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SPECIAL: The First Annual Only Girls Awards

It's the most wonderful time of the year– AWARDS SEASON! As tastemakers and cultural deciders, we are going through the best and worst of Season 1 to bring you the first annual Only Girls Awards. Listen to hear our picks for very legitimate awards like "The You Tried Award," "The Unexpected Sexual Tension Award," and "I Hate You, But I'm Still Attracted to You." Thanks for an amazing first season and we'll be back in the New Year. LYLAS! All we want for Christmas is for you subscribe and...

Duration: 00:31:07

IRL: Church Girl

It's another very special installment of our "Only Girls: IRL" series, and this time Natalia is in the hot seat. We discuss her experience growing up evangelical– from the giving, positive example set by her parents to seeing people speak in tongues. This episode is deeply personal, deeply philosophical, and deeply blasphemous probably, but only God can judge us... And by God we mean Oprah. NEXT WEEK: We have a very special SEASON 1 FINALE discussing both the song and movie, "What A Girl...

Duration: 01:43:43

17 The Girls Next Door

We're back in full swing talking about the iconic early 2000's reality show, "The Girls Next Door," starring Playboy Bunnies Holly Madison, Bridget Marquardt, and Kendra Wilkinson as they all navigate dating the late Hugh Hefner, simultaneously. Fun! We talk about the history and legacy of Playboy, Holly's inside account of life in the mansion, and how bad Kendra is at sports for someone who claims to be so sporty. Subscribe and rate us on iTunes! And as always, you can email us at...

Duration: 00:49:57

16 Fat Bottomed Girls / Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) feat. Lynette Roqueta

We have a guest in studio this week! The lovely Lynette Roqueta (@travelingchonga) joins us to discuss two songs, "Fat Bottomed Girls" by Queen and "Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)" by Mika. We go deep into our experiences as fat women, discussing our complicated relationships with body positivity in both in pop culture and within our own cultural identities. Things get very real as we talk about how gay men and straight men objectify fat bodies differently, how white men and men of color...

Duration: 01:24:01

15 Factory Girl

We're taking you back to 2006, talking about the Edie Sedgwick biopic, "Factory Girl." We touch on how life imitated art with it-girl Sienna Miller, our first experiences as Edie-wannabes shopping at Urban Outfitters, and how Andy Cohen is our modern-day Andy Warhol. So heat up some Campbell's soup because Warhol said in the future everyone will have fifteen minutes of fame and this podcast is ours! Subscribe and rate us on iTunes! Email us at or leave a voicemail at...

Duration: 01:08:49

14 Gone Girl

It's the episode you've all maybe been waiting for, we're discussing Gone Girl (2014) starring Rosamund Pike, Ben Affleck, an extremely well-cast Tyler Perry, and an extremely miscast Neil Patrick Harris. We talk about how the sensation that was labeled as chick-lit turned into an artsy melodrama directed by the guy who made Fight Club. Is Amy Dunne feminist or anti-feminist? Would you also fake your own death if you were married to Ben Affleck? Listen and find out! As always, subscribe...

Duration: 01:18:25

IRL: #MeToo Girl

We are back in the studio this week and wanted to do a very special IRL episode where we discuss #MeToo, Harvey Weinstein, and the rampant issue of sexual harassment and assault. We dive into our own experiences and analyze the radical new cultural conversation that's happening for better and sometimes for worse. We promise we'll be back at you with light, breezy fun soon, but we wanted to delve into this topic that's so important to us and has huge implications on women in pop culture and...

Duration: 00:57:00

13 Dreamgirls

ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS DREAM and baby, you'll have a new episode of Only Girls! This week we are talking about the game-changing musical and film adaptation that launched a thousand auditions for Beyonce in more dramatic roles, "Dreamgirls." We talk about racism, sexism, body shaming and theater camp– you know, society's big problems. We also discuss the other celebrities that were supposed to star in the movie adaptation in the 80's and 90's– the answers WILL SHOCK YOU!!! We are back baby...

Duration: 01:06:18

IRL: Sorority Girl

This week we debut our special episode series, "Only Girls IRL," where we discuss the cultural stereotypes around the word "girl" and talk to women who've lived it. Kicking it off is our very own Sarah Gorman dishing on anything and everything about being a sorority girl. We talk about recruiting, frat parties, and Natalia drops a shocking TRUTH BOMB that you cannot miss! This is real life and things are very real. HEY ALSO Subscribe and rate us PLS! Email us! Call...

Duration: 00:55:45

12 Party Girl

This week we're talking about the 1995 cult classic starring Parker Posey– "Party Girl." We touch down on milennials' positive impact on libraries, "Mad Men" spinoff vehicles that need to happen, and of course this movie's impact on feminism in 90's pop culture. 90's girls only! Next week we're doing a very special interview about what it's like to be in a sorority and we want YOUR QUESTIONS! Please send anything and everything to or leave us a voicemail at...

