband, PI, Real Estate Agent, Jew, Producer, Actor, Bartender, and much much more. For those who listen to his show, you will hear something new. If you haven't heard TPGS, then you will...

Duration: 01:30:39

#200 - MOM and TP

Mike O'Meara sits down with Marcus to discuss The Mike O'Meara Show. What is the new Oscar like? Any plans for TMOS in NOLA? Would he go back to radio? Tony Perkins also joins the show this week. Tony shares his thoughts on news, RoFo, Gary, and the The Tony Perkins Show featuring Gary Stein.

Duration: 01:13:52

#199 - Scissor Show

Marcus and Jim are together again to discuss Marcus' misstep. Also, we cover the Wedding Show. Social Media craziness is a thing, and the reality of real estate. We've got clips from The Mike O'Meara Show, The Rob and Joe Show, and The Tony Perkins Show featuring Gary Stein. And, Tim Gunn, Pirates, and weak teak.

Duration: 01:11:54

#198 - Bubbles

John Crandal, the creator of the latest TMOS Wine Enthusiast Club promo, is our guest this week. The week started off on the wrong foot because of "The World". But, The Mike O'Meara show is one track with burps, weddings, and Mac. Rob and Joe Show can't do it without Robby with a sprinkling of Scott Apple.

Duration: 01:02:37

#197 - Matthew Preissner

The Founder of The TMOS Beer Enthusiast Club is this week's guest, and we have a blast. Matt tells us how he got into The Mike O'Meara Show. We find out a little more about beer and hard seltzer. We discuss the interviews this week with Bill O'Reilly, Atticus Shaffer, and Nicky Diamond. Katie reveals more about the Sternberg incident, how to tell your friends you getting freaky, and how to reach high places. Tom Arnold has nothing on Joe Robinson. Joe is willing to experiment with Rob's...

Duration: 01:22:02

#197 - 3 Days on the Florida Trail

The past week on the MORE network was hilarious and infamous TMOS nudge Courtney Calkins sits at the mic with Mark Swanson and recall the past week of shows. On this episode The Mike O’Meara show, The Tony Perkins show and The Rob and Joe Show provide many laughs and provoke many fun conversations. Plus 2 clip cavalcades to remember the fun we heard all week.

Duration: 00:52:40

#196 - Jim and Dirk

Jim Amato is behind the wheel. His co-pilot is the Mayor of TMOS-ville, Dirk Vastrick. This week they cover the aftermath of Irma, the sound of TMOS, and Oscar's upcoming bachelor weekend in Vegas. Plus we do our best Arch Campbell impressions, have a couple of special guests, and debut a brand new TMOS promo. Call the neighbors, and wake the kids, this is an O'MearaCast you don't want to miss!

Duration: 01:36:57

#195 - Ken Rogers

Ken joins Marcus this week to discuss all the shows on MORE Broadcasting. The big story has been Hurricane Irma and how it is affecting Mike and the TMOS community. We talk about the escape from Irma, Chateau Von Hermann, and what may happen if everything is blown away. Rob and Joe get into a scuffle, but Gramps is risking his life. Gary got a weird client and a dead cat. How do we deal with these kinds of things? Robb shares a real weird meatball recipe. Would you like what Dan listens to?

Duration: 01:14:44

#194 - MFM

Marcus, Merle, and Jim give you a threesome of MORE Broadcasting conversation. They discuss a variety of topics brought up on The Mike O'Meara Show, Rob and Joe Show, and The Tony Perkins Show. Should Dr. Gil just give up? Happy Birthday, Tony! BTW, Tony Perkins is a cheap date. Mike and Marcus go to the ballpark and it comes back to the show. Robb and Marcus face off. This and much, much more.

Duration: 01:36:09


Jim Amato is holding down the fort this week from the Steel City Studios while Marcus watches the Red Sox with Mike O’Meara. Jim’s special guest is P-1 Scott Spindler from Mars, PA. (Yes, there is such a place.) Both are proud graduates of Clarion University of Pennsylvania, and there’s an interesting story about their time there. This week Mike sailed the high seas on a Lobster Boat. Oscar was showered with gifts. Pony talked with his hero, Bruce Campbell, and Cory Blaze visited The Tony...

Duration: 01:22:58

#192 - What's a Mango?

Jim and Marcus cover this week in MORE Broadcasting. There are some hurt butts over donuts and dates. We have some fun with trucks and Cary. Jason Weems and Willie Geist come around for a few laughs and surprises. The laughter could kill you. We show love to all the shows on MORE Broadcasting including The Rob and Joe Show, The Tony Perkins Show, and Cake & Cookies. Mike O'Meara has us in stitches over All The President's Men.

Duration: 01:12:59

#191 - B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Fred and Brett return to guest-host O'MearaCast. This week we're breaking our Maine maps in hopes of finding the right Buck’s Harbor. We're hitting the road to find Robb’s elusive soda machine and hope to try his much celebrated orange cream soda. We're testing the efficiency of intern Dan’s banana peeling methods. Plus we're reviewing the Maine community calendar in an effort to help The O’Meara’s find their next adventure, and Pony’s non-sequitur of the week!

Duration: 01:00:35

#189 - MORE Cruise

Marcus and Jim discuss the week in MORE Broadcasting. We discuss reunions, whiskey, and voices. Robby blows up. Robert is having a hard time with his phone. The eagles are a plenty. Who wants a MORE Broadcasting cruise? Should Oscar have kids?

Duration: 01:21:55

#188 - Live (on tape) From The Steel City

Marcus is on vacation this week, and the lovely Jim Amato is holding down the fort. There are two big announcements from two different Rob(b)s. Mike has a lackluster 4th of July. Katie hates her laugh, and we finally hear the conclusion of RoFo's "Great Gatsby" story. Plus, there's rants about the weather, TV news, and old school technology as well as a few surprises. Jim's special guest is P1 Importer/Exporter Chris Pontani of Claymont, Delaware.

Duration: 01:27:07

#187 - Off with a Bang

MORE Broadcasting celebrated the Fourth of July with a short week, but it started with a bang. Not too loud though because Oscar has a hangover. Did Robb's Fourth go better? Oscar versus the dead rodent continues. Cake & Cookies have puppy stories. Robb rants on watermelon. Gary Stein shared on The Tony Perkins Show his second head, and that he is easily offended about his clothing choices. Tony is in a book about the Beatles. The Gatsby story begins. Will it ever end? Hear about Oscar's...

Duration: 00:40:13

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