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ODO 89: Jury Duty and A Trip To China

Good news everyone! I've got jury duty this week! And it's not the first time either. Somehow the news took me on a strange trip through China. Even the Jackass of the Week goes there with a guy who thinks tofu is only for vegans. Then I lighten things up and learn something as I'm joined by a couple very special guests to talk about this week's featured podcast: Varmints. -WEIRD NEWS- -Honk Kong Man Makes Tiny Houses From Concrete Pipes An architect in Honk Kong, one of the most populous...

Duration: 01:06:18

ODO 88: Did I Mention I'm Dumb?

The boys are back in school, it's back to normal around the house, and I just keep doing things that demonstrate that I'm not always that bright. I've got a packed news week including frozen animals, hippie water, and things being found in bodies that just shouldn't be there. With all that variety of twisted stuff, this week's Recommended Listening feature goes to "Twisted Philly." -WEIRD NEWS- -It's Too Cold Out For Penguins In Calgary The Calgary Zoo has had to bring their flock of King...

Duration: 01:03:35

New Year, Same Stupidity: ODO 87

Happy New Year! This week's news shows that just because the year is new, doesn't mean that the stupidity has changed one bit. I've got an ignorant burglar, an idiotic driver, a bunch of people who just didn't get a joke, and even more stupidity. Plus I rattle on about New Year's and my birthday and all the little side tangents that those take me to. In Recommended Listening I've got something a little spooky, a little creepy, and a whole lot of silly with "The Unseen Hour." -WEIRD NEWS-...

Duration: 01:09:14

Yule Time, Christmas Shopping, and New Ideas For 2018: ODO 86

This week I'm breaking format completely. No news, no Jackass Of The Week, no Recommended Listening. I'm going old school for the last show of the year and just vamping. I get into my returning to work while healing from my rib injuries, what we did for our Yule holiday, checking out Christmas lights, trying to go shopping on Christmas Day, and what I want to do with the show for next year. In 2018 I would like to start using the Recommended Listening segment to feature podcast submissions...

Duration: 01:08:43

ODO 85: I Wish You An Odd Christmas

Since Christmas is coming up next week, and the news has a serendipitous way of picking my show themes, this week I'm talking all about Christmas. Around Our house we don't exactly do "Christmas." We celebrate Yule, which is the holiday that most Christmas traditions originate from. The news brings tales of twisted stuffing, Christmas eyebrows, tiny cows and more. In place of a regular "Recommended Listening" segment, I'm serving up a list of slightly twisted holiday episodes from some of my...

Duration: 00:53:10

ODO 84: Cracked Ribs, "Fake" News, and Southern Spookiness

I'm back, and not dead! I've got the whole long WTF story of my illness and injury that led to my hiatus. This week it's all about the "fake" news. I've got fake snow, fake cats, and even fake parents. This week's "Jackass of the Week" goes to a woman with a bedbug problem. Finally, in "Recommended Listening" I've got one of my new creepy favorites, it's Southern Grimoire. -Promos And Shout-Outs- Couch Potato Files Mike Jolitz Show Countdown Movie and TV Review Podcasts We Listen To Sunshine...

Duration: 01:12:43

#NAPODPOMO Day 28- Internet Outage and Bacon Mac

What happened to yesterday? Long story short, our internet was down. Tonight I decided to actually try doing bacon mac for dinner, because why not. The boys seem to like it. Guess that's one for the menu now. I'm gonna go ahead with last week's plan for an all Jackasses news segment on the main show this week.I think they all deserve the ridicule this time around.

Duration: 00:06:53

#NAPODPOMO Day 26 Making New Merch

I've finally added items from "Mom and Dad Cuss" to the Odd Dad Out Gear shop at check em out

Duration: 00:05:01

#NAPODPOMO Day 24 Thanksgiving and Sickness

Happy after Thanksgiving to everyone. Mine was almost ruined by my continued sickness. Good news, I finally saw a doctor and he said my sinus infection is still haunting me. But now I've got meds to help.

