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Hear a selection of live concerts and sets from Okkervil River.

Hear a selection of live concerts and sets from Okkervil River.
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Hear a selection of live concerts and sets from Okkervil River.




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Alt-country, Texan based "Okkervil River" can also lay claim to being amongst the most critically lauded indie bands of the past decade. Their sixth studio album, "I Am Very Far," is characteristically dark but often surprisingly lyrical and complex.

World Caf from WXPN

Austin based collective, Okkervil River, joins host David Dye on this edition of World Cafe Words and Music from WXPN. Since their debut in 2002, the indie rock group led by singer songwriter Will Sheff has become known for their cinematic concept albums. Breaking from tradition, they've forfeited a formal theme on the new disc, I Am Very Far, and recorded in different studios across the country, lending a distinct personality to each track.

World Caf from WXPN

Originally designed as half of a two-disc set, Okkervil River's The Stand Ins is an extention of last year's critically acclaimed The Stage Names. The new disc sticks to its predecessor's ambitious path, mixing up hints of country twang and Motown with orchestral interludes.

Okkervil River Already Looking Ahead

With all the worldwide praise and success it's attracted in recent years, Okkervil River can't really be viewed as "a local band" in its hometown of Austin, Tex. On this year's The Stage Names, the group's songs are both sad and happy, sometimes at the same time. Apart from showcasing some of the album's songs, the guys shared the origin of their sound, touring, South by Southwest, insomnia and influences.

World Caf from WXPN

With a sound that combines folk, indie-rock, pop and orchestral elements, Okkervil River crafts a groundbreaking, original and intensely emotional sound, making the Austin band a cultishly beloved up-and-comer.

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