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Don't Pee Next to Me

On episode 23, LJ and Jhen discuss if its okay to like pop singers, choosing fantasy football over important matters, bathroom etiquette, IT, creepy chat rooms and much more.

Duration: 01:42:26

The Money Fight

On episode 22 of "On Wax" LJ and J-Hen discuss their four day trip to Vegas which included heavy gambling, meeting celebrities, a close fist fight, and one crazy weigh in experience.

Duration: 01:56:06

Let Me Hold $50

On episode 21 of "On Wax" LJ and J-Hen discuss their upcoming trip to Las Vegas to watch the Mayweather vs. Mcgregor fight, fantasy football and the big name player, the $700 million Powerball lottery and more. They also tell the story of being teenagers and playing poker in a sketchy underground league.

Duration: 01:22:20

Sake Bombs

In episode 20 of "On Wax," LJ and J-Hen discuss ALCOHOL, the Paulie versus Conor beef, the upcoming fantasy football season, new horror movies hitting theaters and the North Korea threat. They also discuss Big Baller Brand, the Elliot suspension and more!

Duration: 01:53:35

S**t's About to Get Real: Part II

On episode 19 of "On Wax" J-Hen interviews Ashia for part two of the "S**t's About to Get Real" series. The two talk about the latest in music, current events and some personal questions are asked.

Duration: 01:24:28

Shit's About to Get Weird: Part 1

In episode 18 of "On Wax" LB and J-Hen welcome guest C-Wade to the podcast. They ask C-Wade some questions about his interest and his personal life. They also discuss who's running the hip-hop game, if Drake is washed up, and the latest in sports news.

Duration: 01:04:34

Purple Stuff

LB and J-Hen return from a hiatus to give you episode 17 of "On Wax." In this episode they discuss, where they've been, buying Lean at the convience store, the latest NBA trade news, the beef between LeBron and Kyrie, the upcoming Mayweather Vs. McGregor fight, Big Baller Brand and much more!

Duration: 01:18:43

Can You Pay The Tab?

On episode 17 of "On Wax", LB and JHen discuss relationship tips, including should if the girl should ever pay on the first date; where can you take a date on $40.00; is a kiss on the first date acceptable and more. They also discuss the latest news in sports including the NBA playoffs, Lavar Ball's BBB shoes, GGG vs. Canelo and the Mayweather vs. McGregor drama!

Duration: 01:33:32

Four Drinks for $100???

On episode 15 of "On Wax", J-Hen returns from his Vegas trip and talks about all the crazy times he had alongside Kris (Lion). J-Hen and LB also discuss some of their favorite getaway locations, and the latest sports news including the NBA playoff race, Tony Parker's major injury and the upcoming Alvarez vs. Chavez Jr. fight.

Duration: 01:54:43

24K Magic

On episode 13 of "On Wax", LB is unable to make it, but special guest "Randini" magically appears to save the day. They discuss magic tricks, San Antonio, their favorite actors, and much more.

Duration: 01:11:36

The Fart That Changed it All

In episode 12, LB and JHen put "On Wax" getting slapped by a parent, what's the best root beer ever made, the 2017 NBA playoffs and Ward vs. Kovalev II. They also discuss cutting up in class, and the time when a teacher's fart forced LB to make a tough decision.

Duration: 01:36:09

I See Dead People

In episode 11, LB's relationship is put to the test! Also, they discuss the latest on Derrick Rose's knees, Tony Romo calling it quits from the NFL, and the most recent NBA playoff news. JHen also talks about the time he was chased by a serial killer, and LB tells the story of when we saw a ghost. They also ask the question, are UFOs real?

Duration: 01:40:24

Cash Me At The Bijou

In episode 9 of "On Wax", J-Hen has a special guest, Super Dave, to help out in LB's absence. They discuss Dave's cycling incident, pool parties in Vegas with the Russian Mob, recent NBA news, and LB's sexy radio voice. They also ask the question, what's considered a girl's drink?

Duration: 01:04:11

Three Plays on a Broken Leg

In episode 8, LB and JHen put "On Wax" if Lonzo Ball is ready for the NBA, crushed childhood dreams, and if the Warriors will be the NBA champs. They also ask the question, is there an athletic gene, whether kids should play football, and JHen tells the story of guy who went three plays on a broken leg!

Duration: 01:22:25

Dead Battery & No Charger

In episode 7, LB and JHen put "On Wax" the most dangerous game in Vegas, the biggest brawls in the NBA, their biggest pet peeves and more. Their friend Dion “I’m Gone” Dawson joins them to discuss Chicago, Slim Jesus, Ice Dream clothing and fitness tips for improving your life. Also, something goes wrong.

Duration: 01:33:06

And the Tables Have Turned

In episode 6, LB and JHen introduce special guest, Gus to the Podcast. Gus turns the tables by putting LB and JHen "On Wax" for things said in previous episodes. The group discusses if Kawhi Leonard is a superstar; who's the better artist between Chance the Rapper and J. Cole, and much more!

Duration: 00:54:51

Who's the Best Smack Talker in Boxing?

In Episode 5 of "On Wax", LB and JHen welcome a special guest, Kris (Lion) Ellis to the show. On this show they discuss if the GGG fight was controversial, if Romo is needed as a Houston Texan, and if Harden is the new league MVP. The group also puts "On Wax" Drakes new album, the best smack talkers in boxing, and the most popular Texas rap songs.

Duration: 01:16:22

Lonzo Ball's Dad said What?!?

On episode 3 the crew talks about the top free agents still available in the NFL. Are the Golden State Warriors afraid on San Antonio? March Madness! Zeke Drama, Music, & much more!!!

Duration: 01:00:10

On Wax Ep. 2

On episode 2 of On Wax, LB and JHEN discuss if Adrian Peterson should retire, Russell Westbrook passing Wilt Chamberlain's triple double record and the latest NBA news. They also discuss the newest movies out in theaters and what they think are the scariest movies they have seen.

Duration: 00:59:57

On Wax Ep. 1

On the first episode of On Wax, LB and JHen discuss big trades in the NFL, the NBA MVP, Tony Romo's fate, and the possible Mayweather vs. McGregor fight.

Duration: 01:16:35