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Episode 15- Harder Than Contra!

At Long Last! I go on location to the super secret lair of Harder Than Contra, an amazing band that performs modern covers of retro video game music. We talk about old school games, the genesis of the projectm musical concepts, and plans for their upcoming album. Great conversation and an awesome time. Fans of retro games and music will love this one. Be sure to check them out on all the social media stuffs! Instagram.com/harderthancontra YouTube: Harder Than Contra Twitter:...


Episode 14- Bradly Miranda, Musical Genius!

Recording Studio Wizard Bradly Miranda stops by the studio for some long awaited podcasting magic. We discuss working with worldwide legends MxPx at Monkey Trench Studios, his friendships with rock stars, his own musical projects, and his insight into the recording industry and the music business as a whole. Time flew by really fast on this one. So fast, I’m sure we will have Bradly on again soon! Special note to Jesse Lawson and Matthew Wolk- Got some cozy couches here and some extra...


Episode 13- Pooper Bowls and Chimichangas

Whaaaaaaaat???? Peacock Talkin’ bout sports??? How is that even possible? Oh, but it is! Here’s my recap of Super Bowl 52 (hereby renamed the “Pooper Bowl”)! Hear my insgightful and inspiring views on the matchup, the controversial plays, the riots, the protests, the lame ass haltime (cough) show(cough), and the shit eating (not talking about Tom Brady). And…Go!!! ontheedgepodcast.podbean.com Twitter: @ontheedgeiam Facebook: www.facebook.com/ontheedgepodcast (@ontheedgepodcast) Also on...


Episode 12- Baked, Awake, and On The Edge!

Pull up yer big kid pants and hang on for dear life! This doozy of an episode features a smorgasbord of awesomeness, provided by Baked and Awake’s own Steve Cominksi! We delve into I-502 and the inner workings of the legal marijuana industry. We discuss ins, outs, perceptions, and dabs! Eductional, informational, and recreational! Oh! and Inspirational! Give yourself some time to listen to this one. It’s long. And full. Website: ontheedgepodcast.podbean.com Twitter: @OnTheEdgeIam FB:...


Episode 11- The Return of Linda Nicole Blair

Singer/Songwriter Linda Nicole Blair returns to the show for a second time to discuss her newly released Album No Limits. We discuss her current projects, the differences between her two albums, perspectives on the studio experience, and her recent African Safari. We close out the show with another live acoustic solo performance of epic proportions! Website: ontheedgepodcast.gmail.com Facebook: @OnTheEdgePodcast Twitter: @OnTheEdgeIam Also on iTunes and Google Play


Episode 10!- Piles (Literally) of New Year’s Ridiculousness

Happy Belated New Year! I figured it was about time I got off my lazy ass and published a new episdode! There’s a lot of new things in store for the show this year, and I discuss some upcoming guests and plans. The meat and potatoes of the show is me talking about some of the recent shitty news stories (in the literal sense lol). This is a light hearted episdode, quirky and funny, meant to kick off the year! Thanks to the Janitors of Chaos of letting me use their song “The Riddle of...


Episode 9- Post Thanksgiving, Pre Christmas Madness!

In this episode I torment the listener by recanting my experiences working Thanksgiving and Black Friday this year. I also drink delicious single malt Scotch while discussing my near death encounter with a ladder and chastise thin skinned holiday shoppers. I close the show by condeming douchey celebs and public figures. Many shout outs to my fellow podcasters and peers who have been supportive and inspirational! Thanks everyone!


Episode 8-Steve Fournier (Pt 2) Fever 103 & Loverboy!

Part 2 of my epic discussion with Steve Fournier! We dig into his Foreigner tribute band Fever 103 and delve into his recent experience singing on stage with Loverboy! Since this concert, Steve’s exposure has skyrocketed, resulting in several youtube videos and interviews from news stations as well as a spot on Dori Monson’s radio show! Excited to have been able to have him on the show! Thanks again to the Janitors Of Chaos for providing the music!


Episode 8-Steve Fournier (Pt 1) The Janitors of Chaos!

Fresh off his stint of filling in for Loverboy in Everett when the lead singer got sick, Steve Fournier joins me On The Edge to discuss his debut album with his band The Janitors of Chaos. We discuss the origins of the band, playing with Chris Poland and Tony MacAlpine, reminisce about drunken stupidity, and wax philosophical about the metal days. This is part one of two. Part two we’ll delve into Fever 103 and Loverboy. Website:ontheedgepodcast.podbean.com Twitter:...


Episode 7- Spoiler Country (Part 2)

As promised, here is the anticipated second part of my epic session with Johnny and Kenric from Spoiler Country! As requested, going forward, all Episodes posted in Facebook and Twitter should now play directly in the browser rather than opening a second window or redirecting to Podbean. Also on Itunes and Google Play! Facebook: @OnTheEdge Twitter: OnTheEdgeIam Don’t forget to follow SPOILER COUNTRY on all the social media sites!


Episode 7- Spoiler Country ( Part 1)

Do you like comics? Wanna know how the industry works? Then check out this episode! Kenric Regan and John Horsely host a comic-centered podcast called Spoiler Country. They join me live in studio. We discuss all things comics, plus Kenric opens up old wounds by detailing my drunken high school antics. Then we realize that Vampires are actually symbolic representations of Nazis. That will make sense at the end I promise! Once again, I ran long on this. So I broke this up into 2 parts. The...


Episode 6- This job would be great if…(Part 2)

As the title suggests, this is PART 2 of my customer service rant! Enjoy! As always, please like, subscribe, and share!


Episode 6- This Job Would be great if… (Part 1 )

This rant got so long, I had to break it up into 2 episodes! If you’ve ever dealt with difficult customers, this topic is for you! If you are a difficult customer…Move along, move along. This is PART ONE! Check it out at: ontheedgepodcast.podbean.com https://ontheedgepodcast.podbean.com/feed/ Facebook: @ontheedgepodcast And on Itunes! email: ontheedgepodcast@gmail.com


Episode 5- Linda Nicole Blair!

Local recording artist and goddess of Americana Linda Nicole Blair stops by the studio to discuss her debut album as well as her as-yet-untitled upcoming new one! We get an amazing acoustic performance of some unreleased new material, and have a blast dissecting the studio experience, live shows, and some personal projects she’s got on the burner! An amazing hour of intellectual musical awesomeness! Check it out! Also on Itunes!


Episode 4- Han(d) Solo and Ryan(’s) Cox

Ryan Cox stops by the studio, and we have an epic nerdfest about the upcoming Han Solo movie and Star Wars in general. We wax philosophical about Ron Howard’s potential for the franchise, go in super deep (giggity) to the numerous sources of lore, and Ryan actually compares Star Wars to the Bible lol. We also forgot to talk about Kevin Smith and the fact that both of our last names have perceived references to male genitalia. This is an hour and twelve minutes of true geekdom. You’re...


Episode 3- Pets at the Store

Well I wasn’t going to post this until next week, but a recent incident at a local store got me all riled up again. Thats the nature of the beast! This episode will be about-you guessed it- pets at the store. Let the bitching commence!


Episode 2- The Fibs!

The Fibs stop by the studio and bless us all with witty banter, drink lots of beer and water, discuss the inner workings of the Fibs machine, put my meat in their mouths, and perform a rare acoustic set of three songs including one new one. Piles of awesomeness indeed!