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OFF THE AIR LIVE is an explosive, uncensored internet talk show that skewers the latest in news, politics, and pop culture. Libertarian radio personality, Cody O'Connor, brings you the craziest, most hot-headed rants every week in what is the most exciting radio show on the web.






Off The Air Live 227 12-20-13

Cody covers the Duck Dynasty baloney, remember I hated these fools way before it was cool / How two bit talk show hosts eat this crap up whilst the NSA does whatever it wants / Nate calls in, and things get drunk and crazy!

Off The Air Live 226 12-14-13

Researchers call Bond an alcoholic. Too bad they couldn't put those resources toward something like, ya know, curing cancer! / The media making a big deal out of selfies and why old timey portraits were way better / The government is a losing proposition / and more drug talk! / Have a good one guys!

Off The Air Live 225 12-12-13

Obama taking a selfie, probably the most important thing. Definitely not the wedding he just droned that killed 15 people! / With legal weed on the way, the temperance movement returns / Top 10 psychoactive drugs used in religious ceremonies. Well that's not very temperancy of you... / Was Santa a shaman drug dealer? / Rob Rebel calls in and we talk about how conspiracy theories are fun / A Fox News anchor wants a white Christmas, and not in the way you might think / 15 reasons why you...

Off The Air Live 224 12-7-13

Nelson "Spear of the Nation" Mandela is dead, bet ya didn't know he killed people! / Paul "Tokyo Drift into a Tree" Walker also dead! It's death week! / Comparing quotes from the two men, you guess who said what / Duck Dynasty rant. Why are there shirts everywhere for those dimwits and no Chomsky tees? / More thoughts on the lovely concept of death, and a nice lil after show for ya! Enjoy!

Off the Air Live 223 11-30-13

Let's dig under the meaningless Kim Kardashian updates of the news and get to some real shit tonight / Metaphysics and Spirit Science, what it means and how tapping into our conciousness can help us break free from going through life as a mindless zombie slave / Consumerism vs capitalism, and why Black Friday is VERY annoying to me / Have an open mind, we covered a lot of weird stuff tonight!

Off The Air Live 222 11-28-13

People around the world are poor and starving, meanwhile I'm turkey stoned / Stuff I'm not thankful for, namely squash / I put my public education to the test with a history of Thanksgiving as I remember it / What really happened / Enjoy!

Off The Air Live 221 11-23-13

Kicking things off with my latest public bathroom horror story / Ruining uggs for uncreative girls / FCC chairman opposses phones on planes, I naturally radically disagree / Thanksgivings coming up / Confessions of dying people, use their advice to wise up before ya die / Enjoy!

Off The Air Live 220 11-21-13

Getting crazy with Cody and Nate tonight! / Our hats are off to the great and hilarious Rob Ford. What's the big deal with crack anyways? / Guys don't need legs, they're gross anyway / The worlds tallest waterslide, thanks white people / Taking calls and much more!

Off The Air Live 219 11-16-13

Cody watched a movie called "What the Fuck do we Know" and it's a doc about some fringe science / Can you be addicted to your emotions? / MaLinda Bee on ethics and liberty / Much more, real Joe Rogan-ey type of episode!

Off The Air Live 218 11-14-13

How Godaddy so kindly parked my website without any warning / Two stories about ball nailers tonight, thank god these morons can't procreate now / Convenience store gamblers, and how I love the stupid tax, let's have more stupid taxes / Splling beer on MaLinda Bee / And a wrap up of my thoughts on Veterans day and Patriotism / Enjoy!

Off The Air Live 217 11-8-13

Welcome to POTland! / How prohibition started in Maine with alcohol, and how it's starting to end with weed / The police don't plan on acting any different, and other issues with the ordinance / Bitstrips are the new Photobooth, and I hate them / Howard calls and we talk relationships and pot stories / Health talk with Nate, lots of interesting stuff! / Cya!

Off The Air Live 216 11-2-13

Oh man is it political sign season! These losers think they're so effective! / Newsflash, religious pamphlets don't work either / Calls from Howard and Nathan on the topic / If your slogan is "Death to America" you might be taking life to seriously / Enjoy!!!

Off The Air Live 215 10-31-13

Live on a rainy Halloween! Hope you went as Madeline / Who cares about an elephant at a circus, go spend your money on a nice steak / People dressing up as Duck Dynasty or Miley Cyrus are the worst / Speaking of scary, Obamacare! / Nate and Nathan join / Much, much more!

Off The Air Live 214 10-26-13

Oooh we got a cop story tonight, bonus, I got accused of smelling of alcohol / Getting in depth into what happened / That's about it, see you guys in a few days!

Off The Air Live 213 10-24-13

It's the Nate and Nathan hour! Just listen!

Off The Air Live 212 10-19-13

The panic induced by my Internet going down this morning. Am I addicted? / Oreos are no more addictive than heroin. People just like things that feel good / Bored and lonely people are more prone to drug use, so is the solution to make life more fun? / Addiction to Statism, and the failed idea of stopping people from hurting themselves / Addiction to power in politics, the worst one of them all!

Off The Air Live 211 10-17-13

Don't mind me, I'm just too busy bein' poor! / Why the Monetary policy is to blame for a higher cost of living, and the debt ceiling is directly related. End the Fed! / Making fun of dollar folding conspiracies / Good Morning America sucks, and so do the "artists" they get on / #suicide / Bomb cartoon suspension / Enjoy!

Off The Air Live 210 10-12-13

The TSA now plays a message over their loudspeaker that you will be arrested for inappropriate jokes, so I give you a few examples of what a TSA joke might sound like / EBT got effed up today! / It must be nice to like sports, because this debt ceiling whatever is becoming annoying / An episode of Undercover Boss that got me going. And no, it's not a libertarian anything, I just didn't like it. I'm allowed to do that / Enjoy!

Off The Air Live 209 10-11-13

Enough talk about the government, we do a laid back OTAL on a bunch of other stuff / Food and dieting talk...trying to go paleo as a poor man / Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad / Bomb threats are just a way out of tests / Sexual stuff / Halloween / Probably more!

Off The Air Live 208 10-5-13

The Feds shut down the oceans and the canyons / Media hype and fear mongering / Could they shutdown the airwaves or internet with this logic? / Talk show hosts who are starting to get it / more!
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