Duration: 00:10:28

Family Chaos w/ Raevyn Lunatik and Little Jae Sinclair: ODO 83

There are no words to describe what happens when my family comes on the podcast other than pure chaos. This week I'm joined by my sister, Raevyn Lunatik, and her daughter, Little Jae Sinclair. These are professional names of course. Raevyn, apart from being my oldest sister, is also a skater for the AZ Derby Dames and a personal trainer. She is here both for fun but also to announce the launch of and her Lunatik Fit Camps. Little Jae Sinclair is a rising star in the...

Duration: 01:28:34

#NAPODPOMO Day 22 Too Busy For Podcasting

Running through all the crap I had to do today that ultimately meant not getting any podcast work done aside from this little bit here. Of course the boys drop in, because boys. And Bug hovers around the mic like a creeper. New stuff coming, I promise.

Duration: 00:09:18

#NaPodPoMo Day 21 Busiest Week Of The Month

Another room full of boys show. I tried to talk about all the stuff going on this week. Of course random sidebarsto the boys make that highly complicated. preview for episode 83: Week of Jackasses, every news story is going to be a solid contender for Jackass Of The Week. With all the chaos in the room I know it's a bit of a tough listen I'm sure. I'll see you tomorrow with Ep 83!

Duration: 00:10:31

#NaPodPoMo Day 19 Room Full Of Boys

I tried to talk about our day today and how one of our fish died. Instead I speant the majority of the time fighting off a horde of boys all wanting to get on mic. #parenting See you tomorrow!

Duration: 00:09:25

#NAPODPOMO Day 18 Podcast Stuff Coming This Week

Day 18, another car show. Driving home, chatting about what I've got ahead of me this week. Busy week in podcast production. New Mom and Dad Cuss, new Odd Dad Out, and the special w/ Raevyn Lunatik and Little Jae Sinclaire. See you tomorrow.

Duration: 00:05:55

#NAPODPOMO Day 17 Surprise MF'ers

I've been catching up on my Surprise buddy's shows so I decide I'm just gonna chat about their shows today. Couch Potato Files Mike Jolitz Show

Duration: 00:07:53

You Give Love A Bad Name: ODO 82

Full show notes, links, and more at I'm a whole new kind of sick this week, having woken up with a sinus infection, but that wont keep me down. This week I'm chatting about having recently moved our youngest son out of our bedroom at last. The news brings us tales of relationships, from finding a new boyfriend, to marriage complications, and all the way to "death do us part." The "Jackass of The Week" proves that it's never too early to get a good deal. Finally, I make a...

Duration: 00:53:12

#NaPodPoMo 15 Broken Promises and Google Play Music

So sickness around the house gogt me behind on show prep so EP 82 is not out yet. BUT everything is ready to go to be out in the morning. Once again, apologies for my tardiness. My little sister asked me about subscribing to the show on Google Play Music. If you like the show, share it with your friends, share it on social. That's the best way to help me out here. I promise this time, EP 82 is coming tomorrow. Goodnight everybody!

Duration: 00:13:08

#NAPODPOMO Day 14- Driving To Work

Today I was running late and decided I'm going to record run my drive to work. I cover a lot of just random thoughts going through my head. From being behind on my podcast subscriptions to trying out new shows to my view on how many shows does it take to write a review. And I wrap it all up thinking about what I'm going to do for episode 100 and when exactly that comes up for me. I'll see you tomorrow for episode 82.

Duration: 00:25:28

Sick Baby and Lost Segments #NaPodPoMo Day 13

Sorry I missed day 12, but I had a very busy day with other podcasting stuff and it just got to be too late. I'm coming out of my illness while my wife got to take it on herself, and now our 2 year old seems to be getting it as well. :-( Since I missed it in Ep 81, I shared one of 2 "Jackass of The Week" stories I had planned. This one involves a woman with a pool, a kid, and a minivan. Nuff said! Thank you to everybody for all the get well wishes, you're all awesome. (And because I'm dumb...

Duration: 00:17:56

#NaPodPoMo 11 Sick Voice and Podcast Advice

Like I mentioned in EP 81, my kids have gotten me sick. I missed my day 10 episode stuck in bed, but I was determined to not miss another. Today's question came from Emily from The Story Behind: "What's your favorite podcasting tip for people just starting out? I see myself as a bad example, but in simplest terms, I say just make your show. Make the show that you want to because that's how you're going to enjoy it. If you don't enjoy it than it's not worth doing.

Duration: 00:15:09

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