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Episode 006 – The Texas Law Hawk and Jared Doesn’t Read the News.

In this episode we are delighted to interview Brian Wilson, the Texas Law Hawk! If you’re not familiar, stop what you’re doing and watch this now: We talk with Brian about the struggles of being a solo practitioner, and about the challenges and opportunities with marketing yourself as one of thousands of attorneys. Brian mentions […]

Duration: 00:49:13

Episode 4 – Trust the Internet for Legal Advice…

In this episode, Jordan Flake and Brandon Trout try to predict what suggestions the internet provides for people seeking legal advice. Hint: It’s crazy times. We also talk about how to know if you should go to law school, what startup culture is like at the Hyperloop, and what attorneys are singing about in Texas. (Weed. […]

Duration: 00:41:11

Episode 003 – Unusual Celebrity Wills, Why Juries Are Just Plain Crazy, and Klingon Legal Briefs.

This week we play “Will or Won’t” where Jared and Jordan try to guess if a celebrity will provision is real or if I just made it up. We also play “Quiz Show” as normal, featuring conversation about unusual child names, big class actions, and the spirit of justice, exploration, and boldy going where no […]

Duration: 00:26:27

Epidsode 002 – Pro Se or No Se, Heiress Cats, and Chicken Costumes in Court.

In this episode, the panelists formerly known as Jared and Jordan take a look at some unusual court filings, consider the future of the Prince estate and how it relates to poodles, and try to fathom reasons why a plaintiffs’ attorney would dress like a chicken during closing arguments. Part 1: Pro Se or No […]

Duration: 00:26:52

Episode 001 – Closets, Conscience, and Naked College Students

In this episode, Jared and Jordan wax philisophical on the nature of the conscience of Republicans, their daily rate to be locked in a closet, and much much more.

Duration: 00:32:22