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24.5: We A Some Qs

It’s a new year with new experiences to have and new challenges to face! Like having your schedule completely derailed by medical emergencies! (On an unrelated note, RJ met his unfortunate demise under circumstances that are neither mysterious or criminally suspicious). Megan and RJ Jr. Part 2: The Sequel answer submitted questions in this special […]

Duration: 00:31:31

16: Adjust Your Expectations Accordingly

In this positively Dickensian episode, Megan and RJ attempt to discuss Great Expectations and its young hero Pip, but get sidetracked by everything from Chuck E. Cheese to forgetting the lyrics to Hamilton. Listen and learn the lost art of Ye Olde English Negging, the benefits of having your own special convict, and why Vin Diesel would've been the perfect person to teach Pip the importance of family.

Duration: 01:12:31

15: I Love You, Most Awkwardly.

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single podcast in possession of a Jane Austen novel, must be in want of a guest host. Fellow Literary Post-Grad Monique joins Megan and RJ for a timeless tale of husband-hunting and being Too British For Feelings. RJ is out of his element, Megan doubles down on Quirk Classics, and Monique desperately tries to actually teach the listeners something about literature.

Duration: 01:18:57

14: Their Eyes Were Watching God Drop the Bass

In this episode, we cover Zora Neale Hurston's novel about race, gender, and feminine agency in the horrible, horrible swamps of Florida. Join us as we learn things like where Hurston is *probably* buried, Floridian Hurricane protocol, and why Jacksonville is just objectively the worst place ever. RJ refuses to forget about Moana, Megan caucasians it up, and "Bangarang" is played way more than you would expect...please don't tell Skrillex.

Duration: 01:06:32

13: Hamlet! REVEEEENGE!

Big Willy Shakespeare returns! We learn about Amleth, the original Norse myth that's better in every way, just how bad the "Bad Quarto" version of the play is, and why when your ghost dad tells you to stab your uncle in the taint you really shouldn't overthink it. Featuring a special segment dedicated to discussing the NY Public Theater's current production of Hamlet, starring Oscar Issac - and more importantly - Oscar Isaac's butt.

Duration: 01:12:49

12: Giant Bugs, John Leguizamo, & the Jewish People

Bodies change. Everyone knows that. One day you're slim-waisted with a thick, beautiful head of hair and the next you're a writhing, oozing insect monster. On this episode, we close our eyes and swat a newspaper at Franz Kafka's The Metamorphosis, a squirmy story of transformation and terrible family members. We cover Kafka's complicated relationship with Judaism, make some A+ film pitches (and some D- impressions), and are just really, unnecessarily mean to John Leguizamo.

Duration: 00:51:37

11: Go Make Your Blue China Proud

In the nick of time for Pride Month, we baseball slide in with our first (as far as we know) gay author, Oscar Wilde, and our first guest host: our friend and fellow Literature Masochist, Scott. Enjoy wacky rich people antics and thinly veiled euphemisms as we learn why you should think before you sue someone, just what's so hot about being named Ernest, and how best to live up to your blue china's expectations.

Duration: 00:57:59

10: On the Hunt for the Great White Dick

Weigh anchor and climb aboard the good ship Oh No! Lit Class for an extra-special, extra-long, extra...whale...y episode! Moby Dick takes us through such troubled waters as unfortunate child-naming trends, the homoerotic act of squeezing whale sperm, an unexpected amount of singing, and a title character who can barely be bothered to show up to his own book. Megan is sick and struggles to not to make gross sniffling noises while RJ yells at Starbucks.

Duration: 01:23:14

9: With Apologies to Margaret Atwood

In this episode, we abandon our integrity, dignity, and tagline so that we can jump on The Handmaid's Tale bandwagon...and then mention the TV show maybe once. Instead, we learn why RJ shouldn't be allowed to talk about authors who are still alive, pitch an idea for an action/adventure spin-off, and discover the dark truth behind why the story is set in what used to be Boston.

Duration: 00:47:50

8: There Will Be Yams

You know what they say, "You gotta plant the yams first. Then, when you have the yams, you have the power." We're pretty sure that's how that one goes. Dive into Things Fall Apart as RJ makes far too many 90's wrestling references while Megan, against her better judgment, recites some Kendrick Lamar lyrics, and we are all reminded that Imperialist White People Ruin Everything They Touch.

Duration: 00:51:43

7: It’s Alive! It’s a Lie?

Megan and RJ are here to tell you that everything you know about Frankenstein is wrong. Not only is he the doctor, not the monster, he's not even an actual doctor! Also, there's no Igor...but there might be some Al Gore. We discuss the dumpster fire that was Mary Shelley's life and why it's important to love your children even if they're an affront to God and like, just so incredibly ugly.

Duration: 00:46:53

6: Something’s Sinful in Salem

You know how it is, your husband says he's gonna meet you in the New World, he doesn't show up, you sleep with a priest, the town shuns you because you're full of sin, Batman's there...Megan and RJ read The Scarlet Letter and learn that revenge is a dish best served 7 years later and that no one ever wants to shovel the poop hill.

Duration: 00:55:01

5: Sex in the Totalitarian Dystopia

In this episode, Megan and RJ talk about 1984, George Orwell's bleak image of a dark future where one man really, really, REALLY wants to get his bone on. We ignore most of the probing philosophical questions in favor of George Michael, Apple products, and a phone call from Little Brother.

Duration: 00:55:24

4: Emily Dickinson: Harbinger of Death

Poet, recluse...murderer? Probably not that last thing but wow did everyone Emily ever love sure die a whole bunch. Megan and RJ take the Dickinson train to Sadness Town, realize how little they actually know about poetry, and make more stupid Simpsons jokes.

Duration: 00:53:06

3: Isn’t It Byronic? Don’t You Think?

It's like raaaa-eee-aaaiiin on your wedding day! ...Or like finding out your fiance is already married and has been keeping his wife locked in the attic of his house, on your wedding day. It's time for Jane Eyre! Megan and RJ make horrible mouth noises, sing entirely too much and ponder the question, "Where exactly SHOULD you keep your secret wife?"

Duration: 00:52:29

2: Ain’t No Party Like A West Egg Party

In this episode, we're talking about The Great Gatsby! We'll explore the cultural context of the Jazz Age, how writing a novel can be the sickest burn of all, and why it's so hard to think of a memorable Robert Redford movie. Mostly though, Megan and RJ make a ton of wiener jokes. Like, just so many.

Duration: 00:50:42

1: “Ey Yo, Macbeth!”

In this first episode, we learn about Shakespeare's Macbeth: the crazy, bloodthirsty murderer, and Historical Macbeth: the pretty okay dude. Megan gets history-shamed, RJ is under the impression that all Scottish people are actually from Brooklyn, and we all fondly remember the 90's cartoon show, Gargoyles.

Duration: 00:49:12