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OCD – 26 – Chris Clement, Able’s Distribution Manager, Most Interesting Man of NH - Off Colored Discussions Podcast

This episode is brought to you by our sponsor Smoke Proper Rolling Accessories. Save 10% at This episode is also brought to you by Conant Construction, LLC. If you're in Southern NH,or Massachusetts and looking to do some remodeling or repairs. Check out Mike on Facebook at If you book a project in February and mention the podcast, you'll save 10%. This week we sat with Able Ebenezer's distribution manager, Chris...

Duration: 01:24:05

OCD – 25 – Chad Pooler & Gin, Bearded Sinners Beard Club of NH - Off Colored Discussions Podcast

This episode is brought to you by our official sponsor, Smoke Proper Rolling Accessories. First episode of 2018!! We hope everyone had a safe, fun, exciting New Years Eve. We kick off 2018 with the Vice President and Treasurer of the Bearded Sinners Beard Club of New Hampshire, Chad "Beefcake" Pooler and Keith "Gin" Darling. Bearded Sinners Beard club is a nationwide fundraising group. They host many fundraising events throughout the year to help whoever...

Duration: 01:27:13

Beards, Beers, & Battle Scars!! - Off Colored Discussions Podcast

Objective: An 8 month beard competition to raise funds and awareness for Off Colored Discussions, Bearded Sinners Beard Club of New Hampshire, and most importantly, Veterans Count; A program from Easter Seals. Competition is from January 7th to Aug 4th or 11th. (TBD) Directive: Contestants will register January 7 2018, at Handsome Devils Barbershop in Hooksett NH at 10:30 am. Entry is $15.00. Registration closes at 11:00 am. After registration closes, contestants face will be shaved clean....

Duration: 01:05:39

OCD – 24 – Joe & Billy, End of the Year, Rant, Review, - Off Colored Discussions Podcast

This episode is brought to you by our official sponsor, Smoke Proper Rolling Accessories. Joe and Billy, hangout, rant about social media, movies, Hollywood, and more. Give a look back at where they were when they started and a brief glimpse as to where they are going. Happy New Year! 2018!! Tell your friends and family. Off Colored Discussions has some big plans!. Beer of the Week: Finder IPA - Shipyard Brewing Co. New England IPA 6.5% ABV....

Duration: 03:52:36

OCD – 23 – Kristen Hubbard, Mentor, Writer, Self Worth Advocate - Off Colored Discussions Podcast

This week we sat with... A mentor, writer, Crossfit coach, self worth advocate, Kristen Hubbard. We had an awesome time getting to know Kristen and what she is about. I enjoy talking with people who like myself, and Billy, have gone through transformations and evolution. We can't wait to have her back on in April. If you want to learn more about Kristen or about her as a mentor, you can find her at: Facebook:

Duration: 01:30:53

OCD – 22 – Kennedy Richard, Police Officer, Stand Up Comedian? - Off Colored Discussions Podcast

This week on Off Colored Discussions... We sat with veteran police officer, and local comedian, Kennedy Richard. We had an awesome conversation about his career and a stand up comedian, and police officer. You might of seen him perform at Headliners in Manchester, NH. or, at a local bar. It was a fun time with a lot of laughs. Beer of the Week: Monkey Fist - Shipyard Brewing Co. 6.0% ABV Featured Song: No song...

Duration: 01:52:19

OCD – 21 – Jacob Littlejohns – Official Podcast Sponsor, Smoke Proper - Off Colored Discussions Podcast

What's going on people? This week we sat with the owner, creator, and CEO of Smoke Proper, Jacob Littlejohns. We are proud to have Smoke Proper as an official sponsor of the podcast, and our first. We see this as an awesome partnership and fully support this product. Be sure to check out Smoke Proper at and save yourself 10% by using the promo code "OCD" at time of check out or use See photos from them at...

Duration: 01:31:36

OCD – 20 – Jim Papineau, Pats Bye Week, Welcome to the 100 Club - Off Colored Discussions Podcast

This episode is brought to you by our official sponsor, Smoke Proper Rolling Accessories. *This product is intended for adult use of tobacco products and/or legal use of medicinal/recreational marijuana.* This week, Jim Papinaeu is back in the studio to hang out, have some drinks, and celebrate his first appearance hitting 100 downloads. This was recorded the week of the New England Patriots bye. We talk sports, movies, and life. It was a fun conversation and a great time as always. Beer of...

Duration: 01:28:55

OCD – 19 – John Bouley, Codex, Off Colored, Old Fashioned - Off Colored Discussions Podcast

This week... Chef John Bouley returns to the podcast with a rendition of an old fashion fit for OCD. Off Colored, Old Fashioned. A craft cocktail that uses whiskey, brown sugar, chocolate bitters, and orange. T'was a tasty treat to say the least. It was a lot of fun to catch up. Chef John was our first guest on the podcast, and his episode has been downloaded close to 200 times. Follow him on Instagram to see pictures of his creations. Featured...

Duration: 01:52:36

OCD – 18 – Roger Tilton, An Interesting Politician, Full Tilton - Off Colored Discussions Podcast

This week we sat with... Roger H Tilton of Roger Tilton, for the Resistance joined us in studio for a conversation about politics and his work as a venture capitalist. This was an awesome conversation and one of my favorites so far. You can learn more at Beer of the Week: A conversation about politics can only have one type of beer. Battle Axe IPA - Kelsen Brewing Company - Derry, NH. Featured Song: "Good thing Going" - Pepper. Pepper's latest...

