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All the Single Kidneys

So much happened this week that we can't even talk about it! Luke, Gary, Seb, Phelan, Eileen, the garage, the mill, the was all kind of one story, weren't it? Felt more like watching six episodes of a single show than it ever has before. But besides that cinematic homunculus, we've got no shortage of Billy looking bleary from his Barlow beating, Casa de Carla at number 12, and the mysterious meeting of a secret society in the backrooms of Weatherfield. All that PLUS we're...

Duration: 01:10:16

Ken Barlow: The Oldest Profession

It's the last day of 2017 and we've decided to send off the year that was just as we lived it: recording an unprepared hour of uninformed soap opera podcasting! Loads happened over the Christmas holidays, really too much for you to expect us to remember it all. Billy went for a ride in a helicopter, Robert will hire anyone sat at the bar, Roy's going to study up to remove his own kidney maybe? I dunno. On top of all that the factory's getting a racist makeover and Brian is looking well...

Duration: 00:57:47

Episode #27: Never See the Boom Boy

It's only Christmas Day today! A special happy holidays from Of Mice and Ken to all our Dev-Otees/Listeners/Supporters/Janes! It's been a riveting week on the Cobbles in the run up to the holidays! We've got Vicar Vodka in a Barlow Bind, a dodgy lodger lobbing problems at Leanne, Bad Phelan feelin' bad, and a cruel 'Clause cursing kids. That plus a hungover Ellis confuses Tim Allen and Tim Robbins, Patrick confuses Alya and Rana, and Grace makes some snap judgements on our new friend Carla...

Duration: 01:07:33

Episode #26: And The Kenny Goes To...

It’s our first ever end-of-year awards show! Help us celebrate the first of what will surely be a long-standing annual tradition by giving out some “Kennies” in some high-stakes categories including… -The Of Mice & Ken Award for Best Award Show Name -The David Platt’s Dead Wife Award for Most Stressful Life Events And, of course, -The #HelpFromHelen Story of the Year Award! That plus a wee bit of reminiscing on what it was like to start a Corrie podcast this year and a stocking stuffed...

Duration: 01:11:06

Episode #25: Sorry For Your Sisters

This week we’ve got the return of Gary Windass, the more welcomed, less guaranteed return of our own Gracie, Ellis’ best Beatles banana ballad bit that was not to be, and some listener mail from one of our favorites. [Don’t forget to send emails and voice memos to !] Now grab an orange if not a tangerine, put on your Batman costume, and blow up a car! It’s Of Mice and Ken!

Duration: 01:00:39

Episode 23: Gina's Date with Devstiny

In a week of mainly bollocks, Robert got hit by a car and it was maybe the fourth worst thing that happened to him, we've got another garment startup on the Street, #Chez'sRevenge, Norris gets a "blanket bath", and a Newt character named New...wait, is that right? It's an internet party and you're all invited: It's Of Mice and Ken!

Duration: 00:53:51

Episode 22: His Toy, His Foible, His Shoes

Patrick struggles in vain to find a positive reading of the Rana and Kate story, Ellis discovers the working mum inside himself, and Grace podcasts from death's doorstep. It's Of Mice and Ken!

Duration: 00:53:44

Episode 21: Prop-Based Revenge

We've only gone and brought back Stranger Than Fiction! That plus an encouraging listener email, a glorified prank war between Barlow Legal Services and Aiden Connor, and developmental psychology with Daniel! It's Of Mice and Ken!

Duration: 00:49:46

Episode 20: Craig Can't Come to the Phone Right Now

CONTENT NOTE: We start this podcast off by addressing the accusations of sexual assault against Coronation Street actor Bruno Langley [Todd Grimshaw]. At about 8:10 into the episode we get back to our business as usual. With Rita Street-legal again and Phelan on holiday, it's back to business as usual in Weatherfield. Or is it? We've got Mayor Metcalfe, a game of Musical Platts at Number 8, a world of trouble at Barlow Legal Services, and Grace has got a cough to boot! It's Of Mice and Ken...

Duration: 01:06:41

Episode 19: The Time, All the Time

It’s a proper thrill-a-minute this week as the Phelan/Andy stories come to a tragic climax. That plus some wound-up Windasses, the micro-police work of Craig Tinker, and the hardest working Fitness Tracker in show biz in this spooktakular Halloween Special! Featuring our first ever listener-submitted Postcard from Weatherfield!

