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Al Sharpton & Jerry Nadler on hate in America


Duration: 00:58:13

Cecile Richards and the future of choice politics

Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards discusses women senators' role in the health care repeal vote, the resilience of volunteers and clinics, and what the future holds for the abortion fight.

Duration: 00:32:33

Alaska Gov. Bill Walker on the future of independents in politics

Bill Walker sits down with Isaac Dovere to discuss the last time he saw Sarah Palin, standing in the middle of a river at age 12 when an earthquake destroyed his hometown and what his meetings during Energy Week at the White House were like.

Duration: 00:34:22

Obama’s inner circle is urging Deval Patrick to run

Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick sits down with Isaac Dovere at Bain Capital in Boston to discuss his decision to join the investment firm, his tight-knit relationship with President Obama and what's next for his political career.

Duration: 00:43:35

Maz Jobrani on Trump protest comedy

Comedian Maz Jobrani reflects back on his own immigrant experience as a child and how that has influenced his perception of the world, especially now that the country is charged by policies like President Trump's travel ban. Jobrani discusses white protester privilege, finding the funny in Trump, and the president's appeals to some immigrants.

Duration: 00:28:42

Arnold Schwarzenegger's not done with politics

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger sits down with Isaac Dovere to discuss gerrymandering, the similarities between politics and show business, and why he gets under President Trump's skin.

Duration: 00:46:15

Debating free journalism in Cuba

One of the most recognizable journalists from Cuba's state television, Cristina Escobar, sits down with Isaac Dovere to discuss censorship, the impact of President Obama's historic visit in 2016, and Cubans' take on the Trump White House.

Duration: 00:33:34

Can Roy Cooper show Democrats how to win again?

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper talks high school sports highlights, gerrymandering and building up the Democratic party at the state levels. The governor has eyes on 2018 state Legislature races and potential special elections before then, he is launching a multimillion-dollar, multiyear effort to knock Republicans out of the state capital. Read the full story here: http://politi.co/2uDFX21

Duration: 00:39:54

How Trump Is changing the Washington game

Playbook co-authors Anna Palmer and Jake Sherman join the show to discuss how they have reworked their lives around an early morning schedule that keeps them both going 365 days per year and what they think the chances are for any major legislation passing Congress this year.

Duration: 00:36:00

Is Trump a Conservative? Mike Lee says yes

Here’s where Senator Mike Lee, the junior Republican senator from Utah, has landed: Trump makes sense in the White House, as the head of the Republican Party, and as a leader of the conservative moment because that’s what happened. It’s more deduction than enthusiasm. Read full article: http://politi.co/2tEmgpn

Duration: 00:26:50

Wrestling with the Trump White House

Julie Pace, the new Washington bureau chief for the Associated Press, and Peter Baker, the chief White House correspondent for the New York Times discuss how they approach covering a president and White House that clearly wants a war with the media and looks for every opportunity to pick a fight.

Duration: 00:40:10

Gerard Araud: Europeans can't build a future without the Americans

French Ambassador Gerard Araud gives Isaac Dovere his read on Trump’s personality and the advice he gave Macron on dealing with him before their first encounter. Plus, the ambassador delves into how diplomacy in Washington has changed since the inauguration and what he sees as the possible path back to strength for the European Union.

Duration: 00:45:14

Mitch Landrieu: The President of the United Mayors of America

New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu wants to turn the Conference of Mayors into a powerful national platform as cities work around, ignore and resist the White House.

Duration: 00:34:44

Ben Cardin: America in danger of stumbling into war

Maryland Senator Ben Cardin details his bizarre meeting with Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe, how the Trump administration's foreign policy strategy is affecting credibility, his take on Rex Tillerson, and what he's prepared to do if Republicans bring a health care bill to the floor without a hearing.

Duration: 00:35:14

How Jason Kander won by losing

Jason Kander, who came shockingly close to ousting Missouri’s Republican Sen. Roy Blunt last November despite Hillary Clinton’s blowout loss in the state—has been a man in demand the last seven months. Isaac Dovere sits down with him in New Hampshire to discuss enlisting on 9/11, how "mug shots" contributed to his rise to political prominence and what's next for the rising star..

Duration: 00:45:09

Terry McAuliffe looks past the Clintons

The Virginia governor talks skydiving, how he thinks Hillary Clinton needs to step back, taking on Trump, his campaign plans for 2018 and the looming question of whether he'll make his own White House run in 2020.

Duration: 00:50:07

Chad Griffin & Paula Vogel

Human Rights Campaign president Chad Griffin assesses the record of Trump White House--and Ivanka Trump--on gay rights and what the Resistance has to learn. Tony-nominated Paula Vogel talks her play "Indecent" and anxieties about art in the age of Trump.

Duration: 00:55:53

Linda McMahon complains of White House 'bottleneck'

Small Business Administrator Linda McMahon discusses going from bankruptcy to WWE millions, the first time she met Donald Trump, staffing challenges and her mission to introduce more small business owners to the SBA.

Duration: 00:35:58

Wyclef Jean: I might run for office someday

Wyclef Jean’s advice for celebrities who want to get political: Don’t be like Kathy Griffin.Read up, said the musician of Fugees fame, and one-time aspiring celebrity-turned-president himself. And if you’re a high-profile person, think about how what you’re doing and saying might be interpreted, or maybe misinterpreted.

Duration: 00:27:50

Ben Sasse on Trump and being an adult

Mention President Donald Trump’s name and Nebraska Senator Ben Sasse closes his eyes, rocks back and forth on his heels in almost momentary pinched smile meditation, waiting for it to pass.He never liked Trump. He still doesn’t like Trump. And now that he’s promoting his new book, “The Vanishing American Adult,” he doesn’t want to talk about the American president’s not counting as an adult according to the principles he spends 300 pages laying out.

Duration: 01:13:59

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