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Octal FM is a podcast about anything that interests Jalada and Sefran. Mostly games, technology, and general geekiness.

Octal FM is a podcast about anything that interests Jalada and Sefran. Mostly games, technology, and general geekiness.
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Octal FM is a podcast about anything that interests Jalada and Sefran. Mostly games, technology, and general geekiness.






033: MMOs in Disguise

In this episode we discuss the emerging trend of adding massively multiplayer features to games that otherwise might be single player. Is this something we want to see more? Or is it just a way of extracting more 'value' from gamers? GTA 5 has sold-in over 85 million copiesFrontier Games Hosts Massive Space Battles on AWSAWS re:Invent 2015 presentation from Frontier Games on their architecture"Everyone is going to start playing MMOs again, whether they realize it or not"Intro & outro music:...

Duration: 00:37:00

032: Games of 2018

Happy New Year everyone! In this episode we are joined again by Antonia, who last joined us to talk about Stardew Valley. This time, the three of us discuss some of the video games we're most looking forward to in 2018.

Duration: 00:42:40

031: HCI and UX with Elizabeth Chesters

In this episode we are joined by Elizabeth Chesters, a user experience consultant, human-computer interaction student, and software developer. We ask her about her job, what HCI is, and what's in store in the future for how we interact with our devices. The Man Who Lied to His Laptop, by Clifford NassCity University of London, Centre for Human-Computer Interaction Design Follow El: @echesters on Intro/outro music: JACKS – Runaway Fashion

Duration: 00:35:25

030: An act of God

In this episode we’re joined by our friend Tom, aka @x5315. Tom co-created Twitterfall with Jalada back in 2009. To follow up from Episode 25 where Jalada talked about building Twitterfall, Tom is here to tell us the story from his point of view, and what he’s up to now. The whiteboard of features in Tom’s university dorm room: Intro/outro music: JACKS – Runaway Fashion

Duration: 00:44:08

029: Homeworld, Zero Dawn

In this episode of Octal FM, the two of us catch up and talk about what games we’ve been playing. Jalada has been playing Horizon: Zero Dawn (affiliate link, proceeds go to Octal FM). Guerilla’s own game engine, DecimaSefran has been playing Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak.

Duration: 00:38:54

028: Konnichiwa!

In this episode Sefran talks about visiting his favourite place in the world; Japan. We chat about what it’s like to visit, the things you should know before going, and what it was like when Sefran visited for the first time.

Duration: 00:42:24

027: Jump to it

In this episode we return to the topic of platformers. All the things we love, some of the things we hate. Not much in the way of notes for this episode; we really just sit back and have a bit of a chat. Enjoy!

Duration: 00:41:24

026: Junk food gaming

In this episode of Octal FM we kick back and reminisce about all the MMOs we’ve played in the past. Earth & BeyondReview from IGN in 2002Ragnarok OnlineEVE OnlineEVE Online is F2PLord of the Rings OnlineAionFinal Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

Duration: 00:38:54

025: Building Twitterfall

In 2009 Jalada spent 2 hours building a website that would ultimately end up shaping his entire career. In this episode of Octal FM we tell you the story of that website. Twitterfall on WikipediaTwitterfall co-founder Tom Brearley on TwitterTwitterfall makes it onto Telegraph newsroom screensPhoto from Marcus Warren @ Telegraph Twitterfall: a Google for the TwitterverseCoverage from the Guardian about The Telegraph’s embedded TwitterfallCoverage in our university newspaperFox’s Fringe...

Duration: 00:38:54

024: Gamers shaping games

In this episode Jalada and Sefran sit back and chat about how gamers shape games through coming up with challenges, speedruns, or rewriting the games themselves through modding. Playtonic games announcing tweaks to Yooka Laylee for speedrunnersSuper Mario 64 parallel universesNuzlocke Challenge“Brendan “Playerunknown” Greene’s whirlwind year”

Duration: 00:37:54

023: The Best Ever – Super Mario

In this ‘The Best Ever’ episode, Jalada and Sefran try to agree on which game in the Super Mario series is the best; Super Mario Sunshine, or Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island?

Duration: 00:38:24

022: Back this podcast today!

