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Exclusive: A Conversation with Former Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz

EPIC Director Michael Greenstone talks with former Secretary of Energy Ernest Moniz for an insiders look into his life, the climate threat, and the need for energy innovation in this special edition podcast.

Duration: 00:36:45

There’s an App For That: The Role of Data Transparency in the War on Pollution

Over the past two decades, rapid economic growth powered by cheap, conventional energy had fueled an incredible increase in Chinese living standards lifting millions out of poverty. Yet today, China is grappling with a new challenge: the environmental costs of that growth, most commonly experienced through dangerously high levels of air pollution that are shortening lives throughout the country. Chinese environmentalist Ma Jun is helping to change that. After convincing the Chinese...

Duration: 00:46:30

Renewable Power and the US Grid: Reliability & The Future of ‘Baseload’ Power

The U.S. Department of Energy recently proposed a rule that would subsidize the ailing coal and nuclear industries, arguing that these sources of electricity are needed to ensure grid reliability as renewable fuels gain market share. Critics of the proposed rule say it is an unnecessary bailout of uncompetitive and dirty energy sources, and that renewables pose no threat to grid reliability. What are the major factors driving change in the U.S. grid? What are the challenges facing...

Duration: 00:51:54

The True Cost of Climate Change: Reinforcing Inequality?

As India, Niger, and the southern United States grapple with historic flooding, new research is illustrating the inclusive costs of climate events and whom they affect the most. A changing environment – via floods, droughts, or storms – affects residents indiscriminately, yet it is the economically disadvantaged who struggle to adapt and recover. The World Bank reports that climate change will drive an additional 100 million people into poverty by 2030, disproportionately affecting...

Duration: 00:41:11

Do Investments In Energy Efficiency Deliver?

A new study by EPIC's Fiona Burlig is the latest of several studies to show the projected savings from energy efficiency investments far outpace the actual returns. 'Off the Charts' guest host Jeff McMahon talks with Burlig to unpack the challenges.

Duration: 00:30:27

The Future of Coal Under Trump

During the campaign, Trump promised to roll back regulations that reduce carbon emissions in the power sector and put laid-off coal workers back on the job. Can he meet those promises? For more, read these Forbes pieces by EPIC's Steve Cicala and Mark Templeton: Who's Waging The War On Coal? Not The Government:…ent/#2964a2237543 Building On Clinton's Plan To Revitalize Coal Country:…try/#53f7d9105fc7

Duration: 00:32:00