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One Game Dad is a vlog/podcast about parenting, culture and creativity available on Twitch, YouTube, iTunes and elsewhere. Gregory Pellechi, aka OneGameDad, is a writer, podcaster, rugby player and third culture kid. He lives in Helsinki, Finland with his wife, his daughter and a cat whom he is very allergic to. Visit for more.

One Game Dad is a vlog/podcast about parenting, culture and creativity available on Twitch, YouTube, iTunes and elsewhere. Gregory Pellechi, aka OneGameDad, is a writer, podcaster, rugby player and third culture kid. He lives in Helsinki, Finland with his wife, his daughter and a cat whom he is very allergic to. Visit for more.
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One Game Dad is a vlog/podcast about parenting, culture and creativity available on Twitch, YouTube, iTunes and elsewhere. Gregory Pellechi, aka OneGameDad, is a writer, podcaster, rugby player and third culture kid. He lives in Helsinki, Finland with his wife, his daughter and a cat whom he is very allergic to. Visit for more.






One Game Dad 27: Viral Productions

Days aren't really lost, they're just reprioritized. Which is why this week's episode is a bit late. But here it is, because the Wife is home and the kid is back at daycare. Though I'm still ill. Apparently it's viral and not bacterial so there's absolutely nothing I can take to get over it. But hey it's better than uselessly taking antibiotics and screwing things up further due what bacteria there is developing resistances. All that aside, I've been thinking about production methods a...


One Game Dad 26: Stress The Setup Start The Business

A new week and the kid's back at daycare but the dad isn't at full health. That doesn't mean a new episode can't be released. Things get even more interesting this week, and not just because I speak more, but because I actually speak about something of interest beyond my personal life. This week it's all about failure as an option. Or more accurately failure as a learning tool. Or even more accurately failure enabling storytelling. It's more than the try/fail cycle that any hero goes in...


One Game Dad 25: Follow The Girl

It's a late episode this week but a brighter one, even with me being sick... again. It should come as no surprise that a year into my daughter's life I'm still struggling with time management, prioritization, career prospects, being a good partner and father and so much more. All because the Kid is a whirlwind of activity and needs that I can never deny. Maybe not always to my benefit. The lack of exercise, social interaction and writing doesn't leave me with much in the way of outlets,...


The Writing Game is live!

My new podcast & YouTube series is now available! I've just launched a new show that's about writing and video games. More specifically it's about how to do each together and better. Where most shows analyze one or the other and are a discussion of them, The Writing Game aims to provide concrete ideas on how the stories can better work in games. Tune in every two weeks for a new episode of The Writing Game available through iTunes or Youtube. Writing, Games and Stories each have their own...


One Game Dad 24: Painted Corners

The show continues, but I continue to struggle to express myself. Communication between people is hard. We have all these methods for doing it, yet the closest we've come to ever creating telepathy is the novel. But we can't write novels for everything we want to share. Nor do we have the time to consume that much information. That leads to a lot of misunderstanding. Egos must also be sated. They quickly interject themselves into any conversation and can lead to a lack of understanding, a...


One Game Dad 23: Copilot Less The Adventure

The Wife's away which means I won't play... much. Beyond what I do to record this show. And if the kid's sleeping. But really I should be working... when I'm not cleaning, cooking and just making life livable. Life though has a way of taking priority over work, unless your work is your life. That is a whole other conversation. This week I'm on my own with the Kid so of course work can't take priority. There have been times in my life where I want it to. Where I want it to be the only...


One Game Dad 22: Heartbreak Change Necessities

The kid's at daycare, I'm supposed to be working, but instead here's a new podcast episode. I mentioned a number of delays last week to my getting to work. Namely, illness and international banking regulations. This week they should be resolved. But that doesn't mean I'm doing the writing I should. Instead I'm producing this podcast episode, along with requisite blog post. I also have another podcast/video series in the works. I've written a couple of scripts for it since that's the...


One Game Dad 21: Daycare Vector Prime

Children are breeding grounds for disease. No more so than when they congregate with one another. I'm not saying anything other parents don't already know this. Anyone who's spent any time around children who attend school will find themselves with an immune system that's being tested more than usual. Such is my case. My daughter is now at daycare five days a week, when her own immune system isn't being tested. Over the weekend she was ill, and because of that we kept her home on Monday...


One Game Dad 20: Character Building Conveniences

Change means growth, after dealing with the associated challenges. Or some such thing. Growing children are nothing but change. They are agents not so much of destruction or entropy, but challenge. They challenge themselves and those around them. And my daughter is no different. Case in point, everyday she asks what things are. And everyday she learns new words. Her vocabulary is increasing by leaps and bounds, to a degree that neither her mother nor I expected. Which means we have to...


