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Episode 49. Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace

The Paulz are in tumult: HMRC are chasing them up and down the country for blockading the entrance to their headquarters and the strapping young podcastmen just don’t ruddy care! They’ve made a fort out of sleeping bags and Domino’s boxes and have resolved to watch all 127 minutes of George Lucas’s Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace right there in the doorway, their naked feet and arses exposed to the unforgiving winter air of the British Isles (and Tesco’s jam) because apparently Ian...

Duration: 01:00:32

Episode 48. Jack and Jill

We finally did it. The oft-threatened. The rightly feared. We invited our twin sister over for bank holiday Monday! Ugh, nightmare. Long story short, she took off her pantyhose, stuffed a weasel up there and puked up a big racist drawing of England's growing Polish population, but because she looks an awful lot like us it's funny and romantic, not grossly offensive. The secret is she's just lazy, but no one seems to have cottoned on just yet. Same time again next year! In the meantime,...

Duration: 00:54:43

Episode 47. The Happening

Give the Paulboyz a second: they’re processing an awful lot right now and can’t stand to be [incoherent mumbling] passive observers anymore! Some strange shit’s going down, man, people are losing their minds over this and it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Never mind that: the Pauls have found a patch of land in idyllic Killadelphia not dominated by murderous trees and are going to watch The Happening. You voted for it. We have to find it. The one good thing, that is. A lot of...

Duration: 00:49:47

Episode 46. Pearl Harbor

Hey flyboys: we heard there’s a war on! Last thing me and the boys heard there’s a hulking mass in the sky, come from afar, promising doom and destruction from above – and all we can do is wait. That’s right, I was really talking about Pearl Harbour (2001) but flipped it at the very end there! Did you see? Anyway, me and the boys are gonna go smooch some dames and get something hypodermic jabbed into our butt-meat, hopefully with some sort of military-grade narcotic because even though...

Duration: 00:52:17

Episode 45. Sex Lives of the Potato Men

Matthew Gray (@clockworkwriter) has a quest: some people think it’s a noble quest, most people would rather eat their own sick than hear another word of it, but he doesn’t care. He’s come this far, lost so many friends, but by God he’s going to get someone to watch Sex Lives of the Potato Men and commit it to posterity by talking about it in front of microphones. If it has to be the One Good Thing boys then so be it. Who knows, there might even be one of those Good Things if they look hard...

Duration: 00:50:32

Episode 44. Mortdecai

Oh jolly wolly bolly boo boo, gather ’round all ye of noble birth and utter unentitlement: It’s Tuesday and you know what that means: time to congratulate ourselves for not being foreign, poor or sentimental in any way shape or form, but British, by God! Crack open the good brandy, chisel out the most aged cheese and slip your five moisturised digits right inside your fly there… yes… good to be privileged, isn’t it? Oh look, Mortdecai’s on Blokebusters (@Blokebusters) TV. They’re...

Duration: 00:50:19

Episode 43. The One Spooky Thing: the Halloween Franchise (except the remakes)

Good moaning maladies and dementedmen, we hope you like s-s-s-scaaary films, because we decided to look at two of them today. That's right: we're doing a one spooky thing about Halloween: the franchise! Not the remakes though. Basically one Paul likes horror films and has decided to make every Halloween a truly terrifying experience by forcing the other Paul to watch everything even remotely related to it, then talk at length about them when he'd rather just watch the Royal Tenenbaums...

Duration: 01:46:57