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One Bad Mother is a comedy podcast hosted by Biz Ellis and Theresa Thorn about motherhood and how unnatural it sometimes is. We aren't all magical vessels! Join us every week as we deal with the thrills and embarrassments of motherhood and strive for less judging and more laughing.




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Ep. 221: Curiosity: Well, That’s Exhausting! LIVE with Kay Cannon!

One Bad Mother is live from the Bootleg Theater in Los Angeles this week and Biz and Theresa try to answer the hardest question of all: "Why do we have to answer all these questions?” Special guest, screen writer Kay Cannon (Pitch Perfect, Girlboss) joins to discuss whether curiosity is a good thing or deadly…to cats…cats who are human parents and tired of questions! Plus, live Genius and Fails! Follow Kay on twitter @KayKayCannon! Check out Kay's latest project Girlboss on Netflix now and...

Duration: 01:20:07

Ep. 220: The 8th Ever Genius Fail Spectacular Plus Rants!

It's time for the 8th ever Genius Fail Spectacular Plus Rants where we feel less alone and possibly a bit better about the job we are doing by basking in the good and not so good moments of parenting shared by our listeners. Plus Biz makes a wish and Theresa loves a challenge. You are all doing a great job! Brooklyn: Tickets for One Bad Mother Live at The Bell House on Saturday October 14th are on sale now! Check out our book! You're Doing A Great Job!: 100 Ways You're Winning at...

Duration: 01:16:37

Ep. 219: Getting Out Of The House Is Hard Plus Bilingual Educator Keli Garcia Allen

Biz and Theresa wonder why it is so hard to get out of the house with kids. Oh, thats right…because everything. You’d think that after at least a few years, all the people in your house who need to get out of the house would accept that this is an event that happens and yet, when when you ask the 3 year old to get his shoes there is a very good chance he will return with rocks. Could it be that house-leaving related stress could be the seed for all parenting stress? Plus Biz gets the...

Duration: 01:14:04

Ep. 218: Am I Failing At Letting My Kids Fail? Plus Educator Dr. Ama Mazama

Biz wonders if we are incapable of letting our children solve their own problems and if this is why our children can’t actually problem solve! Theresa suggests maybe its less about ability and more about personality. What’s worse, stunting our children's development or having to accept they may be totally different than you? Both seem like a reason to hide in the bathroom. Plus Biz gets thumb tacky, Theresa takes cover and we talk to Temple University professor and mother Dr. Ama Mazama...

Duration: 01:11:58

Ep. 217: Back To School Anxiety, Plus Actor and Children's Book Author Michael Ian Black

Biz and Theresa load up our backpacks with unnecessary anxiety! School is great and the teachers are better, so what could be keeping us up at night? Will the teacher be a good fit for our kid? Is this the REAL school supply list? We gotta get kids where? WHEN?! Does it count as bad communication from the school if we don’t read any of it? Should any of this be stressing us out? Theresa rolls with it while Biz lets her sadness for her ever aging children manifest itself into an unhealthy...

Duration: 01:09:47

Ep. 216: No Whine Before It's Time with Dr. Jennifer Verdolin

Biz and Theresa spend the show convincing themselves that when our children whine it is a good thing. If we ignore the feeling of wanting to slam our heads into a wall and scream “my ears are bleeding! BLEEDING” and focus instead on the biological and emotional science of why children whine, we might just be successful. Success means hiding in the bathroom, right? Technically you are still in the house. Success! Plus Biz wants to know what’s happening, Theresa accepts her fate and we talk...

Duration: 01:20:41

Ep. 215: Why Am I Supposed To Like That?

Biz and Theresa talk about all the little things we hate that we hadn't thought about in years....till our kids did them to us! Pool splashing, sparklers, being surprised...these aren't phobias or life-threatening but they still bug the crap out of us! So, do we ban them or toughen up? What if we just try to explain rationally to a three-year-old that we'd like them to stop? Yep! That will work! Plus, Biz sees herself in Katy Belle and Theresa returns from the woods! Brooklyn: Tickets for...

Duration: 00:56:29

Ep. 214: Bad Habits Live From San Francisco!

This week on One Bad Mother, we are excited to share our live show from San Francisco (May 2017) where we talk about bad habits. What makes a bad habit and do we have any control over what habits our kids have? Probably not but that won’t stop Biz from trying to keep her child from becoming the class “booger eater.” Glynn Washington of Snap Judgement joins us and serves as the voice of reason and experience with his parenting perspective with older kids. We need it! Plus live genius and...

Duration: 01:07:30

Ep. 213: GLITTER!

This week on One Bad Mother, Biz and Theresa realize that all that glitters is not gold…it is just glitter and like that shitty tattoo you got from that wild night out that was fun but full of regrets the next morning, it will be with you forever. What makes glitter magical and why, despite knowing its dark side, do we keep letting it back into our house? Maybe, like all awful things, we can turn it into a reminder that we are getting really good at this. Plus, Biz brings Katy Belle to...

Duration: 00:56:26

Ep. 212: Family Game Night, plus Anthonia Akitunde of

Biz and Theresa talk about playing games as children and now, with our own kids. We each have one capable, game-playing-age child as well as another child who seems to turn all game-playing experiences into hurricanes of frustration. Yet, we keep trying! Plus, we're joined by the delightful and insightful Anthonia Akitunde, founder of the website, to talk about normalizing the experiences of women of color in motherhood. Anthonia's favorites to follow on Instagram and...

