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After the Credits: Annihilation

Think you've got what it takes to talk Alex Garland and hard sci-fi? Then step into the Shimmer with freelance film critic Kristen Lopez! This week on After the Credits, Matthew and Kristen talk about Alex Garland's oft-discussed Kubrickian nightmare, Annihilation. Does the movie live up to the books? Will audiences ever learn to fully appreciate Jennifer Jason Leigh? And why, exactly, is Gina Rodriguez's side-cut the solution to world peace?


After the Credits: Black Panther

It's the movie we've all been waiting for: this week on After the Credits, Matthew is joined by freelance journalist Monica Castillo to talk Black Panther, Marvel, and the importance of Hollywood representation. Does Black Panther live up to the heaps of praise being set upon it? Which of the new additions to the Marvel Universe is the best? And why is the answer to that previous question obviously Letitia Wright's Shuri? Because it is.


After the Credits: Fifty Shades Freed

This week on After the Credits, Matthew is joined by Mashable author Angie Han to discuss Fifty Shades Freed, the third and final installment of the Fifty Shades trilogy. Will Anastasia and Christian get their happily ever after? Will jealousy and possessiveness tear the two of them apart? Hell, will they have even the most rudimentary pre-marriage conversations about children and last names? SPOILER ALERT: the answers are yes, no, and no, respectively.


After the Credits: Maze Runner

This week on After the Credits, Matthew is joined by freelance film critic Alisha Grauso to discuss Maze Runner: The Death Cure, the third and final installment of the Maze Runner trilogy. And while we don't want to spoil everything that happens, let's just say that between the first and second parts of this week's episode, the Maze Runner fanbase added one new member.


After the Credits: Den of Thieves

This week on After the Credits, Matthew is joined by Female Film Critics host Diana Drumm to discuss Den of Thieves and all things Gerard Butler. We know the movie is pure cheese, but it is at least classy cheese, like a block of finely aged manchego, or garbage cheese, like those gross yellow balls covered in crackers you find at the grocery store? Guess you'll have to listen to find out.


Hello From Sundance: Cage, Crime, and Awkward Road Trips

Hello From Sundance: Cage, Crime, and Awkward Road Trips by Film School Rejects


After the Credits: Star Wars: The Last Jedi

This week on After the Credits, Matthew is joined by Vanity Fair critic Emma Stefansky to discuss Star Wars: The Last Jedi and the direction of the new Star Wars trilogy as a whole. Also, hear Matthew and Emma's bold predictions for the new movie; they both turned out to be wrong, but you have to admit, the logic behind them was sound! Don't forget to subscribe and review our show on Apple Podcasts!


After the Credits: The Shape Of Water

This week on After the Credits, Matthew is joined by Film School Rejects critic William Dass to discuss The Shape of Water and Guillermo del Toro's body of work as a whole. Learn why our two critics love them some Michael Stuhlbarg and describe the film as not-unlike Pushing Daisies in the Upside Down. Follow host Matthew Monagle (@labsplice) and guest William Dass (@WBDass) on Twitter, and don’t forget to subscribe to One Perfect Pod wherever you get your podcasts (AND leave us a rating...


After The Credits: The Room

This week on After the Credits, Matthew is joined by Film School Rejects critic Rob Hunter to discuss The Room and the ethos of watching bad movies.


After the Credits: Justice League

This week on After the Credits, Matthew is joined by /Film critic Karen Han - officially one-half of Film Twitter's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice fan club - to discuss Justice League and the future of the DC Extended Universe.


After the Credits: Murder on the Orient Express

This week on After the Credits, Matthew is joined by Paste critic Kyle Turner to discuss Murder on the Orient Express and all things Agatha Christie.


After the Credits: Geostorm

This week, Matthew welcomes Diana Drumm, critic and creator of the @FemaleCritics Twitter community, to talk about Gerard Butler in space! Also known as Geostorm, a film about a future in which someone does something very sci-fi about climate change. Don't forget to follow us on Twitter (@OnePerfectPod) and support our sponsor, VideoBlocks. Need easy to use stock video? Go to to download all the stock video your heart desires.


An October 31st Kind of Movie (w/ Evan Dickson)

Evan Dickson's Totem is the first feature length screenplay he's seen produced, and he's brought three pages of the screenplay with him for us to analyze on the show. The horror film about a widower bringing a new girlfriend to live with him and his 17- and 8-year-old daughters in a home with a vengeful spirit hits Cinemax on Halloween night. We chat with him about writing a fresh installment from a well-worn genre [0:00 - 25:35] and then do a surprisingly competent dramatic reading of...


After the Credits: The Foreigner

After the Credits makes its triumphant return as host Matthew Monagle is joined by critic Rob Hunter to discuss the new Jackie Chan movie, The Foreigner. Don't forget to support our sponsor, VideoBlocks. Download all the stock video footage your heart desires for $149/year. Start today at


Which Horror Villain Would You Fight?

Let's say you had to face off against one of horrors famous baddies. Would you rather wake up in one of Jigsaw's convoluted traps? Fall asleep to find Freddy's ugly mug staring you down? Unwrap a Christmas gift only to find Annabelle in the box? In other words, which horror villain would be the easiest to survive? Or the most fun to go up against? Scott and Geoff go over your perspectives about defining the horror genre and pick which villain they'd fight [0:00 - 31:45], and conduct a...


Fantastic Films with Matthew Monagle

In part two of our special report from Fantastic Fest 2017, Neil chats with After the Credits host Matthew Monagle about Brawl in Cell Block 99, The Line, Wheelman, and more. Don't forget to support this month's sponsor, VideoBlocks. Go to to get all the stock video your heart desires for only $149/year.


The Fine Line Between Unsettled and Scared

How do you define the horror genre? What counts? Geoff and Scott attempt to nail down the lines around the films that try to terrify [0:00 - 32:00]. They also appreciate some commerce [32:00 - 34:00] and answer your screenwriting questions about on-the-nose writing and knowing when to get out of a scene [34:00 - 65:00].


The Harry Knowles/Alamo Drafthouse Problem

IndieWire's Film Editor Kate Erbland joins Scott to share her reporting on the sexual assault allegations against Aint It Cool founder Harry Knowles. They also consider Alamo Drafthouse CEO Tim League's responses to the revelation that he'd brought Devin Faraci back onto the payroll only a few weeks after the Birth Movies Death editor-in-chief stepped down following allegations against him last year, as well as more stories of protectionism instead of punishment for assailants at the...


Fantastic Films with Rob Hunter

All this week, the One Perfect Pod team has been in Austin, TX at Fantastic Fest watching strange and wonderful genre films. In a series of special reports, Neil talks to the team about the best, worst, and weirdest of the fest. Up first: Chief Critic Rob Hunter.


Broken Projector: Boomerang with Razor Blades (feat. Akela Cooper)

This week from the Alan Smithee Memorial Studio, Akela Cooper joins Scott and Geoff for a conversation about going from rural Missouri to the writers' rooms of several hit shows [start - 13:45]. Then, answers to your questions about nurturing an undeveloped idea [13:45 - 20:00]; how you know a story idea is worth pursuing [20:00 - 24:25]; how much change your characters have to go through [24:25 - 29:40]; if you should tailor your writing to the 20-something assistants reading for their...


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