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The ultimate audio guide to the best band in the world!

The ultimate audio guide to the best band in the world!
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The ultimate audio guide to the best band in the world!




35: Ysee & Oasis A-Z, (It's Good) To Be Free with Oas-is

Welcome back to the Oasis Podcast. It's a double header today - check out Audrey Gbabguidi AKA Ysee - Facebook - @gbaguidiaudrey Youtube - Instagram - @ysee_ysee_onlinemusic Twitter - @audreygbaguidi and Oas-is here - Twitter - @oas_is_official 0.00 Vision - Shine On 0.30 JC Intro 2.14 Noel on Graham Norton 3.27 Noel on Mike On Much 4.51 Liam...

Duration: 01:17:29

34: Who Built The Moon review, & Jess Greenfield on joining Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

0.00 Vision - Shine On 0.30 NGHFB - The Man Who Built The Moon 1.15 JC intro & WBTM? review 20.05 Daniel Wright reviews WBTM? 21.47 Jordan Ross reviews Liam in Toronto 26.00 JC "As You Built The Moon" discussion - my choice - 1. Wall Of Glass 2. Fort Knox 3. Holy Mountain 4. Greedy Soul 5. Keep On Reaching 6. Paper Crown 7. If Love Is The Law 8. Come Back To Me 9. The Man Who Built The Moon 10. It Doesn't Have To Be That Way 11. Dead In The Water 12. For What It's Worth 28.43 Liam...

Duration: 01:32:38

33: Chris Griffiths from The Real People on the truth behind Rockin' Chair, Don't Go Away & more

Back again and with less than a week to go from the release of Who Built The Moon I catch up with a man who was hugely influential in Noel's development as a writer, and on Oasis' sound as a whole; Chris Griffiths of The Real People. email, follow me on twitter, instagram and facebook @oasispodcast, support the podcast at 0:00 Shine on by Vision 0:34 Without You by The Real People 1:07 JC intro - thanks for the charity donations. You can donate at...

Duration: 01:13:18

32: Anjali Dutt on the recording of Definitely Maybe, It's A Beautiful World feedback & #potatogate

Welcome back to the Oasis Podcast, as heard (i.e. slagged off) on Absolute Radio! 0:00 Vision - Shine On 0:21 Dave Berry interview with Craig Kenna, Absolute Radio 1:40 Oasis - The Fame 2:12 JC intro 3:17 Liam Gallagher - Rockin' Chair (Live for Absolute Radio) 3:49 Interview with Craig Kenna 7:40 JC news update - #potatogate, charity update, Spotify 13:43 Teaser for Episode 31 (B-Side) - JC 7 Brandon discuss (I Got) The Fever 16:16 Shout outs to people that have donated so far - you are...

Duration: 01:40:36

31: Noel's 'cutting' edge new sound & Brandon Arend - incredible story

Welcome to the most epic episode of the Oasis Podcast! Almost 3 and a half hours of quality Oasis related goodness. Here are the links for the charity donations: and for immediate testicular cancer info and joining Team Livestrong! As I explain in the episode to access the bonus episode where Brandon & I discuss (I Got) The Fever you need to make a donation of any amount to the above, or to the cancer charity of your choice. Send...

Duration: 03:27:07

29: Holy Mountain reaction & Oasis in Australia

Welcome back to the Oasis Podcast! If you are following me @oasispodcast on any of the socials you may have seen the news - Liam tweeted me earlier this week and wants to come on the podcast! I'm trying to make that happen but in the meantime we continue with some great episodes... Noel Gallagher is back with new single, Holy Mountain, that maybe sounds a little familiar...? I cover off the reaction. We then get the latest news from both Liam & Noel. The main event is the interview with...

Duration: 02:42:45

25: Supernova Heights Stories, Summer '97 with Katy Georgiou

Apologies for the sound quality on my links - I was pretty busy this week so recorded them while driving. Hey, if Adam Buxton can record his while walking his dog then I can record mine while driving...! Stay in touch - @oasispodcast on twitter, facebook and instagram on Patreon to support 0.04 Vision - Shine On 0.41 JC Intro, discussion of Noel at We Are Manchester 3.54 Peter Kay introduces Noel Gallagher 4.44 Noel Gallagher - Lock All The Doors (Live...

