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Episode 113 – Residue - One Star Cinema

It’s time to get weird! Who better to do that with on One Star Cinema then one of our favorite guests (and practically fourth host) Matt Harris. This week he joined the guys in a screening of Residue which stars James Clayton, Taylor Hickson, Matt Frewer and is directed by Rusty Nixon. Got a movie you think we should watch? […]

Duration: 01:28:34

Episode 112 – Setup - One Star Cinema

Behold our first satellite broadcast of ONE STAR CINEMA!! REJOICE! Or more like Jamie is now being piped in from across the country… but hell it worked so HELL YEAH!! Oh and we watched a movie too! Setup stars 50 Cent, Bruce Willis, Ryan Phillippe and is directed by Mike Gunther. And Bruce Willis is actually in multiple locations for this one. […]

Duration: 01:31:13

Episode 111 – Check Point - One Star Cinema

America. America! AMERICA!! OK, got it out of our system. Ready to feely oddly and uncomfortably patriotic (or just odd and uncomfortable) then join the fellas for this viewing of Check Point. This film stars Bill Goldberg, Kane Hodder, Tyler Mane and the legendary William Forsythe. It is directed by Thomas J. Churchill. Got a movie you think we should see? […]

Duration: 01:44:43

Episode 110 – Black Site Delta - One Star Cinema

Dan Johnson returns for a paddy cake action movie… or at least he thought so, called Black Site Delta (yep, seriously). This film stars Cam Gigandet, Teri Reeves, Sherri Eakin and is directed by Jesse Gustafson. You know you have a movie that we should watch, reach out, we’d love to hear from you – @onestarpodcast or

Duration: 01:33:54

Episode 109 – The Damned - One Star Cinema

Holy crap was this movie cool… and more than just the insanely attractive cast it had in it. Which only supports why the guys had Handsome Dan Johnson back for a viewing of The Damned (Hotties). This film stars Peter Facinelli, Sophia Myles, Nathalia Ramos and is directed by Víctor García. If you haven’t subscribed yet, well you’re missing out – […]

Duration: 01:33:53

Episode 108 – Demonic - One Star Cinema

Guess he liked us so much he decided to come back, Sean Heckman, host of Dinner with Racers stuck around for a viewing of Demonic. Demonic stars Maria Bello, Frank Grillo, Cody Horn and is directed by Will Canon. Got a movie you think we should check out? Hit us up @onestarpodcast or

Duration: 01:29:18

Episode 107 – Drive Hard - One Star Cinema

Tonight the guys were joined by Sean Heckman, host of the popular racing podcast Dinner with Racers. (Which if you’re into racing you definitely need to check out.) So what better film to watch then one about cars… or driving… or something… Drive Hard stars John Cusack, Thomas Jane, Zoe Ventoura and is directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith. Subscribe!! What are […]

Duration: 01:41:08

Episode 106 – Pandemic - One Star Cinema

Of the “found footage” genre… why won’t you die. Tonight the guys watched Pandemic which stars Rachel Nichols, Alfie Allen, Missi Pyle and is directed by John Suits. Guess as long as movies have budgets, we’ll have “found footage” … and zombies of that matter! Haven’t subscribed yet!? You’re totally missing out – Click Here

Duration: 01:39:19

Episode 105 – Asian Connection - One Star Cinema

Angie Light returns to the podcast to endure some “action” with Asian Connection! This film stars Pim Bubear, John Edward Lee, and the One Star Cinema favorite Steven Seagal! Don’t know if Angie knew what she was getting into… Have a movie you think we should see? Hit us up @onestarpodcast or

Duration: 01:43:10

Episode 102 – The Perfect Weapon - One Star Cinema

When someone as lovely as Rebecca Mozo is willing to come back and watch another movie with the One Star Cinema crew, you can only thank her one way… Steven Seagal! Tonight they watched The Perfect Weapon which stars Steven Seagal, Sasha Jackson, Vernon Wells, and Johnny Messner. It is directed by Titus Paar. We’re into triple digits now, so […]

Duration: 01:39:19

Episode 100 – Mine Games/ The Evil Within - One Star Cinema

WE DID IT!!! 100 Episodes, Baby! And how better to celebrate the 100th episode of the best bad movie podcast in the known universe than having an amazing guest: Rebecca Mozo joins (after months of begging) for a viewing of Mine Games (or The Evil Within…). This film stars Joseph Cross, Briana Evigan, Rafi Gavron and is directed by Richard […]