One Game Dad 19: Engagement Directives

The Mission: Entertain the Baby. The Solution: Anything that works. The last episode was about bad habits babies develop. Well this week's episode was about entertaining them. And much like the habits they form, it's all about doing whatever it takes. Another way of putting that, is just giving in to their greater interest in your phone or keys then the slew of toys strewn about the house. It's why I ultimately switched to a Nokia 3310. My previous phone being destroyed by drool and...


One Game Dad 18: Bad Baby Habit

No I'm not talking about nun babies or baby nuns. At the very least Bad Baby Habit is the sequel to Machine Gun Nun. This episode is about teaching or really training babies to adopt new habits and how difficult that is. Especially if you compare it to training another animal. The main difficulty is that positive reinforce through treats or praise isn't all that useful when you're trying to get your kid to sleep. My daughter, who's nearly a year old now, will not sleep in her crib. She...


One Game Dad 17: Looking Back to Future Regrets

I'm returning to work. And I hate that fact. Not because I hate working. I want to work. I need to work. I want to write. I need to write. For my own good I need to do something constructive and engaging. But I hate the fact that I'm also putting my daughter in daycare to do so. Daycare and the accompanying Early Childhood Development Specialists should be really good for my daughter. Because this is Finland and that means there's pride and resources put into such things. It's not just a...


One Game Dad 16: Twisted Traditions

The winter holidays are here and with them another episode. Albeit a few days late. It may have been recorded on Dec. 23, but with everything going on and all the baking I've done releasing the episode has taken longer than expected. That said, this episode is seasonally appropriate, in that I discuss traditions. I'm always of two minds about traditions. They are both good and bad, because they bind us and divide us. They connect us to one another, and by reiterating a tradition on an...


One Game Dad 15: Spousal Support Systems

Relationships are hard. Kids make it harder. Big surprise that. But sometimes the answer is to create a schedule to simply accomplish all you need to. Other times that schedule needs to be thrown out the window, because life has become rote and you're doing nothing but the minimum. This weekend in particular was a busy one for us, leaving little time for us to be together as a family. Now that's not normal. The future is going to change that significantly once the kid starts going to...


One Game Dad 14: Door's Hammer

Stories have systems and structures to them, just like games. Sadly games struggle to incorporate them well. This week it's a lighter topic for the podcast, namely stories and story structure in video games. The game I reference most, because I'm playing it, is Destiny 2. Similar to the Episode 5, I rattle on about the failings of the story of Destiny 2 and other games. I do so because I want better, I expect better for my money. The fact is that I don't think you can neglect story in...


One Game Dad 13: Minority Status Report

A straight white middle class man can be a minority! In a very odd context. And no I'm not talking about living in some drastically different country. I'm talking about living in one of the whitest countries in the world - Finland. In case you aren't aware, I'm an immigrant. And that makes me a minority... So does the fact that I speak Swedish and not Finnish. Swedish being the other official language of Finland, of which only approximately five percent of the population speaks. The...


One Game Dad 12: A Holiday Hunting Interlude

To Kill Nazis! Cause there are no good Nazis. That's the point. They're Nazis! We thought they were dead, or at least gauche enough not to want to side with. We were wrong. They have not only attempted to rebrand, but they've reorganized. That's right the Fascists, the Nazis, the racists, the assholes of the world are here and we need to do something for our children's sake. It's not just a battle our grandparents and great-grandparents faced. It's one we face now, and don't want our...


One Game Dad 11: The Irony of Isolation

Social Media is a modern day requirement, even for stay-at-home dads. But there's a constant conundrum tearing at any creative. That's the need to produce. At the same time there's constant talk of how everyone needs a platform or has to build an audience. More than that you need to take part in the conversation, not just to be known but because you need to be aware of what's happening in your field. And that's what I'm struggling with. My days are spent focusing on my daughter, so much...


One Game Dad 10: Cultural Tutorial Segments

Life is like a video game, there's a lot to learn just to get on in the world. But that doesn't mean what you're learning is right. Take gender for example. Gender brings with it a lot of baggage, preconceptions, expectations and limits. So why do we so quickly immerse our children into this quagmire? It's a question both the Wife and I have been asking ourselves, even as we gender our child. We're using gendered pronouns in English and Swedish when both languages offer non-gendered...


One Game Dad 9: Third Culture Kid Squared

Something other than games and stories is discussed on this episode - culture and parenting for the first time. I'm a third culture kid and my kid is a third culture kid so that makes her a third culture kid squared. And while we have that in common we're different types of third culture kids. She because both her parents are from different cultures, while I was raised in one not my own. Of course my daughter doesn't have much culture to her at the moment beyond the few words in Swedish...


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