Duration: 01:09:11

Episode 18: Increasingly Erotic Death by Quicksand

Reunited and it feels so good! Patrick's back with exciting tales from the American west and some bitter resentments for Liz McDonald. We've also got the tepid return of Dizzy Chesney, Freudian minefields with Mary and fam, and the most Abu Ghraib references ever made in a soap podcast. It's Of Mice and Ken episode 18!

Duration: 01:09:08

Episode #17: Tea for Two

We're down a host this week, with Ellis and Grace going it alone and Patrick captive in a van somewhere in America! Ellis rings his friends and family in a desperate attempt to find a new co-host and get some hot takes on the week that was after some strangely specific listener mail. With the auditions going poorly and the show in dire straits, they desperately ring Patrick who agrees to come back next week after all. It's Of Mice and Ken episode 17!

Duration: 01:00:38

Episode #16: These Pretzels are Making Me Thursday

With our heroes traveling this weekend, the podcast had to be recorded on thursday! How, you might ask, did we cover a full week of Corrie without seeing friday's episodes? Well, stop asking so many questions! We talk court room dramas and Daniel unearthing the most shocking secrets that we all already knew as well as loads more faff in this week's Of Mice and Ken. No bears were thrown from bridges in the making of this podcast.

Duration: 00:59:26

Episode #15: General Waste

We play fast and loose with the format this week, harkening back to our roots with an aimless Cobble Chat. Are Gary and Nicola an item to be? Will Andy get a Nathan? Is Patrick secretly religious? All this and more sorted in General Waste. And don’t forget to email us all your Street thoughts at!

Duration: 00:54:14

Episode #14: Chekhov's Fountain

It's been such an action-packed week that we've decided it would be best not to even discuss it. Beyond that we've got the return of Object Failure, the final quarter final of Weatherfield's Got Talent, and a mini-Postcard from Weatherfield entitled "Otherworld".

Duration: 01:02:34

Episode #13: Mr. Dad is My Father

In a week marked by technical difficulties ranging from the piñata to the podcast, Of Mice and Ken bravely struggles to make sense of it all. Also, listen in for a new Postcard from Weatherfield fan fiction drama extravaganza!

Duration: 00:46:58

Episode #12: Antsy

It's the darkest night before the dawn for our heroes this week. With our interpersonal relationships disintegrating, our livers exasperated, and our life choices completely called into question by some cheeky listener mail, we've had nought to rely on but the Street. So heat up some drug curry, put away your murder bag, and get antsy on multiple different levels, it's Of Mice and Ken episode twelve!

Duration: 01:05:48

Episode #11: Rise or Jump Under the Influence of Heat

ITV displaced Corro in favor of the football this week, but, don’t worry, they don’t know where we live. We’re here as ever with your regularly scheduled programming and we’ve got a new game! That plus the results of Weatherfield’s Got Talent week one, and two more songs to be judged! Bandage up your scratches, finish up the invisible laundry, and patch up your pool, it’s time for Of Mice and Ken! (And do be sure to check our twitter page [@OfMiceAndKen] and vote in Weatherfield's Got...

Duration: 00:59:24

Episode #10: Always The Puppet, Never the Puppeteer

We've cracked into double-digit territory with episode number ten! To celebrate we've got the return of Stranger Than Fiction, a play-by-play on the week that was, and the highly anticipated rollout of Weatherfield's Got Talent! Have a sit in Roy's shed and enjoy your favorite weekly Corrie 'cast! (Don't forget to check our Twitter for the Weatherfield's Got Talent vote, which, trust us, will make sense after you listen to the episode)

Duration: 01:03:43

Episode #9: Governed by Hunks

Time is a flat circle on the Street this week: Gemma's in and then out of trouble, Eva goes from loving the Conners to loving the con again, Gary's taxi is stuck in perpetual biscuit limbo, and Phelan's past is very much present. We've also got the final(?) round of Cobbles or Crowns, and David Platt is seeking world peace in our second self-penned 'Postcard From Weatherfield'.

Duration: 01:06:25

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