Duration: 01:43:42

Episode 97 – DarkWeb - One Star Cinema

Fancy a trip to France for your vacation? How about a nice primer? (Sorry France) Anywho… this week the guys are joined by the always wonderful Patty Robinson for a viewing of DarkWeb. DarkWeb stars Petra Silander, Olivier Gruner, Kendra Waldman and Danny Glover and is directed by Bruno Vaussenat. The One Star Cinema family is growing everyday, you should be apart […]

Duration: 01:38:57

Episode 94 – Prisoners of the Sun - One Star Cinema

We have a very special guest this week! Randy Carter, prolific editor, director, producer and all around fun dude, joined the guys tonight for their viewing of Prisoners of the Sun. Offering some special behind the scenes info of how these movies come together as well as his personal preferences on camera angles, transitions and […] The post Episode 94 – Prisoners of the Sun appeared first on One Star Cinema.

Duration: 01:36:03

Episode 93 – Everly - One Star Cinema

Ever wonder what Salma Hayek would look like killing swarms of bad guys in an artist loft filled with prostitutes? Well so have we and now it’s time to see that dream to reality. Tonight the guys watched Everly, starring Salma Hayek, Hiroyuki Watanabe, Laura Cepeda and directed by Joe Lynch. Got a movie you think we should […] The post Episode 93 – Everly appeared first on One Star Cinema.

Duration: 01:37:22

Episode 92 – Dark Space - One Star Cinema

We are super excited this week to have Joe Sanfelippo on the podcast (FINALLY!!!) for One Star Cinema’s viewing of Dark Space. There is almost too much radio voice to handle this week… almost. Dark Space stars Keith Reay, Steve West, Alana Dietze and is directed by Emmett Callinan. Is there a movie you think we should watch? Then […] The post Episode 92 – Dark Space appeared first on One Star Cinema.

Duration: 01:37:05

Episode 91 – 11 Blocks - One Star Cinema

Every once in awhile we need to give a warning to viewers about movies… that aren’t quite movies. This is one of those warnings. 11 Blocks stars Craig Henry, Bo Martyn, Nick Smyth and is directed by Matthew Bennett and Sasha Moric. Hey, but if you’re a fan of fight demos that run in repeat, then it’s your lucky day! […] The post Episode 91 – 11 Blocks appeared first on One Star Cinema.

Duration: 01:25:02

Episode 90 – Zoombies - One Star Cinema

This week the guys are joined by Andy Bredeson for a viewing of Zoombies! If you learn anything from this film remember… don’t trust an elephant. Zoombies stars Ione Butler, Andrew Asper, LaLa Nestor and is directed by Glenn Miller. There a movie out there you think we should watch? Hit us up @onestarpodcast, The post Episode 90 – Zoombies appeared first on One Star Cinema.

Duration: 01:33:58

Episode 89 – Blood Valley: Seed’s Revenge - One Star Cinema

Do you like murder-porn as much as we don’t!? Then have we got a treat for you! One Star Cinema shamefully presents: Blood Valley: Seed’s Revenge (Seed 2). This “film” stars Natalie Scheetz, Christa Campbell, Caroline Williams, and is directed by Marcel Walz. Have you subscribed yet!? It’s a lot of fun, and easy to do – […] The post Episode 89 – Blood Valley: Seed’s Revenge appeared first on One Star Cinema.

Duration: 01:25:29

Special Episode – The Netflix Rating System - One Star Cinema

Are you ready for 2 minutes of information and 16 minutes of tomfoolery? Well do we have treat for you! The guys decided to get together and have a little round-table discussion about the new changes to the Netflix rating system as many folks have reached out to ask, “What are you going to do […] The post Special Episode – The Netflix Rating System appeared first on One Star Cinema.

Duration: 00:19:16

Episode 88 – The Cold Light of Day - One Star Cinema

Big stars, big explosions, big budget and big plot holes! Seems like a formula for a fantastic One Star Cinema feature presentation. And to top it off the guys were joined by the hilarious Eric Rollins! The Cold Light of Day stars Henry Cavill, Bruce Willis, Sigourney Weaver and is directed by Mabrouk El Mechri. There a movie […] The post Episode 88 – The Cold Light of Day appeared first on One Star Cinema.

Duration: 01:39:27

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