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#27 Final opinions on arrow rest, interest in bow fishing, and more

In this episode we talk give our finally opinions on the arrow rests, interest in bow fishing, and more

Duration: 01:10:38

#26 Anti-hunter threat rant, new arrow rests, & contest

In this episode we go off on a bit of a rant about the threats made against people from the anti community, our impressions of the new arrow rests, and Steph is planning a giveaway of bow slings.

Duration: 02:50:50

#25 New items are arriving and we check out some apps

In this episode we talk soe of the new items that have arrived and installing of them. Plus we decide to check out some of the apps that are directed at hunters.

Duration: 02:36:45

#24 We’re back. New Range, some new things on the way

In this episode we talk about the new range we will be shooting at, some new items were will be getting in, and Stephanie’s new hobby.

Duration: 02:12:52

#23 Why we have not been around - Update episode

In this episode you will find out why we have not postedin a while, some guy trying a shady deal with Anthony, and what is to come once we are settled.

Duration: 01:58:30

#22 Northeast Sportsman show, tried some bows and more

In this episode we talk about our outing to a sportmans show. Got to try out some new bow, looked at campers, etc.

Duration: 00:55:13

#20 Precision peep, back tension release, Cat 4

In this podcast we talk about using the precision peep sight, our first outing with a back tension release, Customer service, and stephanie making a new name for people.

Duration: 02:54:49

#19 New bow and set setup, new product on the way, and more

In this episode we talk about Anthony’s new Bow, and everything that is on it. We mention a new product, The Precision Peep, that we have on the way and look forward to trying out. Plus time at the range.

Duration: 02:53:09

#18 Stephanie’s turn with the EZV sight, other sight swaps and magnification

In this episode Stephanie takes her bow to the range and tries out the EZV sight. Plus there are other changes and adjustments made to her bow. Then we swap her to one of her old sights and add a 2X magnifier.

Duration: 02:32:51

#17 Issue with facebook group, gifts in the mail, and more

In this episode we get some gifts in the mail, have a issue with facbook group and get banned because of what other members post, changes coming to bows, the next sight add on, and the next release on Anthony’s list

Duration: 02:32:31

#16 Fun Range Day, Steph Will Go To EZV and Deer Ninja…

In this episode with talk about our more relaxed range day, Anthony switching stabilizers, Stephanie trying out the EZV sight once we get the inserts, competitions and something about deer ninja……

Duration: 00:58:25

#13 Entered contest for a sight and won, and got a kit coming to repair my Browning bow.

In this episode we talk about a sight that we won in a give away contest . Plus we talk about how we found a kit to repair my Browning bow, which was the first compound I learned on.

Duration: 00:37:08

#10 Swap to Trophy Ridge Peak sight, d-loops, and more

Anthony swaps out to a Trophy Ridge Peak sight. Changing out D-loops. Adding Bowjax.

Duration: 01:12:25

#9 New peep sights and the youtube wormhole

In this episode we talk about the our new peep sights, some clothing issues, archery accidents, and the YouTube wormhole…

Duration: 01:02:12

#7 New release aid, adjustment, and random BS

In this episode we discuss the new release aid that we purchased. Plus some extra adjustments done to correct left pull on shot. Peep sight tube breaking, and some range rants.

Duration: 01:01:21

#6 New sight and rest. Plus swithing up grip position

In this episode we will talk about the new sight and arrow rest that we installed on Stephanie’s PSE Stinger-X bow. Plus we found a better grip position that aids in bow stability.

Duration: 00:45:47

#5 People we recommend to follow on Youtube, FB, IG, Twitter

In this episode we talk about the people we find give the best inspiration, guidance, and all the positive side of archery and hunting.

Duration: 00:53:56

#4 Range Shenanigans and More

In this episode we cover some of the things we have changed on the bows, events that happened at the range and more.

Duration: 01:18:45

#3 The basics of shooting

In this episode we talk about the basics of shooting. Stance, posture, arm location, anchor point, and some things that cause issues if the set up in not correct.

Duration: 01:17:07

#2 Swapping out sights

In this episode we talk about our personal opinion on the original Trophy ridge Joker series sights that came with our bows. We also talk a lttle about the new sights that were added and the first day at the range of shooting.

Duration: 01:27:07