In this episode we talk about early access games. Everything from their origins, where we think they’re going, and some of our favourite and least favourite games we’ve backed or bought before release. “Early Access popularity growing, but only 25% have released as a full game” (2014)Elite: DangerousKerbal Space ProgramMinecraftPrison ArchitectShelterStardew ValleyMighty No 9Godus

Duration: 00:37:54

021: A wild Pokémon master appears!

In this episode we are joined by the brilliant Marti Bennett. Marti kindly agreed to tell us all about playing Pokémon competitively and recount some of her own stories and experiences of the professional Pokémon scene. Follow Marti: YouTube – Virtual Accomplishment@MartiBennett@VirtualAccompTwitch – Virtual Accomplishment Related reading/watching: JWittz speedrun of Pokémon Trading Card GameSerebiiSerebii ‘Effort Values’ guideSerebii ‘Individual Values’ guideTwitterYouTubeTwitchPokémon...

Duration: 00:43:23

020: Enter the Matrix

We recently got the opportunity to go hands-on with an Oculus Rift, complete with Oculus Touch controllers and two sensors. In this episode we discuss our thoughts and impressions, and what we think is in store for the future. Oculus RiftHTC VivePlaystation VRApple ARKitGoogle DaydreamElite: DangerousRobo RecallThe ClimbSuperhotKeep Talking and Nobody ExplodesNeuralink and the Brain’s Magical FutureMixed Reality with Microsoft HoloLens

Duration: 00:36:24

019: The ‘in-game’ illusion

In this episode we discuss how video game advertising and trailers have changed, why ‘footage captured in game’ means nothing, and whether any of this matters at all. Patch The Process There’s lots of videos you should watch to accompany this episode: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince “Teen Comedy Trailer”Watch Dogs – E3 2012 vs PC ReleaseClash of Clans advertsDead IslandElite: Dangerous Launch TrailerPS4 launch trailerIntroducing the Overwatch LeagueNo Man’s Sky Gameplay Trailer...

Duration: 00:39:36

018: Is the 3D platformer dead?

In this episode of Octal FM we try to decide: Is the 3D platforming video game genre dead? Games we discuss: Intro music: JACKS – Runaway Fashion Outro music: Juan Medrano – Mega Man 2 “Dokuta Wairi, Rival to the Light”

Duration: 00:37:24

017: Press play to continue

In this episode we talk all about the state of difficulty in video games. Are they too easy? Too hard? Does it matter? Rubber banding“The Noobification of games”Pure Pwnage: Teh MovieSuper Guide Intro music: JACKS – Runaway Fashion Outro music: The OneUps – Funky Mario Circut (Radio Edit)

Duration: 00:35:35

016: Our favourite video game music

In this episode we continue our discussion theme of video game music. Instead of picking out examples we think are ‘good use’ of video game music, we just pick out games that have soundtracks that we think are awesome. Gusty Garden GalaxyBeach Bowl GalaxyUnder Heaven Destruction, Lust SIN, Queen of RoseVillage ThemeOverworldSword SearchSpace Cruise (Title)Mantis (Battle)Last StandListen: Concept of Love, Like a Butterfly, Aisle TenClick Clock WoodTreasure Trove CoveFreezeasy PeakDK RapThe...

Duration: 00:45:31

015: The art of video game music

In this episode we pick out some of our favourite uses of music in video games. The Legend of Zelda: Wind WakerVideo of an example of combat with audio ‘accents’Middle Boss BattleFinal Fantasy VINobuo UematsuTerra’s themeHalf Life 2CP ViolationRayman Legends‘Gloo Gloo’ Musical LevelTransistorSupergiant GamesWe All BecomeThe SpineMetal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the PatriotsOld Snake vs. Liquid Ocelot (Ultimate Version) Some other games that we were considering include: Banjo-Kazooie, Journey and...

Duration: 00:40:54

014: Internet all the Things!

We discuss how lives are becoming more internet connected, the history and hype around ‘smart homes’, and generally demystify the Internet of Things. Further reading: X10 ProtocolSustainable Smart Home and Home Automation: Big Data Analytics ApproachConnected homes will take longer to materialise than expectedHere’s What TfL Learned From Tracking Your Phone On the Tube Intro/outro music: JACKS – Runaway Fashion

Duration: 00:31:57

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