Duration: 00:58:15

Hey Girl Hey! A Quick Announcement

We're off this week because we're moguls with A LOT happening, but wanted to quickly share some hot takes on pop culture. We'll be back next week with our full episode on "Party Girl!" In the meantime, we're going to be doing a special episode in a few weeks talking about Sarah's experience being a Sorority Girl™ and would love your questions, so please send them to or call us at 903-35-GIRLS. As always, you can subscribe and rate us on iTunes, that really helps us...

Duration: 00:06:41

Girls (Part II)

We're back in the Only Girls studio this week to continue discussing Lena Dunham and HBO's "Girls." We delve into favorite episodes, our thoughts on the ending of the show, and how Marnie singing makes us want to die on a spiritual, emotional, and physical level. It's just a couple of girls being girls talking "Girls," only on Only Girls! Subscribe and rate us on iTunes! You can email use at or leave us a voicemail at 935.35.GIRLS

Duration: 01:30:55

Girls (Part I)

Time for Only Girls to discuss the only, "Girls." Lena Dunham and HBO gave us a show where there's no shortage of conversations around. We touch on intersectionality, our introductions to the show, and how it makes us feel as comedy writer ladies. Plus, it all comes back to "Sex and the City" because we're LADIES that's how it goes! Subscribe and rate us on iTunes!

Duration: 01:02:22

The Spice Girls (Part II)

Sarah and Natalia are BACK talking more about The Spice Girls, their own personas, and hearing from YOU about what Spice Girl you identify with! As always we talk about feminism, pop culture, and our favorite Britney Spears YouTube videos. HI-C YA, HOLD TIGHT! Subscribe and rate us on iTunes! Seriously tho. You can reach us at or 903-35-GIRLS

Duration: 01:05:24

The Spice Girls (Part I)

SPICE UP YOUR LIFE with this fun-filled episode discussing The Spice Girls! Sarah and Natalia go so deep they are bringing it to you in TWO PARTS. In part une expect to hear all about the history, the personas, and which modern pop star would be each Spice Girl today. Plus we talk about how weird Baby and Scary Spice were just generally as concepts. NEXT WEEK, the dialogue continues and we want to hear from YOU. Send us an email or leave us a voicemail at (930) 35-GIRLS to tell us which...

Duration: 01:01:27

Big Girls Don't Cry ft. Neta Harris

In studio this week we are joined by our friend and fellow Chicago funny girl Neta Harris to discuss "Big Girls Don't Cry" in pop culture. From Frankie Valli to Fergie to the 90's movie you may have seen a trailer for on VHS, "Big Girls Don't Cry... They Get Even," we cover how this phrase has evolved, what it says about women, and Sarah and Neta's competing love for Josh Groban. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @onlygirlspod! And subscribe and rate us on iTunes!

Duration: 01:11:37

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Sarah and Natalia kick it into high gear (are we using that phrase right? It seems like it maybe has to do with sports) talking about the Emmy-winning television show "Crazy Ex-Girlfiend" and its creator and star, Rachel Bloom. We share stories about our own experiences with love, mental health, and heavy boobs. CW: Discussions of Mental Illness and Suicide

Duration: 01:12:46

Girls Trip

This week we had SO much fun discussing the movie "Girls Trip," starring Queen Latifah, Regina Hall, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Tiffany Haddish– in theaters now! Whether you've seen it or want to see it (there are no other options), listen to us discuss how this movie relates to feminism, race, and our very own flossy posses! Extra Credit Material: *‘Girls Trip’ shows — yet again — that movies starring black women can crush at the box office...

Duration: 01:11:27

Girl, Interrupted

CONTENT WARNING: This episode includes discussions of mental illness, suicide, and sexual assault. This week, we ladies are joined by our first guest and official #onlyboy, George Viebranz Jr. ( Things get raw and real we dive into 'Girl, Interrupted,' discussing our experiences with mental health, Angelina Jolie kissing her brother at the Oscars, and as always, what it feels like for a girl™ Madonna. But we also get a much needed MALE PERSPECTIVE thank...

Duration: 01:36:23


This week, we are discussing the 1995 cult classic, "Showgirls." Join us as we lavish ourselves in the glitz, glitter, and tack, but like in a cool and also feminist way. Natalia goes deep about her stan for Jessie Spano. Sarah compares this movie to "Brokeback Mountain" ??? We both think Kyle McLachlan has aged gracefully! Hold on to your black felt cowboy hats, it's gonna be as enthralling, fascinating, and messy as Nomi Malone eating a hamburger. Extra Credit Reading: *In Defense of...

Duration: 01:38:04

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