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Is Virtual Reality just 2017’s Google Glass (with guest Rachel Metz)?

After hearing that Oculus Rift is retreating from almost half of its Best Buy locations, we were wondering if VR was a fading fad. We invited MIT Technology Review’s Rachel Metz to chat with us. And here’s the article she wrote about this:

Duration: 00:21:47

The 9 best movies you’ve never seen

With the Oscars around the corner and after recently talking about streaming services and cable cutting, this week we welcome special guest film critic Christian Toto for a roundtable discussion of our 9 favorite, underrated movies. These are great films to watch this weekend or whenever you need something that is awesome but not necessarily the latest blockbuster. The films we discussed on this epsiode: The Fountain Full Moon and Blue Water Go 12 Monkeys Best Worst...

Duration: 00:37:51

6 essential productivity tools

THis week Dave and Rick share their three favorite producivity tools (and why they love them). Here are the various apps and services discussed on this show: LastPass Dashlane OneNote Evernote Scannable Office...

Duration: 00:17:51

Can you save money by cutting cable TV?

This week, we take a hard look at cord cutting — can you save money by cutting cable and just subscribing to streaming services? Or is there more ere than meets the eye?

Duration: 00:14:07

Set your cash on fire, digital credit cards are here

It’s a contentious day at One Cool Thing as Dave tries to convince Rick and guest tech journalist Melanie Pinola that using digital credit solutions — like Coin, Plastc, Android Pay, and Apple Pay — are better than tried-and-true credit cards.

Duration: 00:12:43

Monkeys and dolphins are stealing our iPads

Motivated by YouTube videos of animals making off with iPads, this week we discuss if tablets are worthy replacements for laptop computers–and if not for you and me, what about for our parents? We’re joined by special guest Sarah Jacobsson Purewal. Here are the animal videos Dave, Rick, and Sarah discussed:

Duration: 00:13:30

Fitness bands, jogging, fitness, and sex

Fitbits. Apple Watches. Misfits. They’re everywhere, and people use them to track everything from running to sex. But how accurate are they? Does a band on your wrist really help make you healthier? This week we’re joined by the lovely Sarah Jacobsson Purewal.

Duration: 00:15:14

Drones are a very cool thing

Drones! They’re cool, they’re fun, they’re contentious, they’re scary. They deliver pizzas and shoot video over your fence into your backyard. They might be a risk to airliners but, did we mention that they can deliver pizza? This week, Dave and Rick duke it out over drones.

Duration: 00:12:50

You Might Need Courage to Buy the iPhone 7

We take a hard look at what, exactly, you’re getting if you buy the iPhone 7 — is it all hype, or is Apple all hat and no cattle this year? Plus, we discuss the risk from Samsung’s exploding smartphones. Hosted by Techwalla editor-in-chief Dave Johnson and CNET contributor Rick Broida, with special guest noted tech journalist Jason Cipriani.

Duration: 00:15:34

Welcome to One Cool Thing

What do drones, robots, wireless kitchen thermometers, self-driving cars, and automatic litter boxes have in common? They’re all cool things, and they’re all stuff we’re going to talk about on One Cool Thing, a weekly podcast that features interesting conversations about cool tech that’s in your daily life — or maybe is coming to your life soon.

Duration: 00:00:34