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Join Yvette @iammshenry, Natalie Richards and Jade @Jones_babyx as they bring you the weeks most jarring, idiotic and sometimes insightful topics in pop culture.

Join Yvette @iammshenry, Natalie Richards and Jade @Jones_babyx as they bring you the weeks most jarring, idiotic and sometimes insightful topics in pop culture.
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Join Yvette @iammshenry, Natalie Richards and Jade @Jones_babyx as they bring you the weeks most jarring, idiotic and sometimes insightful topics in pop culture.








Did Him Dirty

We Accept The Love We Think We Deserve.’- Stephen Chbosky We sat down with J.King the Artist and DJ Chad Alexander to discuss the latest stand-up special from Chris Rock, the Black Panther soundtrack and the importance of a lift to your Dick appointment (for the ladies). If you wanna see these guys do what they do best, check out their event on Sunday 25th February at the Notting Hill Arts Club: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/the-art-of-garage-tickets-35353663760 Have a listen to Chad...


One Night Only

‘He Who Reigns Within Himself And Rules Passions Desires And Fears Is More Than A King’- John Milton We’ll be joining SET POINT on Wednesday 14th February 2018 at 3 – 4pm EST on RADAR RADIO so please do lock in: http://www.radarradio.com/http://www.radarradio.com/ Jessica and CynTea held the fort this week to discuss the greatness that is Kendrick Lamar and SZAs’ latest video release - All the Stars. Unfortunately, a brief yet interesting discussion was held about Katie Hopkins and her...


They Aint 100

‘’If They Don’t Want To They Will Always Make An Excuse; If They Do Want To, They Will Always Make An Effort And Find A Way. – Chakabars No guest this week but who cares, we can hold our own. We spent far too much time talking about a ceremony we care little about - the Grammys. We paid homage to the snacks available for all to see in the new film, Black Panther (Hold tight, it’s on its way). Finally, we may have mentioned SteffLonDon and her resent antics on socials. TUPAC’s RAPE ACCUSER...


Nunu Vs Esther ft Adam Pugh

‘If You Pick Up One Side Of The Stick You Also Pick Up The Other.’- Ethiopian Proverb Nunu snapped back at Esther, nobody cared about the Oscars, Wireless released their line-up and Charlemagne bleaches his skin but doubts the existence of Colourism. We had the pleasure of sitting down with Adam Pugh - Father, Ex Police Officer, Activist and Bad Man Tweeter . Check out his whit here: https://twitter.com/AdamPugh All songs that feature within the pod can be found in this week’s playlist...


Stop and Search ft Folsforever

Do Not Judge My Story By The Chapter You Walked In On – Unknown January Blues has well and truly set in for those who spent every penny they had during the Christmas period… Mans Bruk Fam!!! LMAO! Seal who is known for his single, ‘Kiss from a Rose’ is the latest Celebrity to be accused of Sexual Misconduct in recent developments involving his former Neighbour Tracey Birdsall. Dave has made some inflammatory comments via Twitter in reference to the Stop and Search debate, Dave East has...


Not So Pretty Ricky ft ASB

‘Self- Care Is How You Take Your Power Back’ – Unknown Yvette’s back with her intensely cynical approach to anything that remotely resembles stupidity, Jess is her ever bubbly self and Cyn keeps us all in check – we also have a guest in today’s episode of, ‘Not So Pretty Ricky,’ ASB. Rapper, Podcaster, Producer, Jack of all trades and Master of many ASB sat down with us for a hilarious, yet informative session about Pirate Radio, Horoscopes, Sliding into the DM’s and Oprahs motivational...


When the Cat's Away... ft Goku

'I Just Need 2018 To Be As Good To Me As 2017 Was To Cardi B and Michael Dapaah'- Life The ladies held the fort whilst Yvette actually took a break for once in her life, but she’ll be back with bells and whistles on for next week’s episode. In the meantime, we welcomed Goku London as one of our guests this week, to discuss all things: Bright Coachella Power/Empire Jessie Williams And Honcho Jack, Jack Honcho – The new Mixtape by Travis Scott and Quavo. Contrary to the ladies opinions, its...


Happy New Year ft Kwam

Happy New Year ft Kwam by On the Low Podcast


Christmas Edition

‘Quote of the week’ 'Everything changes when you start to emit your own frequency rather than absorbing the frequencies around you, when you start imprinting your intent on the universe rather than receiving an imprint from existence.' - Anjonai Jovan Evan We had a plan, one simple plan; Focus on a positive Christmas Vibe… Well, erm, what had happened was: - Nigerian Christmas - P Diddy and The Panthers - Everyday Struggle - Issa Rae - Meryl Streep Check out this week’s playlists on...