Duration: 02:27:12

24: Tom Hingley (ex Inspiral Carpets)

Hello! Hello! It's good to be back! After almost a month off the podcast returns with a great new episode featuring an interview with Tom Hingley, singer with the Inspiral Carpets throughout their glory years. Check out his book - Amazon (includes Kindle): Signed Copies Direct From Tom And here’s the Carpet Burns website: Show notes - 0.00 Shine On - Vision 0.39...

Duration: 01:25:29

22: Nick Ingman, the George Martin of Oasis

We start off with a review of Noel's recent live gig in Amsterdam from previous guest and live music aficionado Ant Antell. We then go into a round of Liam's activities in New York, including him not getting served buying cigarettes, telling Howard Stern about urinating on Noel's stereo when they were kids and then debuting new song Eh La. We then get into the interview with Nick Ingman, string and horn arranger on among others Whatever, The Masterplan & All Around The World. It was great to...

Duration: 01:37:18

21: The Magic Mod: The man who amazed Liam and Weller. Plus a live report from Truck Festival featuring The Libertines & The Vaccines

Hello! I managed to dig myself out of the mud of Truck Festival to put this episode out. First section features me at Truck reviewing bands including The Big Moon, Sl0tface, Get Inuit, Cabbage & The Libertines. At about 19:30 the interview starts with The Magic Mod where we talk music, magic, fashion and his DVD. We finish off with a bit of Oasis news and an update on whats going on with the podcast and on @oasispodcast on twitter, including the #worldcupofindie. As always get in touch...

Duration: 01:17:36

20: Where were you while we were getting high? Simon Mason

A catch up on Noel and Liam's recent gigs and then an interview with "The Cat In The Hat" Simon Mason - personal chemist to the band from '93 - '96. Check out his band Hightown Pirates and boom Too High Too Far Too Soon

Duration: 01:44:15

19: Brian Fallon and big brother is back!

Great interview with Brian Fallon, lead singer of The Gaslight Anthem (as well as other projects), and a massive Oasis fan. Plus we discuss Noel's return to the limelight and Liam's latest gigs.

Duration: 01:01:03

18: Chinatown reaction & Rob from The Britpop Store

More music from Liam! Hear my reaction to Chinatown, including an interesting theory from one of our listeners...! Plus your feedback and a new remix from Hazed. The main interview is with Oasis memorabilia and consultant to the stars Rob from The Britpop Store. He tells some great stories about meeting Oasis members, Alan McGee, and random James Bond actors on the train. Stay tuned to the end where we play a bit of the just released clip of Greedy Soul, and announce the winner of the...

Duration: 01:29:16

17: Rock n Roll Star! Liam at Glastonbury, What's The Story live in Northampton and The Britpop Revival Show

Catch up episode covering a mad week or so on the world of Oasis and The Oasis Podcast.

Duration: 01:17:23

16: Nick Amies (Where Did It All Go Wrong?)

An interview with the journalist and author Nick Amies. We discuss his novels Mersey Paradise and She's Electric, plus his book about Oasis "Where Did It All Go Wrong?" with a discussion of the Standing On The Shoulder of Giants period. We also discuss his musical upbringing, from his gothic tendencies in Norfolk, through to the madness of living in London through the Britpop years, onto his living on the continent interviewing bands... including interviews with Noel, Liam, Andy and Gem. We...

Duration: 01:59:27

15: Tony McCarroll

I interview the founding Oasis member and driving force behind Definitely Maybe, Tony McCarroll. We cover his time in the band, his thoughts on later Oasis albums and Liam and Noel's solo work. Plus he tells the story of his reunion with Liam last year. Prior to that we talk Oasis news and give updates on the podcast.

Duration: 01:12:47

14: Paolo Hewitt

A further news update including Liam's performances at One Love Manchester and PinkPop, an update on various bits regarding the podcast (including the first Patreon reward song!) and then an interview with Paolo Hewitt. Paolo is a legendary author who has written books about many subjects including style, football and particularly music, including the highly acclaimed books about Oasis, Getting High and Forever The People. We discuss his unconventional childhood, time on the road with Oasis,...

Duration: 01:14:17

13: Liam's return and Vivek Tiwary

What a week! So much to cover! - the response to the events in Machester - Listener reviews of the Manchester and Brixton Liam gigs - A discussion with Chris from StageLeft podcast about the week that was - An interview with Vivek Tiwary about among other things his incredible graphic novel The Fifth Beatle plus his time working for Sony and meeting Oasis 94-96 #oasis #britpop #beatles #liamgallagher #noelgallagher #asyouwere

Duration: 01:37:21

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