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Conversations between Alec Flores and Koyote the Blind about all things millennial.

Conversations between Alec Flores and Koyote the Blind about all things millennial.
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Conversations between Alec Flores and Koyote the Blind about all things millennial.






Communication and Technology for Millennials

In this episode we address communication between millennials, and how their adoption of technology, from personal contact to cyberspace communication, has shaped their mind state.

Duration: 00:22:29

That External Voice: coping with an old system.

In this episode, we talk about some ways in which millennials see the system they inherited, and how they are unconsciously coping with it. Surrounded by many voices telling them what they should be, do, and feel, millennials try to make sense of who they are and how they should live. Click here to help us maintain this podcast:

Duration: 00:37:50

Gaming and the Hollowing

What happens when you game like a shaman? What is the hollowing effect? How can you attain the balance between meditation and action during a game? This and other topics in this episode of On the Millennial Mind. Click here to help us maintain this podcast:

Duration: 00:35:10

Gaming as shamanic art: what happens when you face your shadow?

We continue with the conversation on gaming. How far can gaming help us know ourselves? In this episode, we talk about Off, Journey, and Grand Theft Auto. What happens when you find yourself in the wrong, morally speaking? Can a game help you go beyond good and evil, to find that part of yourself where all barriers are off and you have to face the shadow in you? Gaming can be art, and as art it can go beyond marketing and the need to be pleasing. They are far, but some games are doing...

Duration: 00:37:52

Gaming as a Tool for Self Knowledge

Gaming is a wonderful tool for self-knowledge and for exploration of inner spaces within a safe and controlled environment. Alec and Koyote take on this facet of shamanic gaming as they continue with the topic of gaming and the impact it has on the Millennial mindset. Don't forget to subscribe and rate us! We are also in iTunes, TuneIn, Stitcher, and Google Play. If you like what we do, please help us with the costs of maintaining this podcast:

Duration: 00:46:10

Evolutionary Gaming

In this episode, we talk about approaching gaming as an evolutionary tool. We examine the principle of being responsible for your avatar, and how your relationship with your avatar is like the relationship of your essential being to your earthly vehicle. You can now subscribe through iTunes, TuneIn, Stitcher, The Podcast Source, and Google Play. Subscribe and rate! Click here to help us maintain this podcast! Any amount helps.

Duration: 00:20:36

Gaming Like a Shaman

In this episode, we discuss the tricks to gaming, and how gaming can be used to train the gamer for life, for other planes, and for higher level attention. If you enjoy this podcast, please consider helping us with the cost: Thank you so much for listening, and don't forget to subscribe and comment!

Duration: 00:34:44

The importance of gaming in child development

Hello! In this episode of On the Millennial Mind, we talk about the role of gaming in child development, and why gaming in more important than good grades in school. Check out Alec's blog, On the Millennial at:

Duration: 00:35:41

Gaming is a Shamanic Journey

We talk about Journey, and how gaming is a true spiritual technology, a shamanic training ground, and a meditative tool. We also touch on other games, such as Zelda, Super Smash Brothers Melee, and Diablo 2.

Duration: 00:40:41

Rick and Morty

In this episode, we talk about the show Rick and Morty. What is the appeal of Rick? Isn't his crude, antisocial, irreverent and disrespectful disdain for hive mentality the opposite of the millennial mindset? Or is Rick somehow a heroic sublimation of millennial aspiration?

Duration: 00:46:42

On Humor p2

We continue talking about humor for the millennial mind. What makes a joke an act of aggression? What is the role of oppression and victimization in humor, and when are these topics acceptable? When does a joke fall flat? How is the Millennial's sense of humor a guiding light for humanity? And why is compassion such a necessary component for a good joke?

Duration: 00:41:36

On Millennial humor

We tackle humor in this episode. Why are jokes that were well received by older generations missing the mark? And if they have no sense of humor, then what is it that Millennials are laughing about anyway? Want to buy buy us a coffee?

Duration: 00:33:09

No Honey, No Money

In this first episode, Koyote interviews his son Alec to dig into the mind of a Millenial. We talk about the Wholesome brand of honey, their label, capitalism, social conscience, the hive mind, and the need for authenticity in communication. Sorry for the sound not being optimal yet! We recorded this and the next episode on borrowed equipment, and we are learning as we go. We'll get better. Promise.

Duration: 00:25:58