Bye Bye Omarosa Ft Kelechi Okafor

‘A Ship In Harbour Is Safe But That IS Not What Ships Are For.’ – William Shedd Actress, Founder, Podcaster and Benz Punani Womanist Kelechi Okafor joined us to ensure that we understand the importance of tapping your ‘Pum Pum’ vigorously. Natalie confessed her Love for Haich, Cyns Birthday celebrations have begun, Jessica appeared in a popular music video and Yvette spent most of the episode in tears. It was a good one guys… The topics include: Omarosa and her untimely exit from the...


She's Gotta Have It

‘Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness’ Everyone went on holiday whilst Yvette slaved away in London but the good news is that were all under the same roof once again. We managed to get through all of the topics posed this week so I would say that this episode has to be a winner. We mentioned Eminem and his Revival cover, Rita Ora and her definition of Date Night, Roy Woods and the excuse he calls an Album and finally, the debacle that is Reggie Yates and the Halfcaste Podcast which you can...


Black Men Don't Cheat Ft Travis Jay

We were supposed to talk about all things bad with the world but as usual, we were side-tracked. What had happened was; Travis Jay blessed us with his presence for a tame yet interesting conversation about his current venture, ‘Black Men Don’t Cheat.’ Natalie held the fort for Cyn with her relationship question of the week: How Much Of Your Happiness is Your Partner Responsible For? And Yvette made a number of well thought-out errors. LMAO!!! ‘Quote of the Week’ ‘You took the sourest Lemon...


Chat Shit Get Banged

Chat Shit Get Banged by On the Low Podcast


Free Meek

Quote of the week: ‘’I am.’’ Two of the most powerful words, for what you put after them shape your reality.’’-Unknown Lola and Jimmy joined us to talk all things probation violations, compromising in a relationship and the unnecessary existence of ‘Without Warning,’ the latest collaboration between Metro Boomin, 21Savage, Offset and God only knows whom else. Check out Cyns full blog post here and do let us know what you think:...


Twitter Fingers

Quote of the week: ‘’[Luke:] I don’t believe it. [Yoda:] That is why you fail.’’- Yoda Guests: Fols – Off the Cuff Podcast: Twitter: https://twitter.com/folsforever https://soundcloud.com/offthecuff24 Daniel – Blanguage Podcast Twitter: https://twitter.com/BlanguageOnline https://soundcloud.com/blanguage-podcast Watch those Twitter fingers ladies, these Men went and stumbled upon some standards. This week we sat down with Daniel of Blanguage and Fols of Off the Cuff Podcast for a heated...


Faith With Works

Faith With Works Inspired by Tami Roman of The Bonnet Chronicles: https://instagram.com/p/BazCKrMlZL8/ ‘Quote Of The Week’ ‘’If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want To Go Far, Go Together.’’- African Proverb The big 50 consisted of, Wendy Williams collapsing on live TV, Chris Browns’ 45 track Album, Mark Duggan’s killer finally succumbed to his own Demons and we made you yet another playlist with the hottest releases this week - check it out using this link: Cyn blessed us with yet...


I Messed Up

Back to life, back to reality! The Autumn half term has come to an end *sigh*. I don’t know why I’m sighing to be honest because I still had my 9-5 to go to lol. Didn’t have any days off to enjoy myself *sighs even louder*. Well if you were on holiday this week and haven’t been keeping up with the news, you’ve missed quite a few hot topics. Keep reading to find out… JUST THE TIP Are men trash? Hmm not all men are trash but I can see why a lot of women would disagree. If you’re on Twitter...


Who Is Raekit

"Oh yes, the past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it."- Raekit/Rafiki Were back to normal guys; Yvette is still complaining, Cyn is still keeping us in check and Jessica is still making us look good. It is what it is. We asked a few questions this week but I’ll drop a few here to give you a little insight: Are you the type of Woman that smashes their own things in frustration? What do you think about buying an audience and finally, is the world...


You Need To Relax

Yvette needs to relax… Simple! It’s that time again, we have yet another episode for you and even more content to wet your taste buds so please stick around, it gets juicy. This week’s guest is the beautiful soul, Josephine (Mojo) or even Shalissa, as she has a habit of going by many names. Josephine is a Makeup artist, Blogger and aspiring plus sized model and this week she shared her story with us. Catch up with Josephine using the following links: Twitter: https://twitter.com/memojoandi...


Captain Save A Hoe

Quote Of The Week: ‘Better an oops, than a what if’- Unknown We have created a playlist which includes some new tracks from Leikeli47, Wretch32, Krept&Konan and Rapsody for this week’s music review. You can check it out here: https://open.spotify.com/user/onthelowpodcast/playlist/0MtiGZAG3r6fcxIgh5ErHj We had a pretty relaxed chat about Parenting, Breastfeeding, Ghanaian Jollof and Festival etiquette. The question of the day; Why on earth do Men, specifically Black Men behave like they...


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