Duration: 01:15:08

Ep. 211: Biting Off More Than I Can Chew

This week on One Bad Mother, maybe you can’t understand what Biz and Theresa are saying because they bit off more than they can chew. While choking on it, they wonder why this keeps happening. Is it that we don’t see parenting as work so we take on more as if we are starting with a clean plate only to discover that there was a cake hiding under the salad the whole time? Plus Biz would like time to stop, Theresa is in too deep and we talk to returning guest Tresa Edmunds about her new self...

Duration: 01:17:59

Ep. 210: What Will It Take To Get You Into Some Self-Care Today?, Plus Kazoo Magazine

Biz and Theresa wonder what needs to happen, how much money it would take, how many magic wishes we’d need or who’s permission needs to be given for us to actually commit to self-care. Is 100 magic wishes enough? Maybe the actual self-care we are looking for isn’t a physical act, but instead an internal one. Or maybe we just need to go out for milk…in the Bahamas. Plus Biz is getting the band back together, Theresa can't get the splinter out and we talk to Erin Bried, founder and Editor in...

Duration: 01:13:57

Ep. 209: The World Revolves Around Me…Maybe

Biz and Theresa wonder if there is a person in the family who everything revolves around and if it is us, why do we keep getting hit by all those things in orbit? Does the family seem to revolve around one kid or does the focus tend to shift? Is this good, bad, or just another question there is no answer to? Plus Biz is happy about something, Theresa is losing her mind and we talk to Tae Won Yu about his awesome new book My First Baby Signs. The Book: Tae Won Yu:...

Duration: 01:10:47

Ep. 208: Putting the "Self" in Selfishness

Biz and Theresa are beginning to think we aren’t using the word "selfish" right. Wanting time for yourself so you can rest isn’t the same thing as shoving someone out of the lifeboat. As we find ourselves digging into the idea of self-care more and more on the show, we try to figure out this week why it's hard to allow ourselves our own wants and desires. Plus Biz has an unimportant update, Theresa is getting messages and they're coming from within her bra, and we talk to Brett McKay about...

Duration: 01:05:36

Ep. 207: The 7th Ever Genius-Fail Spectacular! Plus Rants!

Buckle up for our seventh genius-fail spectacular (plus rants!) where we bask in the great equalizer of great and awful moments. Trust us, none of us are alone and everyone is doing an amazing job! Plus, Biz is getting ready to head to Alabama, Theresa is discombobulated, and this week's show includes background baby noises brought to you by Baby Curtis! Los Angeles: Join us for One Bad Mother LIVE at the Bootleg Theater on Saturday August 26th! It's a matinee! Tickets on sale...

Duration: 01:23:17

Ep. 206: Sibling Fighting Plus Keeping Our Cool Up Through The Teen Years

Biz and Theresa wonder if there's any benefit to all the fighting going on between our kids besides thinning out the herd. One part of our brain knows to let them learn to work it out, unless it gets violent, but the other part of our brain finds it hard not to step in when we get fed up listening to it. Plus, Biz has a dream and Theresa practices detachment parenting. We talk to author, therapist and mom Colleen O’Grady about raising teen daughters, but our conversation is relevant to so...

Duration: 01:13:26

Ep. 205: Age Ain't Nothin' But A Number, Plus Professional Wrestling...As Moms!

Biz and Theresa wonder if we're putting too much or too little weight on our kids' actual ages. Every time our older kids reach a new age, it seems younger than we imagined it would be, and our younger kids -- no matter how old they get -- always seem little compared to our big kids. When we set limits and expectations based on our kids' ages, it always somehow feels totally arbitrary! Plus, Biz acts like she cares, Theresa solves the formula, and we talk to actresses and moms Kimmy...

Duration: 00:58:06

Ep. 204: Don’t Talk To Your Mother That Way!

In honor of Mother’s Day, Biz and Theresa wonder whether we have inadvertently allowed ourselves to become doormats! When we hear our partners tell our kids, "Don't talk to your mother that way," why are we surprised? It's nice to know someone has our backs, but...maybe we should also have our own backs! How do we practice patience while also standing up to our kids when they cross the line? How do we stand up to ourselves when we treat ourselves badly? Plus, Biz spends money on garbage...

Duration: 00:59:45

Ep. 203: Shut Up Mama! Plus Having A Child With Tourette's with Author Heather MacLean

Biz and Theresa are beginning to think our kids are trying to tell use something…like, to shut up. Perhaps the face grabbing, mouth covering and screaming, “No talking, Mama!” is a clue. Is expecting our children to not interrupt reasonable right now or should we be focusing more on the long game? Plus, Biz adjusts her attitude, there is a baby on Theresa’s plane, and Heather MacLean joins to talk about her new YA book, Toward a Secret Sky and her experiences as a mom with a child with...

Duration: 01:17:49

Ep. 202: My Kid Gets In Trouble At School, plus comedian Joe Sib

Biz and Theresa talk about how it feels when our kids get in trouble at school. Everyone is definitely thinking we're doing a bad job as parents, right? Plus, life finds a way for Biz, Theresa tells us how it's going with three, and we talk with comedian Joe Sib about his parenting podcast and his new comedy album Nowhere Near The Top. Twitter: @JoeSib Nowhere Near The Top album: Rad Parenting Podcast: Tickets for One Bad...

Duration: 01:12:40

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