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Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Episode 73 | Farm Science Review!

Time again for the annual Farm Science Review. Joel, Ty, and Matt join us for this week's podcast outside of the Ohio's Country Journal barn on the grounds of the review. The crew encourages you to stop by. In this week's podcast, Joel brings back from the trip to Canada a roundtable discussion between Ohio dairy farmers, milk equipment suppliers, and more from the long bus ride back from Canada's Outdoor Farm Show. Ty has a conversation in the first corn harvest cab cam of 2018 with Rob...


Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Episode 72 | County Fair Teamwork, FFA Jacket Origins and Dairy Robots

This week on the Ohio Ag Net Podcast brought to you by AgriGold, Ty Higgins talks with Richland County Fair Board President Jason Snyder about helping out the Wayne County Fair over the weekend. Dale Minyo visits with Ohio FFA Vice President Holly McClay about the recent ceremony in Fredricktown, Ohio, commemorating the home of the FFA Jacket. Matt Reese sits down with Rick Crawford about his Ohio Century Farm in Adams County. Joel travels to Canada for their farm show in Ontario along with...


Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Episode 71 | An Update on the Farm Bill and Trade Issues

This week on the Ohio Ag Net Podcast, Ty Higgins visited Bret Davis on his Delaware County farm. Davis is on the Legislative Committee for the American Soybean Association, so he has some interesting insights on the new Farm Bill, which will be worked out next week, as well as trade issues hampering agriculture.


Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Episode 70 | Lessons learned (some surprising) on the Ohio Crop Tour

The Ohio Ag Net crew comes together after the 2018 Ohio Crop Tour to talk results and lessons learned. Host Joel Penhorwood speaks with Bart Johnson and Matt Reese. Ty Higgins is busy on the Midwest crop tour while Dale Minyo is hanging out at county fairs this time of year.


Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Episode 69 | It's crop tour time!

The 69th episode of the Ohio Ag Net Podcast, courtesy of AgriGold, brings together Ty Higgins, Matt Reese, and Joel Penhorwood ahead of one of the busiest times of the year — crop tour time! The team talks what they expect to see and a bit about the USDA reports on Friday. We also hear from Jon Scheve, grain merchandiser, in his reaction to the report. Ty talks with Jason Williamson about crop insurance outlook. Matt Reese is joined by Duane Stateler, talking water quality on his...


Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Episode 68 | State Fair wraps up and high oleic soybeans get going

The Ohio Ag Net Podcast joins the Ohio Ag Net crew of Joel Penhorwood, Matt Reese, and Ty Higgins as they recover from the 2018 Ohio State Fair. They reflect on some of their best memories of the Ohio State Fair. Ty Higgins talks with John Motter, a constant advocate of high oleic soybeans, about some notable changes that hit the industry. Dale Minyo hears from Pat Hord, CEO of Hord Livestock, during the recent Crawford County Fair. The two talk the state of the livestock industry as well as...


Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Episode 67 | LIVE from the Ohio State Fair!

This week's Ohio Ag Net Podcast, brought to you by AgriGold, takes Matt Reese, Joel Penhorwood and Ty Higgins to the Ohio State Fair! They visit with National Pork Producers Council President Jim Heimerl, the producer of the Ohio State Fair Podcast Vince Tornero and they feature all of the Jr. Livestock winners so far at the fair!


Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Episode 66 | #WaterDrama18

A busy time in Ohio agriculture with #WaterDrama18 heating up. The crew of Ty Higgins, Dale Minyo, Joel Penhorwood, and Matt Reese talks the latest developments in the ongoing water quality situation in Ohio. In this episode, we hear interviews with Ohio Soybean Council's Tom Fontana, Steve Culman of Ohio State University (talking fertilizer recommendations), Ben Bowsher on 2018 wheat, and showman Collin Britton of Wood County who recently received a character award from the BEST series.


Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Episode 65 | Clean water and what to do about it

The 65th episode of the Ohio Ag Net Podcast, brought to you by AgriGold, joins host Matt Reese alongside Joel Penhorwood and Ty Higgins. Lake Erie and water quality is the topic of the week after Ohio Governor John Kasich made an executive order on the matter, temporarily surpassing the wishes of agricultural groups. Interviews in this week's episode include Ohio Director of Agriculture David Daniels, Ohio Corn and Wheat Executive Director Tadd Nicholson, and Rick Stumpf of the National...


Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Episode 64 | Tariffs, Zeedyk Farms, County Fairs, and Triticale

The Ohio Ag Net Podcast hears from American Soybean Association's Bret Davis; Roger, Roger, and Mike Zeedyk from Feeding Farmers; Dave Brandt on cover crops and Tricale; and the latest adventures around Ohio's county fairs. Joel, Ty, and Matt have all that and more in this week's podcast brought to you by AgriGold.


Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Episode 63 | Quick progress with crops and the Farm Bill

Forget corn getting knee-high by the 4th of July. Many Ohio fields are tasseling this week. Joel Penhorwood checks in with Farm Science Review's Nate Douridas, Dale Minyo visits with Marion County farmer Joe Shaeffer and Matt talks dairy goats with Mark Baden, who recently judged at the National Dairy Goat Show in Columbus. Ty Higgins hosts this week's podcast, brought to you by AgriGold.


Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Episode 62 | Summer fun and fungicides

The Ohio Ag Net crew talks giant hogweed, fungicides, helicopter aerial application, and summer fun in this podcast. Ty hears from Aaron Drake of Sunrise Cooperative on aerial application from a helicopter and the uniqueness of the job. Dale talks to John Brien, AgriGold agronomist, on what to keep in mind with regard to fungicides. We also hear from Karl Marshall, a farmer from Auglaize County, who was week two's winner of Feeding Farmers.


Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Episode 61 | State-of-the-art feed mill, Farm Bill, and feeding farmers

The Ohio Ag Net podcast, brought to you by AgriGold, brings you interviews with Senator Sherrod Brown on the Senate Farm Bill. We hear from Jeff Neal of Kalmbach Feeds on the company's brand new feed mill near Upper Sandusky. Brady Campbell of the OSU Sheep Team gives us an update on parasites in livestock. And the first week of Feeding Farmers in 2018 has come and gone, where Joel visited with Roger Yocom on their farm's unique history and more.


Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Episode 60 | A legal win and a rainy weekend

The 60th episode of the Ohio Ag Net Podcast, sponsored by AgriGold, brings the crew of Joel Penhorwood, Dale Minto, and Ty Higgins. Ty talks with George Secor, CEO of Sunrise Cooperative, about a legal win after the company's recent merger.


Ohio Ag Net Podcast Episode 59 - About Greenbacks and Greenhouses

This week on the podcast, brought to you by AgriGold, Dale Minyo and Ty Higgins talk about how the new changes to Dodd-Frank will help local, community banks and Matt visits Green Valley Growers in Ashland!


Ohio Ag Net Podcast Episode 58 - Royal Events; "Pork and Circumstance"

This week on the Podcast Joel, Ty and Matt recap a couple of royal events over the weekend (one that included pork!). Matt talks about the response to his water quality regulations blog, Ty discussing the rise in diesel costs and Joel recaps the Fall Bill failure on the House floor last week.


Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Episode 57 | A cab cam combo

This week's podcast contains conservations between Matt Reese and Paul Dorrance, a farmer in favor of more natural farming practices. Ty Higgins has a chat with a couple young farmers in various tractor cabs this past week. Joel Penhorwood talks with Jon Scheve, grain merchandiser with Superior Feed Ingredients.


Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Episode 56 | Eddie George, FFA, Corn, RINs, Planting, and Sinkholes

The crew recaps coverage of the Ohio FFA Convention, in which the student reporters spoke with keynote speaker Eddie George and Dale Minyo talked with Todd Peterson. An important call to action day for corn farmers is here and Ty Higgins caught up with Ohio Corn and Wheat's Tadd Nicholson. A sinkhole in a farm field in Logan County is getting attention. Joel Penhorwood hears from Sunny Yoesting on the situation happening on her farm. All that and much more in this week's podcast, sponsored...


Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Episode 55 | Planting time!

The Ohio Ag Net Podcast, brought to you by AgriGold, finally has some warm weather to talk about! Host Ty Higgins will be on the road this week to jump in the cab with farmers from around the state as they put seed in the ground. He also talks cost of production with Carrie Johnson of Cargill Ag Marketing Service. Matt Reese has the latest update on watershed research from Grand Lake St. Marys in his conversations with Bill Knapke and Stephen Jacquemin of Wright State's Lake Campus. The crew...


Ohio Ag Net Podcast | Episode 54 | Farmers Share, Farm Finances, and Farming Indoors

Warm weather brought short sleeves for the 54th episode of the Ohio Ag Net Podcast, brought to you by AgriGold. Joel Penhorwood talks with Marlee Stollar about the recent Farmers Share event held by the Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow at Ohio State. Matt Reese has a conversation about micro greens and indoor farming with Daniel Klemens. Ty Higgins speaks with Brent Ditmars of Farm Credit Mid-America. The crew, including Dale Minyo, has more fun in the sun with this week's podcast.