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Every day thousands of Sheffield Wednesday fans come together to discuss all things about the Owls, and more random subjects. As the biggest, busiest and best SWFC forum with many different and diverse viewpoints there is always plenty to talk about, and that is what we try to do in the Owlstalk: The Sheffield Wednesday Fans Podcast! Sometimes we have to put the football to one side and talk about the people that make our club and community what it is: the fans. Feel free to get involved and post your feedback, thoughts and contributions on the forums at owlstalk.co.uk!






Episode 136 of 16: Where are we? The Sheffield Wednesday fan's podcast is back!

The return of the number one Sheffield Wednesday fans podcast from Owlstalk. Did you miss us? Neil and James are back for an ALL NEW OWLSTALK SWFC FANS PODCAST. We are back in the kitchen in pants, we have the same old sounds, we have the same old topics and nothing really has changed.! This week, we talk about where we've been since September. What happened to the missing 120 or so episodes? We look back on last season, and look forward to next season with information about Owls in the Park...

Duration: 00:30:30

15: Slamming the transfer window shut on Dot Cotton! (in association with Toolmakers Studio)

Neil and James are back for an ALL NEW OWLSTALK Sheffield Wednesday Podcast. We have a new recording studio, we have some new sounds, we have some new topics and we have a NEW, LIVE THEME TUNE! This week, we talk about the transfer window SLAMMING shut and SWFC's nine signings, including club-record signing Adam Reach, post-transfer window capture Urby Emanuelson and previous newbies Kean, Sasso, Pudil, Jones, Abdi, Fletcher and Buckley. We have an update on the state of the Owls...

Duration: 00:55:33

13: SWFC v Hull City Championship Play-Off Final! ...with Pie and Peas?

WE'RE ON OUR WAY BACK! WE'RE ON OUR WAY BACK! WE'RE [OWLSTALK: THE SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY FANS PODCAST]! WE'RE ON OUR WAY BACK! Admit it, you missed us! We're here again just in time for the build up to the BIG game: Sheffield Wednesday face up to Hull City at Wembley in the Championship Play Off Final! Who will win the big prize to the Premier League - here's our thoughts. There's the usual madness. Neil gets out his Keyboard again. We talk memories of Cardiff 2005, including a very smelly...

Duration: 00:59:06

12: The promotion party starts here?

A look back on the MK Dons and Derby matches, a look forward to the Cardiff party, a tribute to Prince, musical madness, crazy games and a mouthful of salt. This can only be Owlstalk: The Sheffield Wednesday Fans Podcast! About Owlstalk The Sheffield Wednesday Fans Podcast: Every day thousands of Sheffield Wednesday fans come together to discuss all things about the Owls, and then more random subjects. As the biggest, busiest and best SWFC forum with many different diverse viewpoints there...

Duration: 01:09:15

11: Did Garrido shoot first? Or; The breakfast of Legends!

Episode 11 of the Owlstalk Sheffield Wednesday Fans Podcast! It is Episode 11. The eleventh Episode. Episode eleven. Better Butter. Neil has been stealing hotel toiletries and using shampoo, but not in the traditional method. He has also been eating the breakfast of legends. A big week of SWFC news and we skirt over all of it, including the 1-1 Draw against Ipswich Town at home, Fernando Forestieri's goal and him being voted the Owlstalk Man of the Match, the aftermath of the Class of '91...

Duration: 01:07:33

10: Class of '91 'Centenary' Celebrations

WE'RE BACK! Neil has returned from his travels of excess and can't string a sentence together, so nothing new there then... This week, we talk about the loss to Bristol City and the rumours and speculation around that - including bizarre goings on with the teamsheet and too many loanees. Neil tells us a rock and roll story from on tour and his phone just won't shut up. and then there's a parcel delivery that interrupts the whole thing. Professional. James expertly fills the gap by...

Duration: 01:03:33

9: Feeling at home already! Feat. Thomas Craig (Murdoch Mysteries)!

This week Murdoch Mysteries star Thomas Craig joins the Owlstalk podcast, just as Neil goes AWOL! Yes, that's right! We managed to get an interview at last! And no, it STILL isn't Alan Biggs... Former Coronation Street, Soldier Soldier, Where The Heart Is and current Murdoch Mysteries star (and lifelong Wednesday fan!) Thomas Craig tells us about shoehorning SWFC references into all his TV roles, not least an episode of Murdoch Mysteries which features a sub-plot based around The Owls'...

Duration: 00:22:17

8: Marwood or Yarwood at Semedo's Supermarket

Welcome back to the podcast you can't just hear with your naked ear. Just your eyes. Listen up and let James Bond introduce you to the latest mission... errr.. episode. This week we talk about how we got featured by iTunes in the Sports, Games and Comedy sections. Just WHO has been listening to the podcast in Thailand? And finally an explanation of why we are in the 'Professional' category on iTunes... Neil and James take a look back at the match against Nottingham Forest and yet another...

Duration: 01:10:06

5: Going on the piss with Chansiri

Admit it, you missed us last week! The Owlstalk: Sheffield Wednesday Fans Podcast is back with a brand new episode to brighten up your week following a small loss at Preston. We take a look at how people's moods swing following an SWFC loss, demonstrated by the 'post a pic to sum up how you feel about Sheffield Wednesday right now thread. A group of girls sing at the Owls' chairman Dejphon Chansiri away at Preston and become 'internet famous' in the process. Is it embarrassing? Neil shows...

Duration: 01:00:25

4: Terry Butcher's 'Terry's Butchers'

Wanna hear an impression of Tom Hardy doing an impression of Reggie Kray? Well you're in luck, because that is what a Sheffield Wednesday based podcast is missing, right? We perpetuate the non-existent podcast wars against The Wednesday Week (we love them all really - we're all Wednesday aren't we!) whilst harassing each other with videos on Facebook. The Big Quiz Question of the week is based around naming bald Wednesday players, after a topic in the Dressing Room section of the site was...

Duration: 00:55:02

3: Barry Bannan's Nannan's Caravan

Would YOU buy Barry Bannan's Nannan's Caravan in the Owls Shop? What is the worst thing you have seen in there? In this third episode of the podcast for Sheffield Wednesday fans we gloss over the recent transfer window, discuss people who post about Nuhiu on Owlstalk and imagine what Barry Bannan's Nannan's caravan would be like. Will kirby has launched his new blog about music and food called Beats and Burgers which has sparked a debate about whether meat should be cooked pink. Critics of...

Duration: 00:49:20

2: The New Club Crest's Pointy Pupils

The Owlstalk Podcast returns for a new episode with more chat about Sheffield Wednesday fans posting on the forums! SWFC have unveiled a new club crest/badge, which is actually an old design which was never used on a kit and the Owls' fanbase is divided. What can we say about it? Well, it apparently has pointy pupils and a white 'Leeds rose' as uneducated Neil puts it. The telephone rings just as we go into the right shade of blue and James remembers a time he was thrown out of...

Duration: 00:40:09

1: Introduction, History and Scotch Eggs

In this first episode: we take a sketchy look at the potted history of Owlstalk and Sheffield Wednesday forums online, enjoy a thread about £5 ‘Lime Pickle’ Everest jackets and all hell breaks loose when Steve's horse riding update goes a bit haywire with talks of scotch eggs and more. Neil has got a new toy and actually ordered a professional voiceover guy to do jingles for the podcast; which is about the only professional thing about this podcast! Everyone loses it at Steve’s updates,...

Duration: 00:45:20