Duration: 01:29:17

OCD – 17 – Leaon Legacy, Falling with Style, The Release - Off Colored Discussions Podcast

This week we sat with our friend... Leon Legacy!! Leon is a hip-hop artist out of Worcester, MA. Leon released his latest project, Falling with Style on November 10 2017. You can support Leon and purchase the album at One thing we can say, if you like hip-hop, you're going to love this. Leon's message of positivity and ability to overcome obstacles in his path. It was fun sitting and talking with him and his hype man / business partner, Baker. We will definitely have...

Duration: 01:32:42

OCD – 16 – Dan Hureau, The Silent Partner, The Man Behind the Curtain - Off Colored Discussions Podcast

This week on the podcast... Our silent partner that we would be lost without. Dan Hureau. Dan is our residential sound guy. He's helped with the audio set up, equipment, and knowledge of what we're looking for. We wanted to have Dan in to tell him how far we've come since the idea began and give him a taste of where we're aiming to go. Go to our YouTube channel to see how the studio has evolved in the short time we've been doing this. And we're only getting started. Beer of the Week:...

Duration: 01:35:57

OCD – 15 – Michael Glennon, Spartan Races, Dog Fostering - Off Colored Discussions Podcast

This week we sat with a friend of ours that we've known since high school, our friend Michael Glennon. We go over his up coming marathon and Spartan race and what goes into it as he trains. We also talk about his home as a home to foster rescue dogs. Beer of the Week: Broad Arrow - Able Ebenezer Brewing Co., Merrimack, NH. If you've listened to this podcast before then you know we have a love of the fine beer that comes from Able. Also it's very close by, and we like to support our friends...

Duration: 01:31:43

OCD – 14 – Brandon Gavin, Down South Survival, BCK Knives - Off Colored Discussions Podcast

This week... The return of our friend Brandon Gavin. Host of the YouTube channel Down South Survival and custom knife maker at BCK Knives. Brandon's first episode appearance back in August hit 100 downloads, so we wanted to have him come back and talk about what he's been up to since we last spoke. We talk about new projects he has coming up and set up a custom piece for the studio. This way our guest can see something and hopefully check him out on Instagram at...

Duration: 01:19:11

OCD – 11 c – Troy Rathke, The Eclipse, The Rebirth - Off Colored Discussions Podcast

The conclusion of the epic story that is Vision Quest West: A Mission to Live. A month long journey for research, exploration, adventure, reflection. A true vision quest. A trip that will build the foundation of what will be an annual excursion for what will become his nonprofit company. A company set to help veterans dealing with PTSD, through exploration and adventure. Adventurous hikes that will test the body and free the mind. It was an awesome story to listen to and be able to share....

Duration: 01:23:30

OCD – 13 – Alana Foden Susko, Comedy On Purpose, Athena’s Home Novelties - Off Colored Discussions Podcast

What's up people?? This week on Off Colored Discussions we sat with Alana Foden Susko. A comedian and owner of Comedy On Purpose. A company that helps companies, schools, or who ever raise funds by putting on Comedy Shows with local talent. She is the host of the comedy night at the Budweiser Beigarten in Merrimack, NH, every Wednesday night from 7 pm to 10 pm. As well as Soho in Hudson, NH. She has also been a sales consultant for Athena's Home Novelties for 15 years. Who isn't excited to...

Duration: 01:30:12

OCD – 12 – Chad Michael Whittaker, The Entrepreneur, Kyani - Off Colored Discussions Podcast

What's going on people!! This week we sat with Chad Michael Whittaker. An entrepreneur that puts in work and is sincere in what he believes in. A member of Team Fusion, an online marketing team that uses a powerful online marketing system to distribute for the wellness company, Kyani. We had in awesome time in learning what they are about, and just getting to know Chad. He is a positive person that puts in the work and we glad to have made this connection. If you are interested in what...

Duration: 04:52:48

OCD – 11 b – Troy Rathke, The Belly - Off Colored Discussions Podcast

What's going on People? This episode is the continuation of the epic adventure that is Vision Quest West: A Mission to Live. I don't know how to explain this story. Such an incredible adventure and inspiring purpose. The feeling of wonder and awe are hard to come by without exploration and we are honored to be able to listen and share with everyone Troy's adventure and mission. Go to his YouTube channel to see more videos. Go to to read his blog from the trip. See his...

Duration: 01:38:17

OCD – 11 – Troy Rathke, The Return, The Journey’s Beginning. - Off Colored Discussions Podcast

What's going on folks? This is Off Colored Discussions and this week on the podcast... Troy Rathke returns to tell the story of the adventure the will shape the idea for what he is going to accomplish with his non-profit and yearly retreat of Vision Quest West: A Mission to Live. This adventure is so massive, and we don't want to cut anything out, that it will cover multiple episodes. This is part 1. Part 2 will be next week. Part 3 and a possible 4 will be sometime in the future. It is...

Duration: 01:20:17

OCD – 10 – Randy Bolduc, F.A.S.T. Team, Shooting Competition - Off Colored Discussions Podcast

What's up ladies and gentlemen? This episode of Off Colored Discussions, we sit with Randy Bolduc. A Marine veteran that served as a Corporal for the First Fleet Anti-Terrorism unit. We go over his service, and what he's doing as the Advanced Manufacturing Program Manager for Great Bay Community College. We also go over his shooting competitions. Beer of the Week: Red Hook The Big Ballard IPA, and Bi-Coastal IPA

Duration: 01:15:37

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